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Craig Brittain, revenge-porn lord and Dryvyng CEO, hurls racial slurs at a venture capitalist

Brittain flew into a rage, calling him a "f*cking raghead" and a "f*ckin' towelhead piece-of-shit invader."

Spicer suggests we thank the Trump admin's billionaires because they've "given up a lot"

Sean Spicer says many of the billionaires in the Trump administration have had to make financial sacrifices to serve.

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"F*ck you terrorist" spray-painted on Iranian refugee's home. Now, he's leaving the US.

“If I see you here next month, I will shoot you and burn your house," a letter pinned to his coffee table reads.

Survey finds 55% of white Republicans think blacks face poverty due to lack of motivation

Close to half of white Republicans believe black people are inherently lazier.

What Donald Trump's Twitter war on House conservatives means for compromise in Washington

Pick your poison, Mr. President. The Freedom Caucus or Democrats?

Conservative author invokes panic with $1K reward for videos of Muslim students praying

"This is a witch hunt on Muslims," a Muslim college student in Canada said.

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Meet Mona Haydar, a Muslim poet rockin' her hijab in an empowering music video

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Kendrick Lamar's shoutout to women's stretch marks damn near broke the internet

Kendrick Lamar is winning in the body positivity department.

New York HIV/AIDS nonprofit gets a homophobic, racist fax from "Mrs. Gas the Gays"

New York city based nonprofit Visual AIDS received a fax equal parts racist, homophobic and anti-Semitic.

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Trump wants you to know he thinks women will make America great again

Trump tweeted a video excerpt from his speech at the Women's Empowerment Panel. It contrasts his previous comments about women.

This Republican Congressman quoted the Bible to justify denying poor people food

"If a man will not work, he shall not eat."

What color is Crayola getting rid of? Say goodbye to Dandelion yellow — here's why

Crayola's 24-count box is making way for a new color by retiring the beloved yellow hue.

China's hottest "boy band," Acrush, is actually all androgynous women

They go by "meishaonian" — meaning "handsome youths" — instead of "boy" or "girl."

What Melania Trump wore her 10th week as first lady

Who loves a coat dress more than Melania Trump? No one.

'Mass Effect: Andromeda': Lesbian romance options aren't necessarily a win for inclusion

Why more female/female romance in 'Mass Effect: Andromeda' doesn't mean BioWare is necessarily catering to gay players.

You can now buy Girl Scout cookies on Amazon — but there's a catch

Do-si-dos, Thin Mints, Trefoils and Tagalongs are on Prime.

Jeff Sessions finally admits crime rates are low, contradicting one of Trump's major lies

"Crime rates remain near historic lows," Sessions said. Meanwhile, Trump continues saying the opposite.

After getting shamed on Instagram for her body hair, this teen expertly clapped back

"Baby girls don't ever let anyone ever make you feel bad for being who you are or doing what you want to do," she wrote.

EPA chief Scott Pruitt could lose his law license for misleading Congress

He told Congress he didn't use his personal email for official business — but records show otherwise.

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What to know about the streaming platform's new feature.

Donald Trump just told Michael Flynn to take immunity — after telling Clinton not to

Apparently, Trump has double standards when it comes to FBI immunity.

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'Pokémon Go' fans think there might be an April Fools' event in the works. Here's why they might be on to something.

What are blennies? Meet the predator fish who might carry the next opioid drug.

The two-inch long fish defend themselves with a powerful opioid-filled venom.

Today in Trump Russia News: Michael Flynn asks for immunity and gets rebuffed

But Trump really thinks he should go for it.

Saipan Casino: Why the FBI is investigating this remote island casino with ties to Trump

The casino operator linked to Trump — and former Republican and Democratic officials — was the subject of a "raid" Thursday.

This powerful Google doodle was designed by a high school student

Friday's Google doodle was designed by a high school sophomore.

Police shooting investigations are rarely transparent. Just ask these victims' families.

Years later, the families of Laquan McDonald, Ramarley Graham and Michael Brown are still getting crucial details.

The state of the Flint water crisis, by the numbers

Michigan will set aside $97 million over the next three years to replace Flint's lead-ridden water lines.

How to pick the right VPN to protect your internet privacy

Protect your privacy the right way.

Latina actress Lindsey Morgan rumored to star in Joss Whedon's upcoming 'Batgirl' film

Morgan, who is half Mexican and half Irish, currently stars in CW's 'The 100.'

Kendrick Lamar surprise releases "Humble" video, and fans lose their minds

Watch the new Kendrick Lamar video "Humble."

An exhaustive guide to Madeline Martha Mackenzie's iconic wardrobe on 'Big Little Lies'

"Madeline's choice of a perfect, floral uniform is a mask for what's going on with her emotionally."

'The Walking Dead' season 7 finale theories: 6 predictions for episode 16

Season seven of 'The Walking Dead' airs Sunday.

Texas mayor tells Latino councilman, "Speak up, boy" — then claims comment isn't racist

Pasadena, Texas, mayor Johnny Isbell apologized for telling Latino Councilman Cody Ray Wheeler to "speak up, boy."

'The Walking Dead' Finale: How to watch season 7, episode 16 online

'The Walking Dead' season seven finale airs this Sunday on AMC.

For April Fools' Day, play 'Ms. Pac-Man' on Google Maps

Don't forget to turn your sound on.

How fashion icon Nick Wooster is using his robust closet to give back to LGTBQ youth

"It's insane that in 2017 ... Hetrick-Martin needs to exist, but it does, and it does more than ever."

Twitter users kept getting harassed by egg avatars. So the company changed the egg part.

The future will be just as ugly, but it comes in a new bland shape.

'MLB The Show 17' pre-order bonuses: How to redeem your codes

The 'MLB The Show 17' servers are up, have you redeemed your pre-order bonus codes yet? Here's how.

Letters approving people for student loan forgiveness could be invalid, Ed. Dept. says

The Department of Education has bad news regarding FedLoan Servicing and the repayment of student loans.

Career advice: 3 shockingly simple secrets to success at work, according to science

Research suggests these three tricks will help you get ahead in your career.

'The Discovery' wants to let you know an afterlife exists, and little else

'The Discovery' has an amazing premise, but can't fully deliver on it.

Detained DACA recipient says ICE won't allow him his wheelchair or medicine

Frutos recently broke both his legs after being struck by a car.

This Week in Reproductive Rights: A Title X vote and backwards views on parental leave

The Senate voted on a major bill that would allow states to withhold Title X funds from clinics that provide abortions.

For the first time in more than two decades, the Israeli government approved a settlement

Trump previously asked Israel to stop building additional settlements.

Meet the woman trying to turn headwraps into a must-have accessory for women

Paola Mathé's brand Fanm Djanm specializes in bright, beautiful headwraps.

This minor league baseball team is trolling Trump with an "alternative facts" night

Millions of fans are expected to watch the San Rafael Pacifics troll Donald Trump with Alternative Facts Night.

'Destiny' Xur Location March 31 to April 2: Where to find Xur and what he's selling

Xur is back at it this weekend, March 31 to April 2, with some exotic gear for veteran 'Destiny' guardians to check out.