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The White House just tried to pass off an Exxon Mobil statement as its own

The Trump administration celebrated a planned ExxonMobil expansion by copy-pasting the company's words directly into a statement.

A brief history of Donald Trump using tape to fix his tie

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WikiLeaks just published thousands of documents it says came from the CIA

WikiLeaks has released thousands of documents allegedly from the CIA.

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The GOP is completely botching the rollout of its health care plan

Even Republicans are revolting against the House GOP's Obamacare replacement plan.

House Republicans introduce their plan to repeal, recycle and reuse Obamacare

But with less coverage for poor people.

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Nike to release "Pro Hijab" for Muslim women in spring 2018

"The Nike Pro Hijab was designed as a direct result of our athletes telling us they needed this product to perform better."

This is how much money you save by moving from the city to the suburbs

Here are the best U.S. cities to leave — ranked by the average amount of cash savings for Americans who move to a nearby suburb.

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Steve Bannon's obsession with this racist novel is just the tip of the iceberg

Bannon has repeatedly cited the racist novel "The Camp of the Saints" to describe immigrants, but this rabbit hole goes deeper.

SXSW concedes to artist pressure, agrees to remove controversial "immigration clause"

The festival pulled a stunning 180 to prove their "event is a welcome and safe space for all people."

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'Zelda: Breath of the Wild' stamina hack: Here's a neat trick that'll give you unlimited stamina while climbing.

This bottle of #BlackStoutsMatter proves not even craft beer is safe from racism

"This one is worth protesting over..." one commenter wrote.

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Snapchat filters gone? Here's how to fix that

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‘Personal Shopper’ review: Kristen Stewart shines in a quasi-supernatural thriller

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Facebook called the police on journalists who reported images of child abuse

Facebook failed to initially remove the images.

8 of the most captivating crime documentaries to watch on Netflix in 2017

These gripping crime documentaries are simply too good to miss.

This powerful mental technique will help you become more successful

Learn to relax, tune out the noise and focus on what matters.

Trump's FCC pick doesn't seem to care about your privacy

He wants to make it easier for internet service providers to sell your data.

NYC bars offer free drinks for ladies who use the code word “beautiful”

Please don't compare a woman to a martini.

These women-owned companies are happy to take your business on A Day Without a Woman

Organizers are discouraging women from shopping on March 8 — with one exception.

A Day Without a Woman: 14 women's strike rallies happening in a city near you

Here's how you can show solidarity with the women's strike on March 8.

#GetOutChallenge memes are quickly taking over Twitter

This meme is not for the lazy.

The 5 worst things AG Jeff Sessions allegedly said about and done to minorities

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The GOP's health care plan penalizes you for not having coverage — sound familiar?

It's the individual mandate — but insurance companies get more money.

'The Flash' Season 3: Who is Abra Kadabra? 4 things to know from the comics

The magic-based villain Abra Kadabra is set to make an appearance on 'The Flash.' So, who is he?

Mosques across the US have received death threats, including some from "Muslim slayer"

These threats follow recent news of four arson attacks on mosques in the last several weeks.

Emma Watson wants you to know that it's OK to love your pubic hair

In a new interview, she also gets real about having to bleach her upper lip.

Trump's travel ban would take doctors away from the people who voted for him

This could especially impact rural areas.

Cinnamon Toast hoverboards and other sad marketing ploys to make cereal cool again

Millennials aren't eating much cereal these days, and food marketers are scrambling to get these lost customers back.

For artists of color, Donald Trump isn't America's biggest bully, it's erasure

ArtChangeUs has a blueprint for creative activism.

Looking for the best meme page on Instagram? These are our favorites.

No, the Fat Jew did not make the cut.

'Outlast 2' Release Date, Price and VR: New details on the first-person horror sequel

Some more first-person horror goodness is coming very soon.

GOP congressman warns low-income Americans may have to choose between Trumpcare and iPhone

The numbers don't even come close to adding up.

12 of Buffy Summers' most important outfits — from wedding gowns to yummy sushi pajamas

Fearless in the face of evil, she was also unafraid to go bold with her look.

The White House news conference on the ACA repeal is a prelude to disaster

Trump should ask Obama about making health care promises.

Planned Parenthood fires back at defunding provision in GOP Obamacare repeal plan

Defunding Planned Parenthood "would have a devastating impact on people and communities across America," it said in a statement.

Trumpcare poll shows Americans are split on Obamacare and the GOP alternative

A new poll finds Americans are split on changes to Obamacare, while a majority are satisfied with their coverage and costs.

Poachers broke into a French zoo and killed a rhino for its horn

Zookeepers at the Thoiry Zoo in France discovered the rhino dead Tuesday morning after gunshot wounds to the head.

A new campaign proves that not only is makeup OK for men, it's OK for anyone of any gender

In a new campaign from Milk Makeup, people of all different gender identities come together.

Starbursts will sell "All Pink" Starburst packs

"Love is when someone asks for a Starburst and you give them a red or pink one."

"Are you sick and tired of the Jews?": Anti-semitic fliers found on Texas State campus

Fliers on the campus have made people "shocked and uncomfortable."

Entire Senate joins forces to call for action on Jewish Community Center threats

All 100 senators signed a letter asking the Trump administration to address recent threats directed at Jewish Community Centers.

People know female digital assistants are sexist — but they prefer them anyway

Must we gender the machines we yell at?

Tamika Mallory: No, striking isn't an activity just for the privileged

Change demands sacrifice, solidarity and constant action, Mallory explained.

Here's the one question you must be able to answer before buying a home with another person

Here's how to protect your ownership rights.

3 Trump claims that are actually true

Statistically speaking, it would be nearly impossible for everything Trump says to be incorrect. Here are three things he isn't dead-wrong about.

More people have overstayed their visas than have illegally crossed the border since 2007

A new report calls Trump's border wall into question.

Trump's health secretary says giving people health care decreases "access" to health care

Medicaid is literally giving people health care. How's that not "access"?