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Crayola asked Twitter to name a new crayon color. Twitter responded by roasting Trump.

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Bloody Mary vs. Mimosa? Settling brunch's oldest debate once and for all.

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Bill O'Reilly and Fox have paid nearly $13 million to quiet women's harassment complaints

Allegations include verbal and sexual harassment — and Bill O'Reilly masturbating over the phone.

Report: Jared Kushner appears to be siding with the lone Democrat in Trump’s White House

Kushner wants to enlist Gary Cohn to reset Trump on a more centrist course. But we've heard this story before.

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Porn sites are stepping in to fill the hole Republicans just created in internet privacy

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Donald Trump budget cuts would eviscerate EPA staff, leaked docs reveal

And some still say they're not extreme enough.

Rachel Dolezal says there's more stigma for "race fluidity" than gender fluidity

Dolezal said her story has helped many women come to terms with their racial identity.

Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner may have a combined net worth of $740 million

Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner will continue to earn money from their businesses.

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Sleepy Eyes Chuck Todd: Trump scolds 'Meet the Press' host on Twitter for Russia coverage

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Sage Smith, transgender woman missing since 2012, now considered homicide case

Sage Smith's family expressed anger that the case remains unsolved.

'The Walking Dead' should be forced to introduce the Whisperers in the season 7 finale

Congratulations AMC, you played yourself.

Gilbert Baker, designer of the rainbow flag and prominent gay rights activist, has died

Gilbert Baker, who created an LGBTQ flag that "worked beyond words," is dead at 65.

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Trump just met with Condoleezza Rice. Guess she's over him reportedly calling her a bitch.

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Art Briles wants to help the real victims of the Baylor rape scandal: his coaching staff

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Ex NC Gov. Pat McCrory agrees with LGBTQ advocates: HB2 wasn't repealed

LGBTQ groups say HB2 wasn't fully repealed. Pat McCrory, who signed the discriminatory law, agrees.

Steve Bannon may be worth as much as $56 million, according to financial disclosure

Steve Bannon's financial disclosure shows ties to Trump donors and raises questions about when he resigned from Breitbart.

In praise of reality competition, TV's most consistently entertaining genre

Reality competition mixes the drama of pure reality with the comedy of game shows.