Senior PGA Championship raises questions about Trump profiting off presidency

The major tournament is hosted at a course owned by the so-called "golfer-in-chief."

North Korea launches unidentified projectile, likely another ballistic missile

The projectile was not immediately identified, but is likely another ballistic missile.

Nintendo Switch Sales Numbers: Switch may outsell Wii U within its first year on shelves

If Nintendo can keep sales momentum up, the Switch will outsell the Wii U with barely a year on the shelf.

'FIFA 18' Name Change: 'EA Sports FIFA' is the new title for the Nintendo Switch version

'FIFA 18' for the Nintendo Switch is now called 'EA Sports FIFA,' according to a 'EA Play 2017' press releases.

Lindsey Graham says James Comey may be "incredibly incompetent"

The ex-FBI director may have used bogus Russian intel to justify his handling of Hillary Clinton's email server, Graham said.

'Fear the Walking Dead' Season 3 Spoilers: Everything we know about the new episodes

Get ready for apocalyptic chaos when 'Fear the Walking Dead' returns.

Adam Schiff calls for Jared Kushner's security clearance to be reviewed

Schiff, the top Democrat on the House intel committee, wants to know why Kushner needed a secret line to Moscow.

'The Last of Us' Mods: What it's like playing as Tess instead of Joel

Want to see 'The Last of Us' from a woman's perspective? This mod replaces Joel with Tess.

Laptops could be banned on all international flights in and out of the US, Kelly says

Kelly said he "might" ban laptops on flights entering and leaving the U.S. to combat "a real, sophisticated" terrorist threat.

Portland Stabbing: Victims hailed as heroes in Friday attack

The three victims were attacked "for doing the right thing," Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler noted.

After Trump visit, Germany's Angela Merkel says Europe can no longer depend on US

"The times in which we could completely depend on others are on the way out," Merkel told Germans.

UK school that bans short sleeves under fire for "sexualization of young girls"

Students at the Simon Langton Girl's Grammar School are circulating a petition pushing for the right to wear tank tops.

Willie Corey Godbolt: What we know about the Mississippi shooting suspect

The alleged Mississippi shooter has a lengthy criminal history.

Bill Cosby reportedly fears someone will slip drugs into his food or drink

According to 'Page Six,' sources close to Cosby say he's paranoid about staying in local hotels during his sexual assault trial.

7 true crime podcasts to listen to this summer

If you liked 'Serial,' you'll love these.

Mississippi Shooting: Police say 8 are dead, suspect is in custody following shooting

Eight have died in the Mississippi shooting.

Report: Reince Priebus might be reassigned as ambassador to Greece

Trump blames Priebus for some of the biggest headaches in his administration, according to the 'Washington Post.'