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The anti-Trump movement used the term "President Bannon" to annoy Trump. It worked.

The "President Bannon" meme actually got under President Donald Trump's skin.

A Portland man tried to give his mayor a Pepsi to end a conflict. It didn't go so well.

The man was apparently inspired by Kendall Jenner's controversial Pepsi ad.

These 12 slow cooker recipes are perfect for spring

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California immigrant teen accepted to all 8 Ivy League schools

Cassandra Hsiao, from Malaysia, was accepted into all eight Ivy Leagues.

'Kingdom Hearts 3' Nintendo Switch Release Date: Square Enix CEO teases possible launch

'Kingdom Hearts 3' and 'Final Fantasy' could make their way to Nintendo Switch after all.

'Pokémon Go' Nest Migration 18: How to track changing spawn locations after the update

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What is happening in Syria? A timeline of the Syrian civil war and what you need to know

What you need to know about the Syrian civil war, the deadliest conflict of the 21st century.

A Trump voter's undocumented husband was just deported to Mexico

"I wish I didn't vote at all," she said.

'Overwatch' Blackwatch Genji: Fans think the "Uprising" comic is teasing a new Genji skin

Fans are thirsty for new "Blackwatch Genji" skin in 'Overwatch.'

'Zelda: Breath of the Wild' Lurelin Village: Location and everything else you need to know

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Report: Steve Bannon calls Jared Kushner rude names like "cuck" when he's not around

Bannon reportedly calls Kushner "cuck" and "globalist" behind Kushner's back.

French Montana calls black woman a "musty crusty dusty rusty ass hoe" with "nappy hair"

The rapper is being called out for racist and sexist tweet aimed at a Black Twitter user.

This brilliant mashup nails exactly how Sean Spicer treats the White House press corps

The result of this Sean Spicer mashup by 'The Daily Show' was alarmingly seamless.

Awkward Ivanka Trump correction in 'New York Times' is getting dragged on Twitter

The 'New York Times' issues a correction about Donald and Ivanka Trump that would delight Freud.

Can marijuana give you a hangover? Here's how weed could ruin the morning after.

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This is the sneaky way Uber might be overcharging you without you realizing it

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Report: Steve Bannon threatened to quit amid power struggle with Jared Kushner

Bannon lost a power struggle with Kushner and threatened to quit over his removal from the NSC, the 'New York Times' reported.

Bill that would fine men for masturbating moves forward in Texas legislature

The Man's Right to Know Act is billed as satirical — but it proves an excellent point about the way men legislate women's bodies.

Why is it still so hard to find a good plus-size swimsuit?

For plus-size women, finding a swimsuit is a living, breathing hell.

'Mass Effect: Andromeda' Patch 1.05: Facial animations from before and after the update

Want to see how ol' "My face is tired" is doing after 'Mass Effect: Andromeda" patch 1.05?

'Chewing Gum' creator Michaela Coel gets real about "post-traumatic slave syndrome"

Breakout British Netflix star Michaela Coel talks about how to make racism funny.

Embattled Rep. Devin Nunes is stepping down from leading the Trump-Russia probe

Nunes says ethics charges against him are baseless.

Senate Republicans invoke the "nuclear option," moving Gorsuch closer to the Supreme Court

"Let us go no further on this path," Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer said on the Senate floor.

Trump voters continue to be shocked when their immigrant friends get deported

Roberto Beristain's wife, Helen, voted for Trump. On Tuesday, her undocumented husband was deported to Mexico.

Don Rickles Cause of Death: 'Toy Story' actor and legendary comedian dead at 90

Don Rickles was the voice of Mr. Potato Head in the 'Toy Story' franchise.

Secrets of Jomon — the prehistoric Japanese art that inspired 'Zelda: Breath of the Wild'

'Breath of the Wild' may introduce Jomon style to the west, but it's already seen a surge of popularity in Japan.

'Survivor' 2017: Who got voted off in episode 5? Hannah Shapiro recaps 'Game Changers.'

'Survivor' season 33 alum Hannah Shapiro breaks down 'Game Changers' episode five.

Maxine Waters says Bill O'Reilly should go to jail, slams Fox News

Maxine Waters offers an assessment of a corporate culture that allows sexual harassment to thrive, and, wow, are we here for it.

Mike Pence is suddenly worried about that expansive surveillance state he helped create

He says Americans have a "right to know" about the surveillance of private citizens. But he's ignoring one crucial detail.

The Kominas' "Freedom" video makes a mockery of the TSA's racist profiling

The punk band's latest video re-enacts the invasive screening process frequently employed at the U.S. border.

When will 'This Is Us' return? 6 things we know about season 2.

The hit dramedy will return before the year is out.

Syrian planes dropped chemical weapons on their own people, US military confirms

The U.S. military watched Syrian planes drop bombs on Idlib, NBC News reported.

Spotify may issue stock but skip the IPO. How that could avoid the SNAP effect... or not.

You will reportedly be able to buy Spotify stock soon, but the company is not copying Snapchat's maker in one key way.

Hillary Clinton emerges from woods to school male legislators on reproduction

After a hiatus from public life, Clinton came back roaring.

After Bill O'Reilly's sexual harassment scandal, these advertisers nabbed primetime spots

These ads were not quite ready for primetime.

Sofia Vergara's ex-husband thought she was "classless" for speaking Spanish

Loeb called Vergara "rude" and "disrespectful" for speaking her native language.

The Movement for Black Lives seems like it slowed down. But King's legacy is refueling it.

BLM and Fight for $15 activists say they’ll follow Martin Luther King Jr.'s roadmap to freedom, equality and dignity.

A brief history of Madonna's feud with Pepsi

Why the legendary pop singer still holds a grudge against the soda company.

'Mass Effect: Andromeda' 1.05 Patch Release Time: When will the new update arrive?

What time is the 'Mass Effect: Andromeda' patch releasing? Here's what you need to know.

'Overwatch' Comics: "Uprising" packs in political commentary on terrorism and immigration

The latest 'Overwatch' comic, "Uprising," includes a nuanced discussion on the immigrant experience.

70% of millennials in this country own their home — and no, it's not the United States

The majority of young adults in China own homes, trouncing millennials in the U.S., Canada and Australia

All the designers of color Melania Trump has worn so far: a running list

Trump's administration is strikingly white, but are Melania Trump's designers?

'Zelda: Breath of the Wild' Amiibo Rumor: Incoming character figurines hint at new unlocks

Three more 'Zelda: Breath of the Wild' amiibo could be coming.

'Criminal Minds' season 12, episode 19 reveals a new clue about why Reid is in jail

Wait, if Scratch didn't frame Reid... who did?

Bill O'Reilly once got Pepsi to drop Ludacris because he "degrades women"

But as O'Reilly sheds advertisers over sexual harassment claims, who's laughing now?

The Syrian gas attack killed 19 of Mazin Yusif's family members. He's only 13.

"They told me my grandfather had died, and my cousins and their children,"