NASA's Cassini spacecraft shows Earth and its moon from between Saturn's rings

Earth and its moon photobombed Saturn.

Donald Trump says protesters at his rallies violate his First Amendment rights

Donald Trump says protesters who disrupted his campaign rallies had "no right" to do so.

Trump inauguration donor's son was involved in NSC meetings on Venezuela exposed by 'Mic'

Rachel Maddow, citing 'Mic', slams Trump's White House for meetings with energy investor Wadie Habboush.

Free trade is back in the crosshairs of Donald Trump’s executive orders. Here’s why.

President Trump is targeting free trade to claim victory on at least one campaign promise in his first 100 days.

‘Pokémon Go’ Easter Event Extended: Can Eggstravaganza eggs hold us to the next countdown?

Due to how eggs work in 'Pokémon Go', some of the ones you got during Eggstravaganza could still hold a surprise for you.

5 countries managing climate change better than the US

These five countries aren't taking the threat of climate change lightly.

Prince fans remember the pop icon's legacy on Twitter, one year after his sudden death

In related news, a judge blocked his new EP from being released Friday.

5 credit card mistakes you're making without even realizing it

Being smart about using your credit cards can help you reap real financial rewards.

A US air marshal accidentally left her loaded gun in the plane's bathroom

A passenger found the weapon and gave it to the flight crew.

Hillary Clinton slams Trump for silence on torture of gay and bisexual men in Chechnya

Clinton called Trump out for his lack of leadership on Chechnya.

Paris Shooting Update: What we know about suspected shooter in terrorist attack

Here's what we know about the suspected Paris shooter.

Anthony Bourdain was once broke and in debt. Here's his advice for struggling millennials.

Anthony Bourdain shares key wisdom on how to pursue your dreams — even if you're bad with money.

Jeff Sessions: Hawaii Senator claps back at "island in the Pacific" comment

"We won't succumb to your dog whistle politics."

Philadelphia activist stops taking HIV meds to protest Mazzoni Center, wants CEO to resign

Mazzoni Center staff staged a walk out earlier this week, as well.

The UK just had its first day without coal since the Industrial Revolution

The U.K. is celebrating a day without coal while Trump is promising to boost coal mining in the U.S.

An open letter from Sen. Michael Bennet to the students of Colorado

"Make no mistake — people who suggest that immigrants or minorities somehow undermine our country do not understand our country."

Republicans want to legalize it too: Meet the conservatives fighting for marijuana reform

Marijuana isn't a red-or-blue issue anymore — and it maybe never was.

How to call out a bad idea at work — without offending your boss or co-workers

Saying "that's a terrible idea" isn't going to fly at the office. Here's how to give constructive criticism without alienating anyone.

'Pokémon Go' Sun Stone Evolutions: The Pokémon you should be using this item on

You've got to choose which Pokémon gets your Sun Stone in 'Pokémon Go', and we're here to help you pick.

Sexual harassment in ‘Persona 5’ is a big problem — and we need to talk about it

In ‘Persona 5,’ you turn your friend’s body into bait for a predator — and it’s a baffling plot point.

'Hollywood Reporter' tried to write about Sarah Palin's fashion. It didn't go over well.

After her visit to the White House, the 'Hollywood Reporter' wanted to write about her white blouse.

Earth Day 2017: Here are the five environmental fights we've already lost

Let these serve as a reminder to keep fighting for nature.

iPhone 8 leak teases a fingerprint scanner on the back of the device — and fans are angry

Will Apple bring the S8's worst feature to the iPhone?

Russian military jets have been buzzing the US off the coast of Alaska

The Russian military has made four flights off the Alaskan coast in as many days.

Next 'Pokémon Go' Event: Here are the big problems Niantic should fix for summer 2017

We've been promised three big updates in 2017, and I have some thoughts about how Niantic can make the most of them.

Sen. Cory Booker condemns DHS for revoking global entry cards for Muslim travelers

The senator told 'Mic' it is "deeply troubling" if Homeland Security is discriminating against people on the basis of religion.

Pregnant Beyoncé: Twitter comes to the defense of 'Formation' singer over body shaming

Beyonce's fans aren't going to accept the superstar getting fat-shamed.

Surprise: Sarah Palin has bad opinions about the O'Reilly sexual harassment accusers

In an interview with CNN, Palin said that the women O'Reilly allegedly harassed should have come forward sooner.

Malt powder is the secret ingredient that'll make the best pancakes of your life

It's key for perfecting those fluffy, cartoon-like pancakes.

GOP Florida Sen. Frank Artiles resigns after racist, sexist rant against black colleagues

Artiles called fellow Sen. Audrey Gibson a "fucking asshole" and a "bitch," then referred to other senators as "niggers."

Arkansas Execution: How Ledell Lee's case made it all the way to the Supreme Court

Ledell Lee was sentenced to death for the 1993 murder of Debra Reese.

The 10 things you're doing wrong on Snapchat — according to these teenage power users

Become a Snapchat expert in no time at all.

Trump First 100 Days: President rips "ridiculous standard" for measuring early performance

Trump tweeted his objection on day 91 of his presidency.

'Mass Effect Andromeda' Multiplayer Update: Archon APEX mission is now live

There's yet another new APEX mission to do with your friends in 'Mass Effect Andromeda.'

Who does RuPaul play in 'Girlboss'? Examining the drag queen's non-drag performance

At 56, the drag titan has had quite a life in entertainment already — why not add another chapter?

Congress might make saving for retirement harder — as if it weren't already tough enough

Your retirement account could lose some of its tax perks. Here's how to protect your money.

Why did Prince change his name to the symbol? The surprising true story.

In an act of rebellion, Prince changed the meaning of his career by changing his name to a symbol.

9 songs you didn't know Prince wrote

Prince wrote and co-wrote countless songs for other artists that proved to be some of their biggest hits.

The top 10 TV shows based on DC Comics, ranked

Where did your favorite DC television series land?

'Mass Effect: Andromeda' Cache Flow: How to finish the Elaaden task

Be prepared to do some running around to finish this task on Elaaden.

Bernard-Henri Lévy: Le Pen won't win because "France is not ready for a fascist regime"

In an exclusive interview, the famous French philosopher holds forth on the country's upcoming elections.

2 more arrested for allegedly performing female genital mutilation on minors in Michigan

The husband and wife arrested Friday are believed to have carried out FGM on young girls.

Bill O’Reilly’s lawyers argued left-wing conspirators plotted to destroy him

O'Reilly's team hoped to use an email as evidence of the "liberal conspiracy" against the Fox News host.

'Persona 5' New Game Plus: How to access New Game + content

Itching to play more of 'Persona 5'? Here's what you can expect from New Game +!

McDonald's teamed up with two designers to give its uniforms a modern makeover

The new uniforms are a departure from what current employees are forced to wear.

All the best mid-2000s pop culture references in 'Girlboss'

The references aren't just easy nostalgia but a way for 'Girlboss' to feel remarkably of its moment.

What Melania Trump wore her 13th week as first lady — Easter Egg Roll and beyond

Melania Trump is back and embracing all the pastels.

'Call of Duty WW2': Next 'CoD' confirmed, release date reveal and trailer expected soon

Activision and Sledgehammer Games have officially announced 'Call of Duty: WWII'.

'Sand Castle' strives to deliver an accurate portrayal of the bond between soldiers at war

Writer Chris Roessner and director Fernando Coimbra discuss the making of 'Sand Castle', a new Netflix original film.

German-Russian suspect bombed soccer bus, then blamed Muslims, investigators say

"The fact that someone wanted to enrich himself by killing people to influence the stock market is particularly reprehensible."

Muslim teen Amaiya Zafar can now compete in USA Boxing matches while wearing her hijab

Amaiya Zafar won her biggest fight and she hasn't even stepped in the ring yet.

Paris Shooting: How French candidates are reacting and how it may impact the election

The leading presidential candidates condemn the Paris shooting as they head into tight French election.

The secret to saving money and time — and preventing frustration

No matter what you're paying for — whether a plane ticket or medical care — knowing how to fight for your rights as a consumer will help you save.

'Persona 5' Flu Season: Why you should avoid grinding in Mementos during these days

When is flu season in 'Persona 5' and how can you benefit? Here's how!

'Call the Midwife' Season 6, Episode 4 Preview: Is Shelagh's pregnancy in danger?

The short-staffed Nonnatus House nurses continue to have their hands full.

Kendrick Lamar responds to rumors of "more music" following 'Damn.' Here's what we know.

Hear the announcement from the rapper himself — and his later clarification.

How the Black Angels wrote the ideal 'Death Song' for the Trump era, without meaning to

The legendary Austin psych band discusses 'Death Song' and how its discussions of greed and corruption transcend Trump.

'Bosch' Season 3 Preview: For Harry Bosch, closure is still very much "a myth"

One of the more suspenseful crime dramas has now returned to Amazon.

Prince's 'Sign O the Times' is as relevant today as it was at its release

The times have changed slightly, but the signs remain the same.

Obama's photographer Pete Souza called out Sarah Palin for White House photo

Pete Souza called out Sarah Palin on Instagram — but kept it classy.

When and where to watch L.A. Riot specials over the anniversary weekend

John Ridley's 'Let It Fall' will explain a decade of events that led up to the riots.

Nintendo Switch Target Bundle: Will a 'Mario Kart 8' option follow the 'Zelda' bundle?

Target joins the Nintendo Switch bundle arena.

Matt McGorry has some choice words for men looking to use feminism to get laid

McGorry called on fake feminist men to check their privilege and become better allies.

'Call the Midwife' Video Exclusive: Favorite behind-the-scenes moments from the cast

The British actors dish on how they best get through the work day.

'The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks' Review: Does the HBO film do the book justice?

Despite an all-star cast, unfortunately this film falls short of its source material.

'Wonder Boy: The Dragon's Trap' Review: LizardCube makes an old game new again

The remake of the 1987 cult favorite nails what a video game remake should be.

Kim Kardashian put her own face on top of the Virgin Mary's on a vela and it costs $18

Is the Kardashian family in hot water again?

This Week in Choice: Good news for Missouri's Planned Parenthood, and more

This week brought some good news for Planned Parenthood and bad news for pro-abortion rights Bernie Sanders supporters.

Donald Trump says Paris shooting will likely help French National Front's Marine Le Pen

He says it's not an endorsement of the far-right hopeful.

Julian Assange: What would charging WikiLeaks with espionage mean for press freedom?

Here's why the charges the U.S. is considering against Julian Assange have implications beyond WikiLeaks.

Trump’s executive order on taxes is more symbolic than substantive. Here's why.

The order could be a messaging tool as Trump approaches the end of his first 100 days in office without a legislative achievement.

Plan B is now available in vending machines on UC Davis' campus

UC Davis installed a vending machine on campus housing Plan B, condoms, tampons and pregnancy tests.

This artist's photo series perfectly captures what it's like #BeingBlackAndMuslim

"#BeingBlackAndMuslim means dealing with anti-blackness, Arab supremacy, and Islamophobia."

Justice Department calls NYC "soft on crime." Crime stats tell a different story.

2016 was the safest year on record in New York City.