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Ben Carson thinks slaves and immigrants are basically the same thing

It's not the first time a Carson remark has raised eyebrows.

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Kellyanne Conway went on Fox to defend Trump’s wiretap tweets and it didn’t go so well

Conway said Trump has "information and intelligence" the rest of his administration doesn't. But does it include evidence?

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When will 'Game of Thrones' season 7 premiere? New rumors circulate about return date.

Now when will HBO announce the official date?

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Your food Instagram posts may be perpetuating racist stereotypes

Many disagree, but a closer analysis reveals something surprising.

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The Asian guy in 'Get Out' is just another tired portrayal of Asians in Hollywood

Go to the bathroom and you'll miss him.

Donald Trump just signed a revised Muslim ban

President Donald Trump hopes tweaks to his travel ban withstand legal scrutiny.

Quick Healthy Dinner Recipes: What nutritionists cook when they're feeling lazy

You don't have to spend hours in the kitchen — or boatloads on Seamless — to make a good meal.

The Supreme Court is sending Gavin Grimm's case back to a lower court

His case was headed for the Supreme Court. Now it's not.

Hundreds of US Marines implicated in sharing nude photos of colleagues

"People will immediately start blaming victims, and we are most concerned about them," a Marine Corps spokesman told CBS.

Why is 'RuPaul's Drag Race' moving to VH1?

In retrospect, it wasn't that shocking of a decision.

What to know about Donald Trump's latest executive order on immigration

The narrower ban on travel from Muslim countries was rolled out Monday.

Is 'The Arrangement' about Tom Cruise, Katie Holmes and Scientology?

Is the new TV drama on E! based on a true and familiar story?

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Danny Masterson's rep alludes to Leah Remini playing a role in sexual assault allegations

After allegations of sexual assault, Danny Masterson's rep has involved the Church of Scientology.

'Girls' Season 6, Episode 4 Recap: A familiar face returns to deliver Hannah some big news

There were some major shocking moments in episode 4 of 'Girls'.

Your gadgets might be spying on you. Here's how to fight back.

Consumer Reports will start grading appliances on how well they protect your privacy and data.

Rise With Standing Rock Native Nations March: What to know ahead of Friday's march in DC

What to know about Friday's march on Washington for tribal rights.

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Chance the Rapper to donate $1 million to support Chicago's ailing public school system

Chance the Rapper will do what Illinois' governor will not: fund Chicago's public schools.

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Get the spin attack and a faster swim speed in 'Zelda: Breath of the Wild' with our guide to finding the Zora Helm.

How the new Muslim ban is different from the old one: The 4 biggest takeaways

Here are the 4 biggest changes in Trump's revised Muslim ban.

Are you an emotional spender? Here's how to trick yourself into stopping — and save money

This is the secret to saving money by spending less of it every day.

5 ways to cure yourself of chronic lateness and save your career

Cure your lateness with these 5 easy steps.

Virginia public school system to close after 300 staffers take off for Women's Strike

The Alexandria City Public Schools system announced the closure after receiving a huge volume of time-off requests.

'Gilmore Girls' may come back to Netflix for a season 2. Here's why it shouldn't.

We don't need another 'Year in the Life.'

Don’t be fooled: Trump’s Muslim ban 2.0 is just as un-American as the first

The president's new order is premised on the same misinformation as the previous.

Future becomes first artist to land back-to-back No. 1 debuts with 'FUTURE' and 'HNDRXX'

"Two albums, two No. 1's in two weeks, God's plan."

Can you see who views your Twitter? It's complicated

The answer is both yes and no.

Nintendo Switch Ethernet Port Adapter: How to get wired LAN internet without the dock

Wi-Fi is convenient, but if you'd rather plug the Nintendo right into your internet via Ethernet you can do that too.

Stephanie Johnson, Dawn Cook form first all-black, all-women Delta Airlines cockpit

There's nothing like starting off Women's History Month with a dose of #BlackGirlMagic.

Nicki Minaj is not messing around at Paris Fashion Week, channels Lil' Kim amid Remy Ma feud

A fashion roundup of all of Nicki Minaj's Paris Fashion Week looks.

The history of International Women's Day

The March 8 holiday has a radical history with socialist and working-class roots.

Nintendo Switch dead-pixel defect ruining Switch screens — here's Nintendo's sad response

Some Nintendo Switch unit displays are arriving with a dead-pixel screen defect.

65% of Americans want a special prosecutor for Trump-Russia investigation

Nearly two-thirds of Americans want an independent prosecutor to probe Trump and his campaign's potential ties to Russia.

Britney Spears is now a part-time, stay-at-home runway model

"Another day, another runway"

This clip of a White House rep defending Trump’s wiretapping tweets is cringeworthy

Things didn't go smoothly for White House spokespeople on Monday morning.

‘The Walking Dead’ Season 7, Episode 12 Recap: The pinnacle of pointless filler episodes

Boring filler episodes are especially bad when you're having a ratings decline.

Who is Sarah Huckabee Sanders? Meet the Trump spokesperson and daughter of Mike Huckabee.

Here's what you need to know about Trump spokesperson Sarah Huckabee Sanders, daughter of Mike Huckabee.

Emma Watson, who just can't win, is now getting shit from the Beyhive

Watson tried to defend her photos in 'Vanity Fair,' but now Beyoncé fans are calling her a hypocrite.

Netflix's 'Burning Sands' is a tale of brotherhood and the dangers of black frat hazing

Gerard McMurray and Trevor Jackson, director and star of 'Burning Sands' respectively, discuss brotherhood in the film.

Will the Women's Strike become a protest of privilege?

We need women of privilege to stand up.

Black Lives Matter advocate Tishaura Jones is running for mayor of St. Louis

Tishaura Jones says elected officials have a responsibility to provide racial equity.

Russia might ban 'Beauty and the Beast' over scene with gay character

'Beauty and the Beast' could be banned from Russian theaters.

A mother who lost her baby to whooping cough has a heartbreaking message to anti-vaxxers

One Australian woman is speaking out against politicians who spread misinformation about vaccinations.

Donald Trump's new immigration executive order is still a Muslim ban and people are pissed

People on Twitter react to Trump's revised travel ban.

Afghan family with valid visas torn apart at LAX despite halt on Donald Trump's Muslim ban

The father was detained at LAX for two days before being sent to an immigration detention center.

Visiting Antarctica: How to travel to the world's most isolated continent

Ever wanted to visit the coldest place in the world?

'Ghost Recon Wildlands' developers defend controversial Bolivia drug cartel theme

Here's how the developers of 'Ghost Recon Wildlands' turned Bolivia into a video game setting.

For Women's History Month, the Brawny man is a woman. Here are the best reactions.

Twitter reacts to Brawny woman, the new flannel-clad face of paper towels.

Relive the first 24 hours after Trump's election with new zine 'Trumpland'

Five street photographers chronicled an entire day of post-election protests. Here's what they saw — and why it still matters.

Why isn't Iraq included in Trump's travel ban?

Iraq was struck from the original list of seven Muslim-majority countries facing restrictions on U.S. travel.

We know what happens to Hugh Grant's 'Love Actually' character in the reunion

Will David and Natalie from 'Love Actually' still be together in the reunion movie?

Longtime US tech workers are suddenly fearful under new H-1B visa rules

The process may now take months — even for visa holders currently in America.

John Oliver talks to the Dalai Lama about reincarnation, horse milk and more

The Dalai Lama apparently got Mongolians to quit drinking vodka in favor of horse milk.

Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus Specs: New leak reveals key changes

Samsung's new device will likely have a new design.

Iran test-fired 2 ballistic missiles this weekend, US officials say

One of the missiles reportedly struck a floating barge 155 miles away.

Donald Trump's Muslim Ban: A disaster from the start

Trump said any delay in his travel ban would allow "bad dudes" to "rush into our country." His new ban is delayed for 10 days.

WWE Fastlane 2017 Results: Watch a better, alternate ending in 'WWE 2K17'

Some WWE pay-per-views need alternate endings. WWE Fastlane 2017 was one of those events. Here's how it should have gone down.

'Trial & Error': Here is an exclusive first look behind the scenes of NBC's newest comedy

Take a look behind the scenes of NBC's newest comedy, the John Lithgow-starring 'Trial & Error.'

North Korea just launched four more missiles

All four of the missiles landed in the sea that separates Japan from the Korean peninsula.

A History of 'Sweeney Todd': Why Stephen Sondheim's Pies Never Get Stale

Almost 40 years after it premiered, 'Sweeney Todd' still speaks to audiences

Meet the youngest contestant to ever qualify for the Scripps National Spelling Bee

She's going to compete against 15-year-olds.

Father John Misty explains the meaning behind his Taylor Swift VR sex lyric

Father John Misty, the ultimate internet troll