Report: Jared Kushner allegedly asked for secret communication with Russia

Kushner allegedly made the proposal during a meeting at Trump Tower.

'Dragon Quest X' Release Date & Trailer: When it's coming out on Nintendo Switch in Japan

'Dragon Quest X' is coming to the Nintendo Switch, and you can see the first footage here!

Nintendo Switch 'Monster Hunter XX' Trailer: Capcom shows off first footage of game

Right on the heels of Capcom's 'Monster Hunter XX' announcement for the Switch, we've got our first footage of what it looks like.

Rodrigo Duterte jokes about soldiers committing rapes under martial law he ordered

Duterte made the remarks while addressing troops occupying the island of Mindanao.

'Rime' Denuvo: Tequila Works to remove anti-tamper tech if PC version is cracked

Tequila Works could be removing Denuvo protection from 'Rime' if hackers can crack the game.

'Friday the 13th' game searching for sessions: Are the servers down?

Are you stuck searching for sessions on 'Friday the 13th: The Game? What to do when the servers are down.

'Far Cry 5' release date: Preorder deluxe and collector's edition now

Now that we know the release date of 'Far Cry 5,' Ubisoft has put up listings for preorders.

'Hitman' games: Studio sale doesn't equal the end of the popular franchise

IO Interactive's sale doesn't have to be the end for 'Hitman," according to Square Enix CEO.

'Final Fantasy 14' Gold Saucer event returns: Info about upcoming Make It Rain campaign

The Make It Rain Gold Saucer event returns to 'Final Fantasy 14' and is a great way to pass the time waiting for 'Stormblood.'

'Yurei Station': A chilling Japanese-inspired horror short story you need to experience

Jump into the bizarre, yet gorgeous, world of 'Yurei Station' for something decidedly creepy.

Police release photos of Manchester bombing suspect Salman Abedi on night of attack

Authorities are urging people who may have more information to come forward.

'League of Legends' the movie: Riot says it might be considering a full-length film

Rumors have circulated for a while about a 'League of Legends' movie. But will anything ever come of them?

'Splatoon 2' Multiplayer: Players won't be able to voice-chat with strangers

If you play 'Splatoon 2' online, you won't be able to chat with players you don't know.

Teacher allegedly gave "most likely to blend in with white people" award to black student

Yes, it's the same teacher who gave the "most likely to be a terrorist" award.

Joe Biden rails against Trump during Cornell commencement

The former veep said Trump appealed to Americans' "darkest emotions" in speech calling on Cornell grads to "wake us up."

Who went home on 'RuPaul's Drag Race' episode 10 after a bad makeover?

After a nearly unparalleled run of success, Shea Couleé finally found herself in the bottom two.

7 songs for the ultimate Memorial Day weekend barbecue playlist

These jams make any occasion upbeat and memorable.

Hundreds of Muslims marched to Manchester Arena to denounce bombing

They held signs saying, "We heart Manchester."

Trump announces on Twitter he'll make final decision on Paris climate deal next week

He announced his impending decision on the last day of his international trip.

St. Louis wants to take down a Confederate statue. But residents will have to pay extra.

The city's treasurer started the "Take It Down St. Louis" campaign to raise money to move a 103-year-old Confederate monument.

Portland MAX stabbing: Suspect who killed two men defending Muslim women in custody

The deceased were reportedly trying to defend two Muslim women.

Trump blocks attempts by Italy to address Mediterranean migrant crisis at G7 summit

Trump wanted to focus the G7 meeting on terrorism and security.

17 times TV shows recast characters over the years — and audiences rolled with it

Sense8 is just the latest in a string of shows to low-key recast main characters.

London flights canceled due to British Airways "major IT system failure"

Heathrow and Gatwick — London's two largest airports — were forced to cancel all Saturday flights on a busy holiday weekend.

Denzell Thomas, 22, indicted for the death of Jazz Alford, 30-year-old black trans woman

Thomas faces a murder charge for the death of Jazz Alford.

Leo Varadkar may be Ireland's first openly gay prime minister

Ireland didn't decriminalize homosexuality until 1993 but has changed its attitudes on gay issues drastically.