Will 'Master of None' be renewed for a third season?

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3 ways to fight back against vacation shaming — and take the time off you deserve

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Scientists just discovered HAT-P-26b, a Neptune-sized planet with water in its atmosphere

It's changing the way astronomers think about planet formation.

DOJ opens investigation into fatal shooting of 15-year-old Jordan Edwards

His parents buried their son on May 6.

Report: An airline made 2 Muslim men deboard a plane and go through airport security all over again

The Thomas Cook Airlines incident is the latest in a spate of airlines making international headlines for all the wrong reasons.

'Alan Wake': Steam knocks 90% off the price before Remedy game is removed from circulation

Get 'Alan Wake' on Steam before this storytelling gem is gone.

These teens took on Rep. Tom MacArthur's pre-existing conditions amendment at a town hall

Two high school students asked the representative to explain how his amendment to the AHCA deals with sexual assault.

Ebola Outbreak DRC: WHO confirms at least 1 death in Democratic Republic of Congo

Ebola killed 49 people in the Democratic Republic of Congo in 2014.

What Melania Trump wore her 16th week as first lady — oh wait, she didn't appear even once

This is the fourth time the first lady has gone an entire week without appearing in public.

The average class of 2017 starting salary — and what grads should do with their money

Congrats class of 2017, you got a raise! Here's what to do with it.

The opioid crisis has caused a dramatic rise in hepatitis C cases, CDC says

Injectable opioids have caused hepatitis C rates to nearly triple.

What does 'Injustice 2' Ultimate Edition come with? Everything included in the $100 package

You can spend $100 on 'Injustice 2' and get plenty of bonuses for doing so.

Being a mom is great for your brain — here's the science behind it

“Mommy brain” is not a syndrome or a devastating biological trade-off. It’s a cognitive strength.

Kirkersville, Ohio, Shooting: Latest updates on deadly incident at Pine Kirk Care Center

Local police Chief Steven Disario and three others were killed in the Ohio shooting.

From botanical gardens to body sprays: The surprisingly green world of fragrance

When it comes to building a fragrance, having access to the right ingredients makes a world of difference.

People are hiding Sean Spicer cutouts "among" their bushes in the best meme of the week

You, too, can take the memes off the web and into the real.

Sessions thinks harsher sentencing will stop the opioid epidemic. He's wrong.

Sessions is bringing back the war on drugs.

Terence Crutcher's mom: "Love your children while they're here with you"

Leanna Crutcher has a message for mothers who still have their children on Mother's Day and every other day.

Katy Perry and Migos cook the rich in their "Bon Appétit" video

Katy Perry continues the covertly anti-capitalist rollout to her fourth studio album.

Harry Styles 'Sign of the Times' lyrics: An explainer of the song and music video

The singer's first single has a deeper political meaning.

While you weren't watching, 'Quantico' put Peter Thiel on blast

You've heard of Peter Thiel. You probably haven't heard of, um, Peter Theo.

'NFL Blitz' is the cure for my 'Madden 18' Tom Brady-induced narcolepsy

If you don't care about the rules and just want to watch jacked athletes tackle each other, then 'NFL Blitz' is the game for you.

EPA adviser who quit in protest says Trump admin. has subcommittee on "firing line"

Carlos Martín and Peter Meyer were on an EPA subcommittee "overhauled" by Scott Pruitt.

Trump obstructed justice in Comey firing, says watchdog group CREW

Did the president break federal law by firing his FBI director?

Jeff Sessions wants stricter enforcement of drug crimes. People of color will suffer.

Research shows that mandatory minimum sentences hit people of color the hardest — but Jeff Sessions is bringing them back anyway.

'Dishonored 2' DLC: Potential DLC hinted at on Amazon novel listing

It seems like 'Dishonored 2' might get some DLC after all.

Here's the best time to post on Instagram each day

There's data on the best time, but it's likely to change.

Video of a black woman's hanging went viral on Facebook. The site marked it as mature.

The video seems to be a violation of Facebook's policy against the glorification of violence.

Press associations are pushing back after Donald Trump's Twitter threats

Sincere or bluffing, reporting organizations are taking Trump's threat seriously.

Tips that pay off: The best things in life are free — here's how to get them

The best tips are free tips that result in more free things.

6 things you may have missed in the 'Love Actually' Red Nose Day trailer

'Love Actually 2' checks in with our favorite characters 13 years later.

'Hollywood Medium with Tyler Henry' explores Whitney Houston's "heart issue"

Bobby Brown receives message from his late ex-wife.

'Mass Effect: Andromeda' patch 1.06 improved the game's cutscenes in a big way

'Mass Effect: Andromeda' looks way better now.

These are the 6 must-see movie releases from Memorial Day Weekend to Labor Day

You'll be making quite a few trips to the theater this summer.

What episode of 'Master of None' season 2 does Rachel appear in?

Dev and Rachel broke up in season one of 'Master of None.'

Paramore's 'After Laughter': Download and streaming options for new album

Paramore is back with their sixth album on Friday.

Harry Styles' Self-titled Album: Download and streaming options

Harry Styles' first solo album dropped Friday.

Twitter is in love with Italy in 'Master of None' season 2

Mamma mia, all this Italian food looks so good!

Why Donald Trump — and his White House — may have finally lost all credibility

At some point, numerous contradictions become lies.

'Harry Potter' handwritten prequel stolen, J.K. Rowling asks fans not to buy it

A rare piece of 'Harry Potter' memorabilia has been stolen.

Donald Trump just issued a threat to James Comey "before he starts leaking to the press"

Trump warns Comey to tell the truth about their interactions, because Trump may have "tapes" of them.

Jeff Sessions' new criminal charging policy asks for more severe penalties

Expect harsher sentences in the future.

Donald Trump floats canceling White House press briefings after spate of inaccuracies

Trump says the daily press briefing may be replaced after confusing accounts of FBI Director James Comey's firing.

'Master of None' co-creator Alan Yang on that New Yorkers episode, Chef Jeff and season 3

How long will fans have to wait for a third season — if it happens at all?

Trump reportedly cancels planned FBI visit after being told he would not get warm welcome

Trump is not popular at FBI headquarters.

Trump reportedly asked for Comey's "loyalty" in a private dinner. He promised "honesty."

'The New York Times' offers a play-by-play account of a fateful private dinner between the president and his former FBI director.

Trump said he had the Russia probe on his mind when he decided to fire James Comey

The firing came after Comey requested more resources for the investigation.

3 key takeaways from Donald Trump's NBC interview

Trump admitted he fired FBI Director James Comey because of the Russia probe

'Madden 18' release date and cover athlete Tom Brady revealed for GOAT edition

Tom Brady is the 'Madden 18' cover athlete and the game's release date is set for August.

Oklahoma Republican wants to turn 82,000 non-English-speaking kids in to ICE to save money

Mike Ritze is in hot water after his controversial proposal.

Why did Jeremy Davis leave Paramore?

Jeremy Davis' split from Paramore in 2015 seemed amicable at the time, but a 2016 ensuing lawsuit suggests otherwise.

'Pokémon Go' Unown Location Coordinates: London player creates "heat map" to show nests

If you're looking for an Unown in London, you're going to have to be extremely lucky, according to one player's location map.

Obscene photos of pig on top of Muslim man found in UNC-Charlotte campus residential halls

The school is investigating the vulgar cartoon.

With this 3-D printed "bionic skin" that can sense touch we're one step closer to true humanoids

Coming soon: artificial skin printed right onto your body.

How does 'Master of None' season 2 end? A breakdown of the cliffhanger ending

The final scene could have a few interpretations.

If Harry Styles’s new looks are a sign of the times, deal! me! in!

I may be late to the party, but glad to be here. And shook to the core.

'Pokémon Go' Anti-Cheating Update: Niantic job post causes excitement about cheat stopgaps

A job for a machine learning engineer has 'Pokémon Go' fans hoping Niantic is finally getting serious about banning cheaters.

Nintendo Switch PC Game Streaming: Rainway developers indicate progress on downloadable eShop app

You may soon be able to play your Steam games on your Nintendo Switch

'Injustice 2' Premier Skins: Leaks appear ahead of the game's release

One lucky fan got access to 'Injustice 2' early and is showing off some of the game's premier skins.

North Carolina needs $900 million in Hurricane Matthew aid. Trump is offering $6 million.

North Carolina Gov. Roy Cooper called it an "incredible failure" by the Trump administration.

15-year-old Zakara Blanding just got a college degree before she even finished high school

Zakara Blanding is only 15 but she's already got a college degree.

Is Harry Styles' song "Two Ghosts" about Taylor Swift? Let's break down the lyrics.

Some believe the singer is revealing his emotions about his ex on new track.

What is 'Injustice 2' rated? What to expect from the superhero fighting game sequel

Is 'Injustice 2' appropriate for kids? Here's what the ESRB rated it.

How to make a fidget spinner — out of an iPhone 7

This fidget spinner trick *may* result in a destroyed iPhone.

Should assaulting police be a hate crime? Lawmakers across the US are saying "Yes."

Social justice activists say the laws are a backlash against Black Lives Matter supporters.

TV Renewals and Cancellations 2017: Is your favorite show returning?

A full list of what's coming back — and what's not.

A girls' soccer team joined the boys' league and won the regional championship

A girls' soccer team with players as young as 7 beat out 13 boys' teams to clinch this year's junior regional league championship.

'Injustice 2' DLC Characters: 3 fighters announced, 2 more teased for future release

A couple of 'Mortal Kombat' characters are coming to the D.C. Comics fighting game.

Far-right brawlers are expected to clash with anti-fascists in the streets of Boston

The far-right and far-left are getting ready for a battle in Beantown this weekend.