The airport lawyers who fought Trump's Muslim ban are facing a Justice Dept. crackdown

Immigrants and travelers getting free legal help? Trump's Justice Department is having none of that.

Native Australians outraged by gay porn studio using sacred didgeridoo as dildo

Let's keep this instrument for musical purposes only.

Global Seed Vault flooded due to record-high temperatures

The vault is designed to withstand a global catastrophe, but melting permafrost flooded the entrance.

Draft of Trump's Saudi Arabia speech does not include phrase "radical Islamic terrorism"

The president loves to say "radical Islamic terrorism." Will he include it in his speech?

It's not just Donald. Melania Trump has also had it with the media and White House leaks.

Melania Trump is with Donald on his first overseas trip as president.

New York's Russian LGBTQ community holds first-of-its-kind pride march in Brooklyn

Chechnya weighed heavy on the minds of several attendees.

China caught 18 to 20 CIA spies in huge breach, killing at least a dozen

One of the spies was executed by gunshot in front of colleagues, the 'New York Times' reported.

'Fire Emblem Echoes' Villager max level promotion: When to class change your characters

'Fire Emblem Echoes' Villager class has a unique promotion system. Find out what the max level should be when you change their class.

'Twin Peaks' inspired these must-play games for fans of the series

These games are a perfect complement to the new season of 'Twin Peaks.'

Donald Trump's aides staged an "intervention" to stop his constant tweeting

It, uh ... doesn't seem to have worked.

Trans woman Sherrell Faulkner dies after November assault, case being treated as homicide

The local community in North Carolina is mourning Faulkner.

3 takeaways from the re-election of Iranian President Hassan Rouhani

Hassan Rouhani wins re-election in a decisive victory over a conservative hardliner. Here's what that means.

While the Trump administration is being investigated, the White House searches for interns

Here's what it takes to be an unpaid intern for President Donald Trump.

Trump is expected to tell Muslims that extremism is their problem to solve

"This is a battle between those who seek to obliterate human life and those who seek to protect it"

'RuPaul's Drag Race': The truth about Valentina and Maskgate during the episode 9 lip sync

#RemoveYourMask becomes a reality as Valentina refuses RuPaul's request during the lip sync.

Former FBI director James Comey will testify in an open Senate session, after Memorial Day

The former FBI director had previously declined an invitation to testify before an open session of the judiciary committee.

Betty Shelby will return to work five days after her acquittal in Terence Crutcher's death

The Tulsa chief of police has cleared Betty Shelby for return to the force.

Melania Trump forgoes headscarf on Saudi trip. Her husband ripped Michelle Obama for that.

Trump's tweet blasting Michelle Obama has not aged well.

Who's performing at the 2017 Billboard Music Awards on Sunday? Here's the full list.

Miley Cyrus, Cher, Drake and more are set to perform.

Grand jury clears Bryan Mason, the Columbus cop who shot 13-year-old Tyre King

No one is responsible for King's death, according to a jury.

3 takeaways from day 1 of Donald Trump's Saudi Arabia trip

Trump is arming Saudi Arabia to the tune of $110 billion, despite human-rights concerns.