11 times Trump complained about leaking classified information

He was pretty adamant about the idea that mishandling classified information makes a person "not fit" to be president.

The RompHim — a romper for men — is trying to start a fashion revolution. Good luck.

Their "new approach to sizing" means no XL, despite claims that they tested it on guys of all shapes and sizes.

'Monster Hunter' Switch: Double Cross DLC hints at Capcom eyeing Nintendo's latest console for 'MH'

'Monster Hunter' gives 'Zelda' a shoutout in its latest DLC

'Kingdom Hearts 3' Release Date Rumors: Trailer may debut at E3 2017

According to internet scuttlebutt, a new 'Kingdom Hearts 3' trailer might be surfacing at E3 2017 in June.

Want a castle? Italy may let young entrepreneurs revamp public buildings to boost tourism.

If enacted, the new initiative would transfer about 100 properties each year.

'Call of Duty: Black Ops 3' Zombies Chronicles Maps: See four new areas from the upcoming DLC

Get an early look at the four new (old) maps coming to the next 'Black Ops 3' DLC.

US officials accuse Assad regime of killing thousands of Syrians, burning their bodies

Syrian military forces are hanging 50 prisoners a day and burning bodies to cover it up, according to the State Department.

'Berlin Syndrome' is the most terrifying kind of fairy tale: the one that might come true

The latest cautionary fairy tale about the violence women suffer at the hands of men with a twist.

Penn State Hazing Death: Parents of Timothy Piazza say their son's death was "torture"

"It was horrific. This wasn't boys being boys."

Stacey Abrams, Democrat weary of Trump "fascists," could be Georgia's next governor

The Georgia Democrat embodies what the Trump resistance will look like in 2018.

'Assassin's Creed: Origins' Switch: Egypt-set game likely not coming to Nintendo's device

Sorry, but 'Assassin's Creed: Origins' probably isn't coming to the Nintendo Switch. Here's why,

Donald Trump tweets perplexing statement honoring Women's Health Week

And it certainly raises some questions about his health care plan.

These fake 'Drag Race' elimination memes read everyone from Hermione Granger to the Babadook

"Babadook... your performance has us, well babashook. And tonight on the runway, you're serving us a killer bablewk."

'Injustice 2' Mr. Freeze: He's in the game, just not in the way you might think

If you're looking for Mr. Freeze in 'Injustice 2,' you might be looking in the wrong place.

What is WannaCry? Here's how the ransomware software hijacks your computer.

How WannaCry locks down your device.

We may refuel spacecrafts on the way to Mars. Here's how a lunar gas station might work.

Scientists might be able to mine ice from the moon and convert it to rocket fuel.

'Mass Effect: Andromeda' Romance: Bug unintentionally adds new gay option for male Ryder

This probably isn't what fans had in mind when they asked for more gay romance options in 'Mass Effect: Andromeda.'

The 'RuPaul's Drag Race' subreddit is melting down, and it's Phi Phi O'Hara's fault

The drama on the 'RuPaul's Drag Race' subreddit puts the fate of one of TV's most vibrant fan communities in question.

Sheryl Sandberg wants us to Lean In while ignoring Trump. Is she kidding us?

Sandberg wants gender equality — but she won't address misogyny in the White House.

The Cartivator flying car is straight out of ‘Harry Potter’ — and it really works

Flying cars may not be far behind the autonomous vehicle.

Trump isn’t the only one leaking intel — his aide just revealed Jim Mattis’ phone number

The secretary of defense is going to need a new cell phone.

'Mommy Dead and Dearest': A timeline of the Dee Dee Blancharde and Gypsy Rose crime story

HBO's new crime documentary tells the tragic true story of a mother who forced her daughter to appear ill, and was later murdered

'Super Mario Odyssey' Release Date: Spoiler footage leaks of Empire State Building, desert level

Weather effects come to 'Super Mario Odyssey' in the latest leaked video footage.

Trump revealed classified info to the Russians while bragging about his intel sources

“I get great intel. I have people brief me on great intel every day."

Trump's "Protecting Life in Global Health Assistance" goes farther than global gag rule

Trump's newly expanded Mexico City policy is unprecedented in its severity.

'NBA Playgrounds' Switch Online: Nintendo players are still missing this crucial feature

'NBA Playgrounds' has been out for almost a week on Nintendo Switch, and there's still no online play.

The North Carolina voter ID law that targeted blacks is dead, thanks to the Supreme Court

The court's nine justices have declined to review a lower court finding.

'Injustice 2' Roster: Full character list of every base, pre-order and DLC fighter

Check out the entire roster of 'Injustice 2' characters, including DLC and pre-order bonuses.

3 secrets to dealing with narcissistic people at work — and in life

Do you have a narcissistic person in your life? These three moves will help you to improve your relationship.

A woman tore apart her congressman's defense of the AHCA in her local paper

Barbara Rank slammed Rep. Rod Blum for suggesting that men shouldn't have to pay for maternity insurance.

Tracy Morgan's Netflix release time: When to watch his newest standup special

Tracy Morgan's Netflix special will go into detail about his 2014 accident.

Olympian Ibtihaj Muhammad wouldn't sleep "if I closed my mouth on social issues"

The outspoken activist talks about what motivates her to speak up.

Learjet 35 crashes near Teterboro Airport in New Jersey, killing two

The airplane missed the runway and crashed upon landing, setting nearby buildings on fire.

Sean Spicer refuses to say whether Donald Trump is taping conversations at the White House

It's still unclear whether Trump is recording his conversations.

'For Honor' Season 2 Start Date, Hero Characters and Stat Changes: Everything you need to know

The Shinobi looks like it'll be a pain to deal with.

How to take beautiful close-up photos with an iPhone every time

There are two must-know tips for close-up pictures.

Donald Trump is mulling moving the US Embassy in Israel to Jerusalem

The move would likely set off a political firestorm.

How to take a selfie with a timer on an iPhone

Never ask a stranger to take your picture again.

'Scream Queens' is canceled and we need to know what happened to Chanel in the season 2 finale

'Scream Queens' star Jamie Lee Curtis may have solved the Red Devil mystery.

Miss USA Kára McCullough wants to call feminism "equalism" — and conservatives love it

Kára McCullough said her experience in the workforce led her to redefine feminism as "equalism."

'Injustice 2' Cutscenes: Watch them all right here if you don't care about spoilers

Check out all the 'Injustice 2' cutscenes right here.

SCOTUS declines to review discriminatory North Carolina voter ID law

The Supreme Court just killed a racist voter ID law from North Carolina.

'The Art of Overwatch' books pop up on Amazon, set to release later this year

Unless it's just 100 illustrations of Lúcio wearing his original jorts, we're not interested.

Report: Israeli navy shoots, kills fisherman in Gaza

This is a breaking story.

No, bruh, Chrissy Teigen did not get a revenge lower back tattoo — well, not quite

"John got to dance with a woman at his concert, so Chrissy gets to take one man and hold hands with him."

A$AP Rocky, Frank Ocean "Raf" lyrics: Breaking down the bars lauding designer Raf Simons

Frank Ocean, A$AP Rocky, Lil Uzi Vert, Quavo and Playboi Carti offer an epic toast to self-trained designer Raf Simons.

Navigating Trump's America: Donald Trump's pick for FBI director will show his true colors

Washington, particularly the Senate, may not accept a partisan pick.

John Oliver calls on Congress to act after James Comey's abrupt firing

It's up to Congress to stop Trump, says Oliver.

North Korea is reportedly celebrating the test of a "perfect weapon system"

The DPRK might be close to developing a working intercontinental ballistic missile capable of reaching the mainland U.S.

The new Miss USA said affordable health care in America is a "privilege," not a right

Miss USA hasn't even had her crown for 24 hours, but she's already in hot water.

Zelda Mobile Game Rumored: Release date and price still a mystery

'The Legend of Zelda' might be coming to mobile. Will it be free?

Donald Trump's staff feeds him fake news from internet trolls

Trump's staff has handed him fake news stories on global warming and even attacks on other staffers.

Bill Gates has a message for every college grad who wants to change the world

"If I were starting out today and looking [to] make a big impact in the world, I would consider three fields."

Miss New Jersey USA perfectly defines feminism in final answer at Miss USA 2017 pageant

Chhavi Verg gave everyone a lesson in feminism.

'American Gods' Episode 3 Recap: Does new Starz drama sacrifice substance for style?

'American Gods' certainly has a lot going on visually, but is there anything underneath the surface?

Miss District of Columbia, Kara McCullough, wins Miss USA 2017 pageant

This is the second year in a row Miss District of Columbia has won the Miss USA pageant.

Why was 'Last Man Standing' canceled? Here's the controversy with ABC's Tim Allen comedy.

Fans of 'Last Man Standing' are threatening to boycott ABC.

What does a cashless society look like? In Sweden even churches take digital payments.

Here's a preview of your cash-free future — where you buy everything with your phone.

Career Advice 2017: The secret about networking that nobody ever tells you

Here's how to network your way to your next job, without even trying.

Trump's lawyer tweeted out a photo of his daughter in lingerie and it's backfiring

Twitter users are slamming attorney Michael Cohen for sharing a photo of his daughter in a bra and tights.

New 'Lego Marvel Superheroes 2' Teaser: Full-length trailer release date set for May 23

Here's our first look at 'Lego Marvel Superheroes 2.'

'Zelda: Breath of the Wild' Smartphone Game: Shrines make for a perfect mobile experience

Shrines are just bite-sized enough for a mobile platform.

JetBlue allegedly kicked black family off flight over birthday cake

JetBlue won't apologize for removing the family from the flight.

Authorities investigating massive fire at historic New York City synagogue

Beth Hamedrash Hagodol Synagogue is considered a city landmark.

At these bed-and-beverages, alcohol isn't limited to the hotel bar

If you've ever wanted to mix your own gin or get a hop-oil massage, visit one of these hotels.

A germaphobe's guide to airports and airplanes

Follow these tips to avoid getting sick when you travel.

The sweet remains of Arab culture in Sicily

You can still see the Arabian influence in the island's food, culture and architecture.

Where Olympic runner Usain Bolt goes to relax

Usain Bolt's happy place might surprise you.

A definitive guide to getting a table at the best restaurants in the world

How to snag the world's most coveted reservations — and what the meal will cost you.

Rep. Rodney Frelinghuysen ratted a woman out to her boss after she spoke out against him

Frelinghuysen is among the most powerful people on Capitol Hill.

'Pokémon Go' Gym Update: Players are desperate for an overhaul

Many fans are hopeful that we'll see a major update this Thursday. It's not like the gym structure couldn't use it.

Kellyanne Conway might not be Trump's No. 1 fan — or a fan at all

Conway reportedly said she needed to "take a shower" after one instance of defending her boss on the air.

Signs calling Maxine Waters a "race baiter" and "poverty pimp" appear in California

A conservative artist collective erected the signs before an event Waters was scheduled to host in Inglewood, California.

'Injustice 2' Release Time: How to find the GameStop locations that will have the fighting game

The 'Injustice 2' release date is almost upon us. Here's how to get the game as early as possible.

'The Leftovers' Christopher Eccleston on Matt’s journey, the ferry orgy and the series finale

Also, that lion? He was really there in the cage.