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Trump's own team was totally blindsided by his Obama wiretapping theory

One White House staff member told 'Politico' he "woke up Saturday morning to Trump's tweets and grimaced."

Donald Trump's USCIS suspends all expedited H-1B visa processing for 6 months

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Sean Spicer passes the buck for Trump's Obama wiretapping theory to Congress

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Trump ally Roger Stone tweets — then deletes — he had "back channel" to WikiLeaks' Assange

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#March4Trump rallies in Berkeley, California, and around the country turn violent

In Berkeley, pro- and anti-Trump demonstrators clashed, leading to 10 arrests.

Sikh man allegedly shot by gunman who told him to "go back to your own country"

A Sikh man in Washington state was shot Friday by an armed white man. The police are investigating it as a possible hate crime.

Brooklyn activists make free protest swag at propaganda party

Interference Archive's Propaganda Party let attendees make their own posters, shirts and buttons.