Acting FBI director says White House is wrong, Comey had "broad support" within the FBI

It's yet another contradiction in the White House's story for why James Comey was fired.

This guy designed a hologram virtual assistant that actually works — just watch

This software engineer built a hologram of Microsoft's Cortana personal assistant.

Here’s how music can help to heal the mind

A Phoenix-based hospital practices medicine with musical accompaniment.

'Red Dead Redemption 2' Screenshot Leaks: First image appears online, but it is real?

This could be our first look at 'Red Dead Redemption 2,' if the leaked screenshot is indeed real.

Buzz Aldrin says the US must abandon the International Space Station if it wants to reach Mars

“We must retire ISS as soon as possible,” Buzz Aldrin, one of the first astronauts to step on the moon, said. “We simply cannot afford $3.5 billion a year at that cost.”

Jeremy Lin said he experienced more racism while at Harvard than in the NBA

Jeremy Lin said the racism got so bad it affected his performance on the court.

Trump said he was going to fire Comey "regardless" of what top DOJ officials said

Trump called former FBI Director James Comey a "showboat" and a "grandstander."

Xbox Project Scorpio vs. PS4 Pro: Game developer says Sony has "huge advantage" over Microsoft

One game developer thinks Sony's powered-up PS4 has the advantage over Project Scorpio for one simple reason.

Kellyanne Conway says Anderson Cooper's viral eye roll was a sexist slight

"I face sexism a lot of times when I show up for interviews like that," Conway said.

This is Hannah Baker's role in '13 Reasons Why' Season 2

Hannah Baker will be a large part of season 2 of '13 Reasons Why.'

Texas might make schools teach sexual assault prevention starting in kindergarten

Opponents say House Bill 1342 puts responsibility for sexual assault on victims, but it also teaches kids about consent.

'Pokémon Go' Gymless Player: Player who never joined a team reaches level 40 in game

A 'Pokémon Go' player has just reached level 40 without ever making the agonizing decision about which team to represent.

A strange viral video of a clam at the beach won our hearts — only to betray us at the end

Posted to Facebook by the Weather Channel, the viral clam video has amassed over 4 million views.

5 hacks to save money on all your video games this year — and pay hundreds of dollars less

If you pay $60 per game, you're doing it wrong.

New Orleans Confederate monument of Jefferson Davis taken down

Just two of the four Confederate monuments scheduled for removal remain in the Louisiana city.

'House of Cards' Cast: These are the 2 new characters in season 5

These new additions to the cast have been confirmed.

Miley Cyrus' "Malibu": Stream the new song about Liam Hemsworth now

Listen to Miley Cyrus' new song 'Malibu' here.

The press is getting its first taste of life after Spicer. They're liking it.

Let's not beat around the bush: Sean Spicer appears to have been "benched."

Fox News op-ed says "men just want a woman who's nice"

Author Suzanne Venker's op-ed was an exercise in patriarchal values.

Critics are tearing into Donald Trump's new "election integrity" task force

Trump says it's about "fair and honest elections." Critics say it's a sham.

20 years later, Missy Elliott shares the inspiration behind her iconic "The Rain" outfit

While she works on her seventh studio album, Missy Elliott revisits the iconic looks in her debut video "The Rain."

'Diablo 3' Necromancer PS4 and Xbox One Release Date: When will the new class hit console?

PC players are getting the chance to try the Necromancer in 'Diablo 3.' When will console players get a turn?

5 simple steps to take this month that will save you an extra $500

How to save $500 this month — with minimal pain.

'PES 2017' Mobile Release Date: 'Pro Evolution Soccer' comes to Android and iOS

'Pro Evolution Soccer' is going mobile.

Trump and Comey: A timeline of the relationship between the president and FBI director

Comey's handling of the Clinton email probe may have helped Trump to power. But he also represented the greatest threat to it.

The 'Mocking SpongeBob' chicken meme is all that makes sense anymore in our broken country

Here's the "SpongeBob as a chicken" episode that started that weird "Mocking SpongeBob" meme.

Federal judge delays travel ban ruling, states she's "inclined to agree" it's unlawful

Federal judge declines to block the ban herself until after the appeals in Hawaii and Maryland are resolved.

Female 'Overwatch' player was harassed for 16 minutes — so she uploaded it to YouTube

For women, people of color and the LGBTQ community, this kind of harassment in is all too common.

'Sense8' Season 2 Soundtrack: 10 of the most powerful songs from the new episodes

Season two featured musical highlights from Bon Iver, 4 Non Blondes and Avicii.

'Dark Souls 3' Patch Notes 1.14: This update brings fixes to 'The Ringed City' DLC

'Dark Souls 3' is getting a new patch to fix various issues, and here's when you can expect it.

Toms created the blueprint for making philanthropy fashionable. And they’re not done yet.

"It is my goal to have Toms continue to inspire others to have giving at the core of all business activity."

When does 'Power' season 4 premiere? New trailer teases problems for Ghost

Ghost is in a fight for his life next season.

'Minecraft' Switch eShop Release Time: On what date can I download it from Nintendo?

Here's what time 'Minecraft' will hit the Nintendo Switch eShop.

'Star Wars Battlefront 2' DLC, BioWare 'Dylan' and everything we learned from the EA earnings call

Here's what to expect from the EA over the coming months.

FBI agents change their Facebook profile pictures to Comey after his firing

Mourning the firing of the FBI director on Facebook.

What happened to Dev at the end of 'Master of None' season 1?

Here's how Dev ended up on a plane to Italy.

As Minnesota measles outbreak rages, anti-vaxxers continue to target Somali community

"Vaccine-concerned groups" are spreading misinformation about vaccines — but community members are pushing back.

If the FBI can't get to the bottom of Trump-Russia ties, this senator will get answers

Sen. Richard Blumenthal is closely watching the FBI and Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein.

Anti-LGBTQ assaults aren't hate crimes, according to West Virginia Supreme Court

The word “sex” was apparently too ambiguous for the judges and for West Virginia state legislators.

Almost 90% of schools reported 0 instances of rape in 2015. That doesn't seem right.

We know rape and sexual assault on campus happen all the time. So what's with all those zeros?

America's war in Afghanistan by the numbers

As President Donald Trump weighs committing thousands more troops to Afghanistan, here's a look back on America's longest war.

'Arrow' Season 5, Episode 22 Preview: Black Siren returns to help Prometheus in "Missing"

Adrian Chase has big things up his sleeves in the final few episodes of 'Arrow.'

This DOJ official threatened to resign after Trump tried to pin Comey’s firing on him

Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein was not happy he was made the scapegoat for James Comey's firing.

Loveflutter app claims to know your personality type by analyzing your tweets

According to Loveflutter, President Donald Trump is "well-adjusted."

Navigating Trump's America: Buckle up. The Russia investigations are not going away.

For Democrats and key Republicans, the Russia investigation is just getting started.

7 plus-size women on why you shouldn't be afraid to love your body this swimsuit season

Here's what happened at Torrid's 2nd annual pool party.

Will Shemar Moore return to 'Criminal Minds'? Details on Derek Morgan's finale appearance

Shemar Moore returned to 'Criminal Minds' for one more appearance.

'Golden Sun' Nintendo Switch Release Rumor: Leaked video is probably fake

Could 'Golden Sun' be on its way to the Nintendo Switch?

A black man walks into the San Francisco CTO Summit

I looked out at the crowd and posed the question, "Who identifies as an African-American?" No one responded.

Asian representation on TV isn’t much better post-'Master of None' — but there’s hope

'Master of None' was not a magic salve for Asian representation on TV.

'Survivor' 2017: Who gets voted off? Hannah Shapiro recaps 'Game Changers.'

'Survivor' season 33 alum Hannah Shapiro breaks down the loved ones episode of 'Game Changers.'

Claremont McKenna students may not graduate after protesting right wing Heather Mac Donald

Students protested Heather Mac Donald on August 6.

The Senate Intelligence Committee has subpoenaed Michael Flynn on Russia

Trump's termination of James Comey may have thrown an FBI investigation into chaos, but the Senate one is heating up.

'Arrow' season 5, episode 21: Oliver and Prometheus face off in "Honor Thy Fathers"

Oliver and Chase finally come face-to-face in episode 21 of 'Arrow' — but it's a bit of a letdown.

Vandals take chainsaws to trees at Donald Trump's Bronx golf course

The motivation behind the vandalism was unclear, but a maintenance crew chased off the men after they cut down four trees.

'Fargo' season 3, episode 4 brings back a season 1 actor for a retelling of 'Peter and the Wolf'

A familiar voice pops up as a special-guest narrator in this 'Peter and the Wolf'-inspired episode.

21 clever shopping tricks to save money on groceries, clothes and everything else you buy

These 21 shopping hacks will save you cash on absolutely everything you buy.

Trump's lawyers are reportedly trying to stop him from getting in touch with Michael Flynn

President Donald Trump reportedly feels bad for the former national security adviser and wants to "reach out."

Trump claims he invented the economic term "priming the pump" a couple of days ago

The dictionary threw shade at him for his faux pas.

'Injustice 2' Mobile Release Time: iOS launches, but when does the Android app come out?

You can take 'Injustice 2' on the go with you right now on iOS, but the Android release time is still a mystery.

Trump expected to sign an executive order calling for a voter fraud investigation

Trump claimed millions of people "voted illegally" in the 2016 elections — which experts say is patently false.