Utah judge calls a rapist an "extraordinarily good man" while sentencing him to life

Judge Thomas Low flattered Keith Robert Vallejo, a man convicted of 10 counts of forcible sex abuse, during his sentencing.

Steve Stephens posted a fatal shooting on Facebook, but a woman is still getting the blame

Some people on social media are asking what his alleged girlfriend did to "set him off."

NYC gay bar ReBar under fire for allegations of discrimination against people of color

There are multiple nearly-identical accounts of being racially profiled by the club's bouncer

'Girls' series finale comes as a generation of feminists has outgrown it

Lena Dunham's show brought us to a moment in feminism where we don't need it anymore.

'Super Smash Bros.' Nintendo Switch trailer: 'Melee' HD port video outrages fans

'Super Smash Bros. Melee' HD for the Nintendo Switch isn't real. Yet?

11 apps to help you organize your messy life

The only apps you'll need for adulting.

'Zelda: Breath of the Wild' fans have made it a downloadable 2-D NES game

Here's how to play 'Zelda: Breath of the Wild' in 2-D.

There's one place Trump seems to think he can actually win — foreign policy

The president is following the scent of rising approval ratings and decisive "winning."

United Airlines removes couple traveling to their own wedding from plane

The airline said in a statement that the couple was removed after failing to follow the flight crew's instructions.

Here's the truth about frozen vegetables' nutrition and freshness

Grab a sweater, because your next veggie fix is coming from a frosty freezer.

Robert Godwin Sr.: What to know about victim of Facebook shooting

Robert Godwin Sr. was a family man who loved to fish.

'Mass Effect Andromeda' Drive Core Choice: The consequences on Elaaden

There's a big choice in the Elaaden quest line. Here are the potential consequences of each option.

This 6th grader broke her school's dress code on purpose to make a powerful statement

Molly Neuner came to school wearing a tank top — and a message.

Andrew Sullivan's column is more proof we need to stop resurrecting old myths about race

The real question raised by Sullivan's column: Why do old, racist ideas keep getting resurrected as if they are new?

Becca Longo believed to be first female recipient of college football scholarship

Becca Longo, a senior at Basha High School, will kick for Adams State University's football team.

Boston Marathon Tracking 2017: How to follow racers live from your phone

These text alerts make it easy to know how close your Boston Marathoner is to the finish line.

A timeline of terrible events broadcast on Facebook Live — and why Facebook can't stop it

The issue plagues all livestreaming services.

Will Kendrick Lamar drop a second album? 'Damn.' feels incomplete, but that's the point.

There's a reason why fans thought there had to be a sequel to 'Damn.' — and there's a reason why there's not one.

I e-filed with H&R Block — then called an accountant: Here's what I learned about taxes

How does tax software compare to the advice of a CPA?

Donald Trump, who says he is too busy to read books, found one he likes — with no words

Donald Trump plugged a 266-page book of blank pages.

'Persona 5' Strength Confidant Guide: Building a relationship with the twin wardens

Get to know the people behind bars — here's some help on upgrading your relationship with the twin wardens in 'Persona 5'.

'Persona 5' "Magistrate's Patronage" Question: How to answer the quiz and exam question

Baffled by your teacher's question about "Magistrate's patronage" in 'Persona 5'? We're passing you the answer, all secret-like.

Kathrine Switzer, first woman to officially run the Boston Marathon, will race this year

Switzer will run wearing the same number printed on the bib the Boston Marathon's race director ripped off her in 1967.

NASA launch to be broadcast through 360-degree livestream feed

NASA's spacecraft launch on Tuesday will be viewable online as never before.

These are the 10 highest-paid athletes in the world

How much money do the highest-paid athletes in the world make? Find the top 10 earners here.

Here's why working less might actually make you more productive

Shorter work days could pay off for employers in the long run.

The sound of the Caribbean is the soul of Trinidad

The steel pan drum was born here.

Trump hosted a special Easter celebration just for the well-to-do guests of Mar-a-Lago

Which one do you think they put more effort into?

Who won the Boston Marathon? Here's the 2017 winner's list.

Here are the men and women who earned top honors at Monday's iconic running event.

Fox News suggests Muslims stop bombing, burning people if they want better TV portrayals

The Fox & Friends cohost also said Muslims should condemn Islamic extremism.

What time is the Boston Marathon over? Here's when runners will cross the finish line.

The legendary race will be an all-day affair.

Melania Trump nudges Donald Trump to put hand over his heart during the national anthem

Melania Trump had to remind Donald Trump to put his hand over his heart during the national anthem.

Donald Trump's immigration talk is scaring away even legal border crossings

Many Mexicans are scared to try crossing the border even when they are legally permitted to, 'La Reforma' reported.

Starbucks' Nitro Cold Brew just got its own special lid to elevate your coffee experience

Take your appreciation for this creamy cold brew to new heights with a fancy new sipper.

'Zelda: Breath of the Wild' Easter Egg Guide: Nods to characters, past games and Iwata

If you're wondering where all the references to old games are in 'Breath of the Wild' are, simply... look around you.

3 things to watch in Georgia's 6th District special election

Can Jon Ossoff pick up a House seat Republicans have held for decades?

These 3 easy questions show whether you're smarter about US taxes than most Americans

A majority of Americans got these three questions about taxes wrong.

Plus-size blogger Jasmine Grimes wants to talk about the importance of underwear selfies

"If a single image can change people's perceptions, then what do you think a photo of a fat girl in lingerie can do?"

Southwest Airlines pilot arrested after bringing loaded gun to Albany airport

The airline industry can't catch a break.

'Trial & Error' star Nicholas D'Agosto teases satisfying finale and new case in season 2

'Trial & Error' star Nicholas D'Agosto teases more twists to come in the final two episodes.

In Maryland, a group of men blocks women from revoking rapists' parental rights

Maryland remains one of seven states that will grant rapists child custody, thanks to a group of quibbling men.

"Facebook Killer:" Latest on the search for Steve Stephens, who posted killing online

Police say there are no other confirmed victims at this time.

NES Classic Edition Supply: Find stock on Amazon, Toys "R" Us, Walmart, GameStop or Target

The NES Classic Edition is about to be discontinued. Here's how you can get try to get it one last time.

‘Mass Effect: Andromeda’ Sentinel Build Guide: Tips and tricks for the best build options

Whether you like safe or risky play styles, we've got a sentinel build for you.

‘Overwatch’ Update Patch Notes: Uprising event gets bug fixes — here’s what’s new

A new patch just hit 'Overwatch' — but it's for PC only.

Majority of Americans think marijuana is "socially acceptable," poll shows

The numbers show that many Americans are OK with pot.

A new Gallup poll shows a majority of Americans no longer trust Trump

Trump is losing even his loyalist of followers.

'Zelda: Breath of the Wild' To Quomo Shrine Guide: How to unlock the mountain shrine

Find out how to unlock one of the more baffling shrines in 'Breath of the Wild.'

'A Star Is Born' is filming at Coachella — and you can be in a scene with Lady Gaga

Here's your first look at Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper in the upcoming 'A Star Is Born' remake.

Donald Trump’s spring-edition MAGA hat costs twice as much as the original because why?

The "limited one-time run" colors are double the cost of the original red hat.

Washington State student destroys anti-abortion display, a "cemetery" for aborted fetuses

When Keaton Aspell saw anti-abortion propaganda littering a campus green space, he decided to do his part.

Everything we learned about Kanye West's breakdown on 'KUWTK'

Kim Kardashian West discusses Kanye West's breakdown and hospitalization on 'Keeping Up With the Kardashians'.

Pence warns North Korea not to test the "strength and resolve of our new president"

"North Korea would do well not to test [Trump's] resolve or the strength of the armed forces of the United States in this region."

11 'Breaking Bad' and 'Better Call Saul' filming locations you can visit in real life

Remember, this is dangerous territory — so tread lightly.

Donald Trump congratulates Turkey's Erdogan on his huge power grab

Trump called Turkey's Recep Tayyip Erdogan to congratulate him for a referendum critics say was riddled with fraud.

'Star Wars Battlefront 2' Campaign: Starring an imperial agent seems like a bad idea

In 'Star Wars Battlefront II,' you surprisingly play as an agent of the Empire. That's not a good idea.

Trump said he would only deport "bad hombres" — but noncriminal deportations have doubled

Trump said he was only going to go after the criminals. What could possibly go wrong?

'Overwatch' Uprising Event: The PvE mode will probably stick around after the event ends

Blizzard would be foolish to scrap the "Uprising" mode entirely.

Who is Uber A on 'Pretty Little Liars'? Here are 10 of the most likely suspects.

The final 10 episodes of 'Pretty Little Liars' will reveal the biggest villain of all.

Netflix's new murder mystery and Kendrick Lamar's album: Breaking down the loudest hype

We're tracking how well major pop culture events lived up to their hype this week.

Lady Gaga "The Cure" lyrics: Every verse to the song that debuted at Coachella

“I have been through so much in my life and I’ve seen so much. And you cure me every time with your love.”

'NBA 2K17' ce-34878-0 Error Message: How to fix this error code on PS4

What to do when you get error code ce-34878-0 on 'NBA 2K17' on your PS4.

'Girls' Finale Recap: Baby Grover is a wake-up call for Hannah in final episode

In the series finale of 'Girls', Hannah has a wake-up call that things aren't just about her anymore.

'Persona 5' Fortune Confidant: Get all the answers to max relationship with Chihaya Mifune

How to get the Fortune confidant in 'Persona 5.'

Here's what Beyoncé did over Coachella weekend

Bey was getting some much needed R&R.

'Overwatch' Error: What BC-101, BC-151, BC-152, 202 error codes mean — and what to do

Having issues connecting in 'Overwatch'? Here's how to check if it's a problem on your end or Blizzard's.

Twitter wishes that 'Girls' episode 9 was the real finale

The show ended the way Lena Dunham wanted it to, even if some fans weren't happy with it.

15 celebrities at Coachella who partied it up during weekend 1

Celebrities flocked to Coachella this weekend, but no one did it better than Rihanna.

'Star Wars Battlefront 2' Season Pass: EA likely won't require a pass for DLC content

It sounds like EA might be coming around to the light side with its DLC plans for 'Star Wars: Battlefront 2.'