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Here's how the brand is attempting to reach a generation of activists.

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The other teens' taunts that Clay will shut up after he listens to his tape are a bit misleading.

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A cashier tried to convince this little girl to get a white doll. She said no.

"She's a doctor like I'm a doctor. And I'm a pretty girl and she's a pretty girl."

16 non-boring salad recipes to whip up this spring

A creamy miso dressing, a Tex-Mex twist and so many more reasons to eat your greens.

Trump just blamed Obama for Syria’s president gassing his own people. Seriously.

Trump offered a lot of blame but no solutions in his statement on the atrocities in Syria.

Is 'The Flash' new tonight? When to watch season 3, episode 19

Unfortunately for us fans, 'The Flash' is taking a short hiatus. Here is when you can watch new episodes.

Researchers confirm that mysterious radio waves are actually coming from outer space

The signals are coming from outside the planet.

Supermodel Bella Hadid, daughter of Palestinian refugee, says she's "proud to be Muslim"

Hadid opens up about her father, Mohamed Hadid, and Trump's Muslim ban.

Here's how to make Mcdonald's 'Mulan' Szechuan Sauce from 'Rick & Morty'

"We never say never," a McDonald's rep said in a statement about a possible re-release.

'Persona 5' School Quiz: Answers to classroom questions

Having trouble in your class? Copy our answers in 'Persona 5.'

Donald Trump gets booed at Building Trades Union conference

A group of protesters booed Trump and held "resist" signs during a speech to the North America’s Building Trades Unions.

Why Donna Lynne Champlin should get an Emmy for 'Crazy Ex-Girlfriend'

'Crazy Ex-Girlfriend' star Donna Lynne Champlin defies conventions and deserves an Emmy for it.

Maricopa County Sheriff announces shutdown of Tent City, Joe Arpaio's infamous jail

"The circus ends and it's coming down today," said new Maricopa County Sheriff Paul Penzone.

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Struggling to find the name entry screen in 'Persona 5'? Here's where to find it.

8 free health, wellness and sleep apps to improve your life

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How to stay motivated at work — and in life — according to science

Research suggests that when you start to lose motivation, focusing on "avoidance strategies" will help you reach your goal.

What's the best way to budget? Here are the 3 major types of budgets you can use to save money.

There are three classic kinds of budgets. Choose the one that fits your personality.

Rachel Dolezal's flawed comparisons of race and gender are the epitome of white privilege

Rachel Dolezal says she has it harder than transgender people.

LuAnn D'Agostino talks 'RHONY' season 9, Donald Trump, dueting with Erika Jayne and more

"Just because I was [at Mar-a-Lago] doesn't mean I feed [Trump] grapes."

Who killed Tupac Shakur? Suge Knight reportedly reveals those behind the murder.

The former CEO of Death Row Records may have finally revealed the truth behind Tupac's murder.

Equal pay is widely understood to be a feminist issue — so why isn't the Fight for $15?

The fight for equal pay has made its way to mainstream feminism. Why hasn't the Fight for $15?

Will Netflix renew '13 Reasons Why' for a second season?

Should you start preparing yourself for more seasons of '13 Reasons Why'?

Study suggests young people hazy on what constitutes sexual assault — especially young men

People are clear that nonconsensual sex is sexual assault. They are less clear on other forms of sexual violence.

'Persona 5': Tips and strategies for how to beat Shadow Kamoshida

Is the first 'Persona 5' boss giving you trouble? Here's how you can take him out.

Why you should care about the Neil Gorsuch filibuster

Compromise exhales its dying breath.

'Overwatch' Omnic Crisis Event: New Widowmaker skin teased for King's Row Uprising update

Rejoice, Widow mains. A new skin is coming as part of the 'Overwatch' Omnic Crisis Event.

Just before Equal Pay Day, Trump cut wage and harassment protections for working women

On March 27, Trump signed an executive order rolling back an Obama-era rule protecting women workers.

4 years later, why do people still talk about hating Anne Hathaway?

Public dislike of Anne Hathaway has continued for years after her Oscar win.

Ivanka Trump's neighbor — with her fur coat and wine glass — is now a style icon

She caught the internet's eye as she smiled in glee, watching protesters in front of Ivanka Trump's D.C. home.

Equal Pay Day 2017 actually falls on different days for white women and people of color

For Latina women, 2017's "real" Equal Pay Day won't arrive for months.

With consent decree reviews, Jeff Sessions launches his assault on civil rights

On Monday, he ordered a review of all police reform agreements made under Obama. Shocker.

'Smash Bros. 4' Nintendo Switch Release Date: Game's creators helped design the Switch

The creators of 'Smash Bros.' helped make the Nintendo Switch.

Jeff Sessions orders DOJ staff to review all police reform agreements

Sessions' review may mean many of the agreements are dismantled, or never enforced.

These 5 images show why we still need Equal Pay Day in 2017

The wage gap isn't closing nearly as fast as it needs to.

This body-positive blogger wants you to know that the "fat friend" stereotype is BS

"There's a stereotype around being the 'fat girl' in a friendship group."

'NBA 2K17': How to get Lonzo Ball and a realistic draft class

The most realistic draft class available for 'NBA 2K17' features an excellent creation of Lonzo Ball.

David Schwimmer teams up with Emmy Rossum and more for video series on sexual assault

Video series #ThatsHarassment shows everyday occurrences of sexual harassment with Emmy Rossum and Cynthia Nixon

Donald Trump's approval rating continues to flounder after health care fail

There is not much good news for Trump in the latest poll on his approval rating.

ISIS — which Trump said he could beat in 30 days — says the US is 'being run by an idiot'

ISIS calls Trump — who talked tough on the terrorist group — an "idiot" in first statement on the new U.S. president.

These are the 10 Trump associates with known ties to Russia

From the U.S. Secretary of State to the U.S. Attorney General, there's an awful lot of overlap between the Trump administration and Russia.

'Persona 5': Everything you need to know about difficulty trophies

Does 'Persona 5' have difficulty trophies? We've got the details here.

Trump has halted funds to the UN's maternal health fund because of its stance on abortion

Trump's administration allegedly made the decision based on an "erroneous claim" about abortion practices in China.

White House floats health care bill that would gut pre-existing condition protection

Insurers could charge sick people more for plans that don't even give people the care they need.

GymHuntr 'Pokémon Go': Gym tracker cheat lets player keep track of local gyms

If you're trying to avoid well-defended gyms in 'Pokémon Go,' a tool called "GymHuntr" could be just what you need.

Democrats voting for Neil Gorsuch will have to answer to this progressive grassroots group

They're already raising money for Democratic primaries against Manchin, Heitkamp and Donnelly.

'Mass Effect: Andromeda' Gil Romance Guide: How to flirt with the engineer

Want some gay love in 'Mass Effect: Andromeda'? Meet Gil!

Meet Jaimie Wilson, the trans model proving not all transitions look the same

"You don't have to pass a test to prove you're trans ... and you sure as hell don't need anyone's approval but your own."

H-1B Visa Program: What's changing and how it could affect visa holders

Entry-level computer programmers won't make the cut anymore.

Google's 'It's Lit' study highlights the perceived gender imbalance in modern video games

Google's teen survey claims girls don't like video games. Here's why we're skeptical.

Is your future work ID a microchip implant in your body? These workers have made the leap.

Employees at a Swedish company, Epicenter, have already had their hands microchipped.

Pat Robertson is concerned that we're being dominated by homosexuals

Robertson will team up with Kevin Sorbo to make sure Christians get more media exposure.

'Designated Survivor' Episode 15 Spoilers: What will happen in "One Hundred Days"?

Agent Wells may be close to uncovering the truth in an all new 'Designated Survivor'.