Report: Trump's pick for Dept. of Agriculture's chief scientist is not a scientist

Sam Clovis has no scientific qualifications, 'ProPublica' found, and is mostly known for contributions to conservative talk radio.

Anti-choice protesters arrested for blocking entrance to Kentucky's only abortion clinic

Ten protesters with Operation Save America were arrested Saturday after blocking the entrance to the EMW Women's Surgical Center.

What channel is the 2017 Miss USA competition on?

Miss USA Deshauna Barber will pass down her title Sunday.

MTA to give buttons to pregnant people to encourage other riders to give up seats

The MTA will distribute "baby on board" buttons to pregnant women, so riders will have zero excuses for being selfish monsters.

Miss USA 2017 Predictions: Who's favored to win the crown?

These six contestants have a good chance at earning the coveted title.

House Republicans plan to follow up Obamacare repeal with $400 billion in safety net cuts

Paul Ryan's budget agenda is slashing programs like food stamps and housing assistance for the poor, according to 'Politico.'

'Prey' Review PS4: From the stars, knowledge

See our review for why 'Prey' is perfect for those who have a thirst for sci-fi horror.

A new Super Nintendo game is getting a physical release next month

Super Nintendo is getting one more new game next month.

'Parappa the Rapper' and 'Gitaroo Man' creators team up for 'Project Rap Rabbit'

Masaya Matsuura of 'Parappa' and Keiichi Yano of 'Gitaroo Man' are teaming up for a new rhythm game, 'Project Rap Rabbit.'

Cecile Richards says the best Mother's Day gift in 2017 is a call to your congressperson

"No matter how many ribbons and bows you put on [the AHCA]," Richards writes, "that's one ugly Mother's Day present."

James Clapper says Donald Trump has US institutions "under assault"

Clapper added that under Trump, the separation of powers is "eroding."

Marine Corps releases first video featuring a woman recruit in the lead

Following the nude photo scandal, "Battle Up" is intended to send the message that women are welcome in the Marine Corps.

Federal immigration agent looking for fourth-grader at NYC school blocked from entering

An NYC elementary school turned away an immigration agent looking for a fourth-grade student.

Meet Susan Burton, an activist-mom Michelle Alexander called a "modern-day Harriet Tubman"

Susan Burton is the founder of an organization that helps women re-enter society after prison.

Alec Baldwin opens up Melissa McCarthy 'SNL' episode with Trump NBC interview

Alec Baldwin made a surprise guest appearance on 'Saturday Night Live.'

Melissa McCarthy's Sean Spicer 'SNL' skit ends with "Trump" kiss

This is why Melissa McCarthy was dressed as Sean Spicer in New York City on Friday.

Watch the top videos from Melissa McCarthy's 'Saturday Night Live' episode

Alec Baldwin's 'SNL' cold open is a must-watch.

What time is the 2017 Miss USA competition on?

Fifty-one women will compete in this year's live show.

'Master of None' creators know there will always be "another f*cking Chef Jeff"

Thank god Raven-Symoné is here to put Chef Jeff on blast.

This Mother's Day, the Women's March organizers want you to have difficult conversations

The organizers have launched the "Daring Discussions" campaign encouraging Americans to break down political divides.

2017 Miss USA Livestream: When and where to watch the competition online

Here is how you can watch the Miss USA Competition online.

White supremacists, including Richard Spencer, protest removal of Confederate statues

The white supremacist protesters chanted "Russia is our friend" in response to Confederate statues being removed.

Hackers used stolen NSA methods in massive, worldwide ransomware attack

The virus spread to over 150 nations and was only stopped when a 22-year-old researcher accidentally found its "kill switch."