We are all April Ryan listening to Sean Spicer say Hitler did not gas his own people

April Ryan is here all week, folks.

Merriam-Webster just threw some serious shade at United Airlines for its deplaning debacle

Merriam-Webster knows the definition of shade.

What happened with United Airlines? Company faces backlash over man dragged off flight

The backlash against United Airlines on Twitter was full of puns.

5 smart moves to better your credit and boost your credit score to 800 — or higher

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'Pokémon Go' Spoofing Ban: An update to stop GPS spoofing could be in the works

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A year of Trump's travel costs may exceed 8 years of Obama's

Trump has apparently already blown through more than $20 million in travel costs.

Sean Spicer: Even Hitler didn't use chemical weapons

The clarification was nearly as cringeworthy as the initial remark.

The first referendum on the Trump era will happen today in Kansas

It's an election Republicans should not have had to worry about.

'Overwatch' Insurrection Release Time: When does the April 11 Omnic crisis event start?

Can't wait to play the new 'Overwatch' Insurrection event? Here's what you need to know.
News just shaded Sean Spicer for calling gas chambers “holocaust centers” wasted no time calling out Sean Spicer on his Hitler gaffe.

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Gordon Ramsay compared Indian breakfast to prison food — and Twitter came for him

Ramsay's known for criticizing food photos, but some think this was taking it too far.

A 17-year-old wore a long-sleeved T-shirt dress to school — and was promptly dress-coded

Sophia Abuabara had 3 exams that day, but was asked to change.

'Mass Effect: Andromeda' "Remnant Tiller": How to solve the puzzle at the end of the quest

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Asteroid 2017 Fly-by: Watch the whopping, lustrous space rock 2014 JO25 soar past Earth

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'Persona 5' Mementos missions: Guide, tips and tricks to side missions

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Ludacris' absurd CGI abs in the "Vitamin D" video were meant to be funny, director says

I wanna co-co-co-computer-generate you from your head to your torso.

'Persona 5' Temperance Confidant: How to unlock Kawakami's friendship

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Chinese student starts #ChineseLivesMatter petition after United drags Asian man off plane

People in China are furious over the United Airlines incident.

'Out' tried to tell men they should “Always shave their body hair” — men weren't amused

This after posting "11 Reasons You Should NEVER Trim Your Body Hair."

'Mass Effect Andromeda' Dr. Farenth Consequences: What happens if you side with the doctor

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PlayStation 5 Release Date Rumors: Don't expect a new Sony console any time soon

It's been four years since the PlayStation 4 first launched, but you shouldn't expect a PlayStation 5 any time soon.

iPhone 8 concept videos you need to see

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A new study says period syncing isn't real — even though most women swear it is

A new study says there's no scientific evidence to support the dearly held myth that women's periods sync.

Stopping revenge porn starts with more women in tech

Nearly three years after Celebgate, women are under attack again.

United Airlines stock: How much share prices are down following release of David Dao video

Stock prices initially held for United Airlines, but took a dip Tuesday after video of a passenger "re-accommodation" went viral.

United's victim had a "troubled past." But the Chicago police department's is worse.

Media outlets have dug up the victim's history, a common tactic after excessive use of force by police.

'Overwatch' Uprising Skins: Every event cosmetic for Mercy, Tracer, Widowmaker and more

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8 years after Obama starts the White House Passover Seder, Trump didn't attend

President Obama started the White House Seder tradition in 2009.

San Bernardino Shooting: Black women are more likely to die from domestic violence

Cedric Anderson shot and killed his estranged wife, Karen Smith, on Monday in San Bernardino, California.

Trump had to be reminded of this 138-year-old White House tradition on Twitter

The White House appears to be struggling with some of the day-to-day operations.

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'Persona 5' Memes: The funniest battle menu parodies from around the net

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Chicago police insisted man dragged off United flight "fell," despite clear video evidence

Video footage showed Department of Aviation guards slamming the man onto another seat, but CPD insisted he "fell."

'Cosmopolitan' ran a weight loss miracle story about a woman with cancer

The magazine said the women's harrowing story is proof "anyone can lose weight without breaking a sweat."

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Here's a list of press secretary Sean Spicer's most cringeworthy gaffes

Sean Spicer — the gum-devouring, Dippin' Dots hating White House spokesman — adds a Holocaust flub to his library of gaffes.

No, Ruth Bader Ginsburg did not just call Lindsey Graham a woman

She did, however, make a compelling case for the use of the serial comma.

In Egypt, 3 Muslim female police officers died protecting Christians in Palm Sunday attack

"My aunt was a Muslim. She was a believer. ... She was protecting Christians who were also praying in the Church."

Nancy Pelosi says Donald Trump has to fire Sean Spicer for "downplaying" the Holocaust

A top Democrat says the president's top spokesman must go.

Here's how much a Pulitzer Prize actually boosts book sales for winners

Some authors make bank after winning a Pulitzer. Others, not so much.

Nintendo Switch Screen Defect: Display popping out of some consoles — how to check yours

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