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Told she'd be more attractive if her skin was lighter, this model issued a fire clapback

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Nivea put up an ad praising "white purity" — the backlash was swift and severe

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Pepsi pulls offensive ad, apologizes for "putting Kendall Jenner in this position"

Pepsi pulled "Jump In" amid immediate criticism.

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Trump’s evasive news conference on Syria leaves Americans in the dark as to his plan

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Muslim lawyer shuts down white supremacist who asked why there's no "Christian ISIS"

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The White House is suggesting Donald Trump will take action against North Korea

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Trump defends Bill O'Reilly from harassment claims during Sexual Assault Awareness Month

Trump's defense of the Fox News host came as he accused former national security adviser Susan Rice of committing a crime.

Googling 'Martin Luther King' returns neo-Nazi propaganda. Why won't Google fix it?

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Portland is giving away free houses — in exchange for this act of generosity

Free homes are available to those willing to house homeless families in the small custom-built second properties on their land.

'New York Times' posts correction clarifying Ivanka is not Donald Trump's wife

"Ivanka is one of his daughters," the 'Times' wrote.

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Trans woman facing murder charges says she was acting in self-defense

Campbell's lawyer said she'd never be in this position if she were not a transgender woman.

Female-written 'Daria' was groundbreaking and would still be an exception today

Daria's female-driven success should translate to present-day entertainment.

Minnesota lawmaker has zero time for white male colleagues' sexism

"I hate to break up the 100% white male card game in the retiring room," Hortman said, not seeming to hate it at all.

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