'Code Vein' for PS4, Xbox One, PC and Nintendo Switch: Trailer reveals exciting new game

What is 'Code Vein' and what consoles is it coming to? Here's everything we learned from its trailer.

8 books to read before their movie adaptations are released this summer

Summertime isn't just for blockbuster movies.

Let's stop using a "broken heart" as an excuse for men's violent behavior

Lately, we've seen a rash of very public instances of domestic violence — where victims get the blame.

Trump thinks an Israeli-Palestinian peace deal is "not as difficult" as people think

Add it to the list of monumental tasks President Donald Trump thinks are easy.

'Darksiders 3' Release Date: How to get prepared for the return of the four horsemen

Confused about the 'Darksiders' release date? We've got you covered.

'Call of Duty: WW2' Decoder: All codes for the enigma machine to get the calling card reward

Sledgehammer Games has left codes hidden in 'Call of Duty: WW2' reveal material. Become a decoder and unlock the secrets of the Enigma machine.

Justice Department confirms that it will not charge officers who killed Alton Sterling

After nearly 10 months reviewing the case, the DOJ confirmed it will not hold anyone accountable for the death of Alton Sterling.

What was the Korean War? The 1950s-era conflict is why North Korea still hates us today.

For North Korea, this 67-year-old conflict has never really ended.

'Zelda: Breath of the Wild' DLC Release Date: When to expect DLC Pack 1

When are we finally going to see DLC Pack 1? Here's our thoughts on when the next 'Breath of the Wild' content is coming out.

Donald Trump has 83% disapproval rate among young people in the Middle East, poll says

This rating is higher than that of former President George W. Bush, who started two wars in Arab countries within his first term.

Portable robot turns your ordinary car into a self-driving vehicle

You won't need to shell out thousands of dollars.

Shooting at North Lake College in Texas leaves two dead, including suspect

An active shooter situation is developing in north Texas.

The 9 best US cities for millennials looking for a job

These 9 cities combine plentiful jobs with highly successful millennials.

Fyre Festival: A startling majority of attendees interested in attending next year's event

Considering all we've learned about the Fyre Festival's organization since Friday, it's mind-boggling anyone would attend again.

Backdoor pilot for 'Black-ish' spinoff starring Zoey to air Wednesday night

Zoey is off to college in the character's potential spinoff.

Feel like wildly uninformed men are trying to wreck your uterus? Watch this video.

The Lady Parts Justice League explodes some common abortion myths in its latest video.

Under the GOP's health plan, sexual assault could be considered a pre-existing condition

The bill would also mean insurers could consider having postpartum depression or surviving domestic abuse pre-existing conditions.

Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti is fighting Trump — but willing to compromise

Garcetti is finding his voice in the Trump era. But his relationship with the resistance is complicated.

'The Flash': Killer Frost should be season 4's big bad

Could Caitlin Snow remain Killer Frost in season four of 'The Flash'? I hope so.

Stephen Hawking says humans need to leave Earth within the next 100 years or face extinction

Don't worry, SpaceX CEO Elon Musk thinks we can make it to Mars by 2025.

Rex Tillerson finally addresses the department he runs, clears up nothing

Tillerson still hasn't filled 200 posts at the Department of State.

World Press Freedom Day: Here's a list of the worst places to be a journalist in 2017

These countries make Trump and Sean Spicer seem tame by comparison.

'Persona 5' Costume DLC: What accessories the 'Catherine' content offers

Don't sleep on these 'Catherine' costumes for Persona 5, available for purchase today.

3 key takeaways from James Comey's Senate Judiciary Committee hearing

What most thought would be a second public inquiry into the Trump-Russia affair quickly became all about Anthony Weiner.

Crowdfunding campaign aims to unseat virulently sexist state representative

The Republican rep. and creator of the men's rights activist subreddit "The Red Pill" has argued rape "isn't an absolute bad."

Bard students decry "opaque" invitation of alt-right provocateur Lucian Wintrich to campus

Students are unhappy with what they deem hypocrisy from faculty and administration.

NASA reveals creepy sounds of space in new recording

The sound will either scare you or lull you to sleep.

'Mario Kart 8 Deluxe' Best Karts: Top builds to take the gold

Which kart and character is the best for your play style in 'Mario Kart 8 Deluxe?' Try these suggestions!

Fyre Festival organizers hit with a second lawsuit

The suit additionally accuses organizers of violating Federal Trade Commission regulations.

From Jordan Edwards to Alton Sterling, what will it take for justice to be served?

Alton Sterling's family didn't get justice. We can only hope Jordan Edwards' family won't wait in vain.

White man beats Asian victim in New York City while shouting "We are white power"

Steven Zatorski has been charged with assault as a hate crime.

Obamas announce $2-million personal donation to support summer jobs in Chicago

"Chicago's never looked more beautiful," Obama said.

Mosul by the numbers: The road to rebuilding after liberation from ISIS

Here's what it'll take for the Iraq city to recover.

Emma Watson FaceTimed with a fan who was studying for an exam

She's encouraging fans to use their brains as often as she can.

What will Trump's "religious freedom" order mean for transgender students?

One advocate said the order may cost young lives.

Here’s how Congress wants to change the way we pay our workers overtime

Elizabeth Warren called the bill a "disgrace."

Facebook’s response to its latest gender-bias complaint was incredibly tone-deaf

It attacked a former engineer who believed the company discriminated against women.

Here's how new behavior technology can make your passwords and biometric IDs obsolete

It works to ID you based on your behavior.

Watch 'The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt' run at a ridiculous 8K resolution

Check out this really good-looking game running at a preposterous resolution.

Legendary voguer José Xtravangza talks Madonna, voguing, the '80s ballroom scene and more

"Am I the greatest voguer of all time? I think what I bring .... they don't."

This is the only place you'll be able to watch HBO shows soon

HBO's bringing all its shows home.

Gabourey Sidibe to all her body shamers: "It's mine, so I will police it, thank you."

Sidibe has had it with other people judging her body and her worth.

Sally Yates will testify she warned White House about Michael Flynn's connection to Russia

Her testimony will be in direct conflict with the Trump administration's version of events.

PSA: Freddie Prinze Jr. has a very basic Twitch channel jam-packed with hunky dad charm

His video "Stream'eth With Thine Brosephs" is my personal fave.

A "good shutdown" and cutting pre-existing condition coverage would hurt Trump voters most

The policies would fall harshest on the president's staunchest supporters.

Rihanna just low-key called out all those underdressed Met Gala attendees

Rihanna liked a meme about the Met Gala red carpet, and honestly she's not wrong.

How Blizzard hurt 'World of Warcraft' by making it better

'World of Warcraft' is a much better game than it used to be, but it lost its soul in the process.

When does Season 5 of 'Orange is the New Black' come out?

This is when the newest season officially premieres on Netflix.

'The Flash' Season 3, Episode 21 Preview: Will Barry stop Savitar in "Cause and Effect"?

Savitar's identity has been revealed. Does it matter?

'Wiz Khalifa's Weed Farm' review: How did this marijuana game get a 5-star user rating?

The hype for this app is stronger than whatever Wiz is smoking.

Chris Rock jokes about the advice he gave to Michelle Obama — and her hilarious response

The comedian says the first lady cut their conversation short.

'The Handmaid's Tale' Season 1, Episode 4 Recap: Don't let the bastards grind you down

A game of Scrabble can hold a lot of intrigue on 'The Handmaid's Tale.'

'Master of None' Season 2 Review: Netflix’s hit comedy embraces Italy, becomes food porn

Warning: Don't start your binge on an empty stomach.

Where is Efi Oladele, the genius African child inventor of 'Overwatch'?

Is Efi Oladele out of the picture now that Orisa has arrived in 'Overwatch'? We hope not.

Who was eliminated on 'The Voice'? Find out who made the top 10 in season 12

One singer was cut from 'The Voice' on Tuesday night.

Jordan Edwards Shooting: Roy Oliver, officer who fatally shot 15-year-old, is fired

Charges could still be filed against the officer.

'The Flash' season 3, episode 20 finally reveals Savitar's identity

Did you guess Savitar's identity correctly?

'The Americans' star Alison Wright unpacks Martha's surprise scene in season 5, episode 9

Don't take Martha's drab new Soviet life at face value.

Hillary Clinton says Planned Parenthood supporters need to "keep fighting"

"We have to encourage the millions of women and men who support Planned Parenthood’s mission to keep fighting."

Why you should never type the words "tech support" into your browser

This sneaky scam is a ploy to steal your money.

I'm sick of hearing the same sad excuse for the lack of minorities in gaming

No, diversity doesn't mean hiring someone who isn't right for the job.

Sorry, but the new Pokémon are just as good as the original 151

Don't let nostalgia fool you. The first generation was massively flawed, and the new ones are badass.

Colgate University mistakes black student carrying a glue gun for an active shooter

The school's president issued a statement on Tuesday calling the incident a "profound error" with "implicit racial bias."

'Arkham Insurgency' Reboot: Damian Wayne's potential replacement with Batman affects release date

It sounds like we won't see the next 'Batman' game for a while.

Ivanka Trump quoted Jane Goodall in her new book. This was Goodall's response.

Jane Goodall has an urgent request for Ivanka Trump.