Poll shows Americans voted for Trump out of "fear of diversity"

Trump voters feared what increasing diversity would do to society.

A hunter in Montana accidentally discovered this prehistoric sea monster

It was a carnivorous sea creature with a tiny head and large, paddle-shaped limbs.

'Pokémon Go' Special Evolution Items: 4 weeks of King's Rocks only is item drop-rate hell

Don't you dare pile onto my first-world problems

Who is Zacari? 3 things to know about newcomer featured on Kendrick Lamar's 'Damn.'

How the singer-songwriter linked up with K-Dot for his biggest feature yet.

Android Nougat Update: Here are all the new phones that now have the operating system

We'll also give you the phones that are scheduled to receive the update soon.

Private firm wins $110 million contract for new immigrant detention center in Texas

Immigration enforcement is lucrative for federal contractors.

3 genius ways to make money in less than 10 minutes

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17 teens take us inside the world of Snapchat streaks, where friendships live or die

"If u let our streak die, u let us die."

Sexual abuse at elite boarding school went on for almost 50 years, report says

Choate Rosemary Hall in Connecticut is holding itself accountable for decades of misconduct.

Betsy DeVos' pick for civil rights office has a terrible record on civil rights

She's an opponent of affirmative action and coauthored papers with a famous economist who opposed the Civil Rights Act.

How to hack the Starbucks menu to get the same drinks for less

Cheap tricks to hack the menu and score some caffeine for less.

'Mass Effect: Andromeda' Combative Upgrade Guide: How to access the latest Apex mission

Want to play the new Apex mission in 'Mass Effect: Andromeda'? Here's what it offers.

Two Georgia police officers fired after they were caught on tape beating Demetrius Hollins

The officers' conduct speaks to a larger problem of unlawful use of excessive force by police in the United States.

Who is driving Trump's new foreign policy, him or the military?

Our new president is either changing his foreign policy or having it changed for him.

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YouTube "Dark Mode": How to turn on the secret feature

Must. Turn. Off. Lights. Now.

What Melania Trump wore her 12th week as first lady — the zero times she appeared

It's almost as if Melania Trump and the American people are two ships passing in the night.

Corrin Player 2 Amiibo Preorder: Corrin and 'Zelda' Link amiibo may be Amazon exclusives

Amazon may have an exclusive on Nintendo's new Corrin player 2 amiibo.

17 things you might not know about the sinking of the Titanic

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North Korea Threat: Here's why China says war with the US could break out "at any moment"

A U.S. strike on North Korea could lead to "all-out war," analysts say.

This Democratic group is still talking about missing Obama and Twitter is not having it

Liberal Twitter wants the DCCC to focus on winning races — not dumb GIFs.

'Overwatch' Uprising Exploit Glitch: This bug prevents Omnics from spawning

This exploit makes the Uprising mode much easier — but we wouldn't recommend it.

The most magnificent Easter dessert recipes on the internet

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'Overwatch' Uprising Glitch: Mei bug nerfs her ultimate and ice gun

If you like playing Mei, you should probably hold off until Blizzard fixes her super broken abilities.

36 ISIS fighters confirmed dead after US MOAB strike on Afghanistan

No civilians were reportedly harmed in Thursday's attack.

People compared the United passenger to Rosa Parks. Parks' niece shut that nonsense down.

Urana McCauley is not here for the comparisons between her aunt and David Dao.

DualShock 4 vs. Xbox One Elite vs. Steam Controller: Which is the best PC game controller?

What's the best controller for PC gaming? The answer may surprise you.

Is Kendrick Lamar releasing a second album on Easter? 'Damn.' release sparks rumors.

Is Lamar secretly plotting to drop another album Sunday?

Trump will keep White House visitor log secret, breaking promise to "drain the swamp"

Visitors will be able to come and go from the White House away from the public eye, reversing an Obama era policy.

'Persona 5' Ryuji Confidant: How to max out the Chariot social link

Ryuji is one of the easiest and most useful relationships to max out in 'Persona 5.'

One parent "bravely" stood up to Brown University's use of gender-neutral pronouns

Gender-neutral pronouns are not flying with this parent.

‘Sonic Forces’ Bubsy: Why I really hope the internet is wrong on this one

Is Bubsy the Bobcat coming to 'Sonic Forces'? Why not? It's not like it'll be the worst thing to happen to the 'Sonic' franchise.

'Pokémon Go' Eggstravaganza 2km eggs: List of rare Pokémon hatching easier from eggs

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'Zelda: Breath of the Wild' Stone Talus locations map: How to find them all in the game

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New Facebook study finds increased use results in diminished well-being

Too much Facebook makes you feel crappy.

Members of Congress are returning home to angry constituents and heated town halls

From Sean Spicer's Holocaust remarks, to the GOP health care plan, Republican members of Congress got an earful at town halls.

Devin McCourty defends Trump protest: How would I explain that photo op to my daughter?

The New England Patriots' free safety was the second player to boycott the team's visit to Trump's White House.

Kendrick Lamar's "Lust" Lyrics: 'Damn.' track addresses aftermath of the election

Kendrick has something to say for the protesters and the agitators.

'Mass Effect: Andromeda' "Krogan Betrayal": How to complete Drack's loyalty mission

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Malala's father, Ziauddin Yousafzai, says media is partly to blame for Islamophobia

"It's unfortunate the media spreads Islamophobia."

Plus-size transgender model Shay Neary lands her first UK fashion campaign

It's for Yours Clothing, and Neary looks fierce.

Inside the conservative plan to stop human trafficking by blocking porn on your phone

This one requires some mental gymnastics.

20th Anniversary: Why Ellen DeGeneres' 'Time' magazine cover still matters

DeGeneres remains the most recognizable change-maker in the LGBTQ rights movement.

Who is Bryce on '13 Reasons Why'? This is the role he played in Hannah's suicide.

Meet reason 12 from Netflix's '13 Reasons Why.'

‘Call of Duty: Black Ops 2’ Servers Down 2017: How to check server status and what to do

Find out what to do when the 'Call of Duty: Black Ops 2' servers go down, and how to tell when they're back up.

The U.S. is ready to strike if North Korea moves forward with nuclear test

North Korea could test a nuclear weapon as soon as this weekend.

Kendrick Lamar's 'Damn.' is here: Download and streaming options for the new album

K. Dot returns to hip-hop with his fourth studio album.

Protesters shut down Trump Tower, dropping banners and blocking elevators

Police dragged and carried elderly protesters out of the building after over an hour of confinement.

Tax Day 2017 sneak up on you? 11 easy tips to save time and money — and boost your refund.

Here's the best last-minute tax advice and smart tips for 2017 procrastinators: Even if you haven't filed yet, you can still save!

'Kingdom Hearts 3' Noctis: Could Noctis appear in the latest 'Kingdom Hearts' game?

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Kendrick Lamar 'Damn.': A glossary of all the spiritual, political and personal references

A glossary of the key terms and references that should make decoding 'Damn.' slightly easier for aspiring Kendrick Lamar scholars.

Kendrick Lamar's "Loyalty" Lyrics: Every verse to the ‘Damn.' track featuring Rihanna

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Kendrick Lamar "Duckworth." Lyrics: Every verse in the standout track from 'Damn.'

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Jeff Varner on outing Zeke Smith on 'Survivor': "It's just that ugly"

"None of us can hold any of us accountable for our behavior in that 'Survivor' game," Varner said.

'The Last Jedi' Trailer: 'Star Wars' Celebration promo teases dramatic Christmas release

Here is the trailer we have all been waiting to see.