One killed, 22 injured after car plows through Times Square sidewalk

Tweets from the scene show the car had gone off the road.

'Injustice 2' facial animations are some of the best around

Watching the facial animations in 'Injustice 2' is almost as fun as playing the game.

What is a special counsel? Here's the power Mueller has to investigate Trump's Russia ties

Mueller will investigate Russian interference into the 2016 election and links to the Trump campaign.

'Life Is Strange' Sequel: Publisher announces follow-up to the critically acclaimed game

'Life Is Strange' is getting a sequel and we couldn't be more excited.

In 12 seasons of 'The Bachelorette,' these are the 5 couples still together

Find out who's still together before season 13 premieres on May 22.

Robert Mueller: Here's what to know about the man investigating Trump

Who is Robert Mueller III, the man who will investigate Trump?

This video game could literally train our brains to resist symptoms of disease

Spoiler alert: It's not a digitized Rubik's Cube.

'Super Smash Bros.' Nintendo Switch Characters: Twintelle from 'Arms' needs to be included

If 'Super Smash Bros.' ever hits Nintendo Switch, it'll need the white-haired wonder character from 'Arms.'

Listen to 11 Chris Cornell songs from Soundgarden, Temple of the Dog and Audioslave

Remember Chris Cornell's legendary voice and songwriting abilities with a rundown of the top songs from his numerous projects.

Chicago announces dramatic changes to its policing policies

12,000 Chicago police officers will undergo conflict de-escalation training.

Chelsea Manning just tweeted the first photo of herself since being released from prison

Manning shared an image with the world.

Instagram Face Filters vs. Snapchat Lenses: How do they stack up?

Instagram Face Filters vs. Snapchat Lenses: Similarities, differences and every option to choose from.

Rep. Eric Swalwell on the growing Trump Russia turmoil: "We are not powerless"

It's too soon to talk impeachment, but not to take action, he said.

'Injustice 2' PC Release Date: Nothing has been announced yet, but here’s what we know

It's not looking good for PC players when it comes to an 'Injustice 2' release.

How the 'Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me' plot could factor into the Showtime reboot

Here's what you should know before the 'Twin Peaks' revival hits Showtime.

'Pokémon Go' Nest Migration 21: How to track changing spawn locations after the update

The 21st 'Pokémon Go' nest migration is here. Read on to find out what you can do to help track migrating Pokémon.

Northwestern student sues Laura Kipnis over new book on campus sexual assault

Laura Kipnis' latest book, 'Unwanted Advances,' allegedly misconstrues private details from a student's sexual assault report.

The 10 best US cities for creative workers to launch a career in the arts

If you enjoy art, music, film, theater, dance or other creative work, these places are tops for jobs, schools and resources.

US forces strike Assad regime in Syria

The U.S. hit Assad regime vehicles, reportedly in response to a breach of a deconfliction zone near base.

'Overwatch' Anniversary Event: New dance emotes revealed ahead of update

Unsurprisingly, Lúcio's got great moves.

Chris Cornell Cause Of Death: Medical examiner, autopsy confirm suicide

Wayne County Medical Examiners Office confirms Chris Cornell's cause of death as suicide by hanging.

Family of Seth Rich threatens legal action over Fox News conspiracy theory report

The right-wing conspiracy theory fell apart in under 48 hours.

'The Keepers' Netflix Release Time: When to watch the new true crime docu-series

'The Keepers' will be released on Netflix on Friday.

A bikini selfie has sparked a conversation about the power in being a body-positive mom

"She is polite at the order counter, because she hears me when I'm polite to strangers everywhere."

'Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt' Season 3 Release Time: When to watch new episodes on Netflix

Season 3 of 'Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt' promises football, divorce and revenge

Donald Trump denies asking James Comey to end the Flynn investigation

Donald Trump said there was "no collusion" with Russia and called the investigation a "witch hunt."

Interracial marriage is more common than ever, new study shows

Asian women and Latinas are the most likely among women to intermarry. Black and Latino men are the most likely among men.

Nintendo hopes you'll spend $5 on a 'Splatoon 2'-themed cardboard box

We're not sure who this is for, except Solid Snake, maybe?

Roger Ailes is dead. The right-wing money-making machine he created will live on.

As long as the business works, it will be business as usual at Fox News Channel.

Planned Parenthood ready to close four Iowa clinics, after funding attack from lawmakers

Close to 15,000 Iowans will lose access to family planning services each year, due to the closures.

PR firm founder accused of assault launches company called "Dignity for our Daughters"

Trevor FitzGibbon's former employees say he's using his new company to shame his alleged victims.

How to find out which advertisers are targeting you on Twitter

There are 69 pages — yes, pages — of advertisers tracking me. How about you?

'Injustice 2' Harley Quinn Combos: Here's how you can kick butt with a literal bat

Learn to play operation with Dr. Harley Quinn and her horrifying combo moves in 'Injustice 2.'

What is the Palme d'Or? 3 things to know about the prestigious Cannes Film Festival award.

Here are some interesting facts about the award.

Missy Elliot's sample of Rachel Jeantel was a nod to Trayvon Martin

Rachel Kaadzi Ghanash profiled Missy Elliot for Elle Magazine.

Dallas school police officer slammed a 6th-grader to the ground, fractured her clavicle

The unnamed officer was placed on administrative leave.

'Injustice 2' Easter Eggs: References to 'Mortal Kombat' and the DC Universe Abound

If you figured 'Injustice 2' had a lot of Easter eggs — you'd be right! Here are a few that the community has found thus far.

NYT columnist Ross Douthat hopes conservative media can return to era of Jim Crow apologia

"Two eras in conservative journalism ... : the Buckley era and the Ailes era. May the next one be more like the first."

Anthony Bourdain calls out the sexist practice of "assigning gender to food"

Plus, his preferred way to drink it.

These are 12 of the biggest box office hits to premiere at Cannes Film Festival

The film festival has been home to some of the biggest blockbuster movies of all time.

A former Secret Service officer who sexted teen girls is sentenced to 20 years in prison

The former agent used a White House guard booth to take photos of his penis and send them to underage girls, authorities said.

'Time' magazine cover shows White House taken over by the Kremlin

The feature story explains how Russia may have finally achieved a Cold War-era goal to "alter the course of events in the U.S. by manipulating public opinion."

The GOP House Majority Leader reportedly said aloud that Trump is on Putin's payroll

Paul Ryan tried to make sure these comments remained secret.

Men spoke for more than three times as long as women during Google's I/O keynote

And, surprisingly, this counts as progress.

The secret meaning behind Chris Cornell's Soundgarden song "Black Hole Sun"

Cornell had some interesting things to say about the hit 1994 song.

'Arrow' Season 5, Episode 23: Deathstroke returns to help Oliver in the season finale

It is going to be a battle royale on Lian Yu during the season finale of 'Arrow.'

Chris Cornell's final tweet for wife Vicky Karayiannis was of love and praise

Chris Cornell left one sweet and final message for his wife just days before his death.

'Destiny 2' Gameplay Reveal: When and where to watch the stream

Today we find out what this whole 'Destiny 2' thing is all about.

Chris Cornell's death a possible suicide, according to Detroit investigators

The 52-year-old musician died Wednesday night.

Why the special prosecutor will stall Donald Trump's entire agenda

Health care, tax reform, changes to education — it's all on hold.

'Overwatch' Anniversary Event: 3 new maps are coming to the game in next update

Check out the new arena maps for the 'Overwatch' Anniversary event update.

Report: Roger Ailes, former chairman and CEO of Fox News, dead at 77

His wife released a statement of his death Thursday morning.

Rep. Joe Kennedy III on Trump-Russia: "A crime may have in fact been committed"

"From my conversations with Republicans and some Democratic colleagues, the mood has undoubtedly shifted."

Trump breaks 12-hour Twitter silence with tweet calling the Russia probe a "witch hunt"

Trump also questioned why Hillary Clinton wasn't given the same treatment.

'Arms' character roster, Global Testpunch beta dates for Nintendo Switch and more

Nintendo reaches out with new 'Arms' details.

'Survivor' 2017: Who is voted off before the finale? Hannah Shapiro recaps 'Game Changers'

'Survivor' alum Hannah Shapiro breaks down the penultimate episode of 'Game Changers.'

'Arrow' Season 5, Episode 22: Major characters return as Prometheus taunts Oliver

Adrian Chase's plan for Oliver is finally becoming clear.

Trump's team knew Flynn was under investigation before taking office and hired him anyway

The newly appointed special prosecutor is looking into Flynn as part of a criminal investigation.

Betty Shelby is not guilty of manslaughter in shooting of Terence Crutcher, jury finds

Were she convicted of first-degree manslaughter, Betty Shelby faced between four years and life in prison.

'Fargo' season 3, episode 5 is one gruesome train wreck — but you can't look away

Shit hits the fan — or, um, piss hits the mug.

Chris Cornell dead at 52: Update on death of Soundgarden, Audioslave frontman

Soundgarden is best known for its songs "Black Hole Sun," "Spoonman" and "Fell on Black Days."

Alex Jones backs down, settles defamation suit with Chobani

The 'InfoWars' conspiracy theorist has issued an apology of sorts for spreading false and damaging stories about a yogurt company.

Roger Ailes net worth: Former Fox News CEO's pay, severance and wealth upon his death

Here is how much money Roger Ailes leaves behind.

Two ICE detainees have died in Georgia in the span of two days

A tragic development in President Donald Trump's war on immigrants.

A CNN reporter says a State Department official demanded she disclose her sources

"This is how your government responds to unfavorable news coverage."

The case for reparations to the family of Eudocia Tomas Pulido, who died a slave called Lola

Nothing will restore the life that was taken from the Pulido family — but that shouldn’t mean Tizon’s surviving family doesn’t have a duty to try.