'Call of Duty WW2' Private Beta Start Date: Predicting when the multiplayer preview will release

We don't know when the new 'Call of Duty' beta starts, but we have some ideas.

Brooklyn coffee shop sues Starbucks over "Unicorn Frappuccino" drink

A Brooklyn coffee shop is suing Starbucks over the already-controversial drink.

'Thumper' Nintendo Switch: When the rhythm game will land on Nintendo's latest console

When can you play 'Thumper' on Switch? Here's when you can look forward to it!

Self-driving cars may mean 200 million fewer cars on the roads by 2030

A new study’s jaw-dropping results show the remarkable impact self-driving cars will have on the planet.

'Pokémon Go' Shiny Bulbasaur: Niantic Twitter graphic sparks speculation

Fans are convinced that the promo image for the new 'Pokémon Go' event is hinting at more shiny Pokémon. Without more evidence though, it's hard to say.

'WipEout Omega Collection' coming to PlayStation 4 in June

Zoom down futuristic rollercoaster tracks in 'WipEout Omega Collection.'

This Louisiana teacher thinks it's OK to say "nigger." Then, his student schools him.

"Why can you not understand that it's racist for a white man to say 'nigger' to a black man? It's fucking racist."

When gaming gets raw — the best owns in video game history (part 1)

The funniest jokes in games are at the player's expense.

Depressed about money? These 5 steps can help you get to a better place.

These smart moves will help you save more money, pay down debt and regain your confidence.

Trump seeks devastating cuts to the Office of Drug Policy despite ongoing opioid crisis

The cuts come as the Trump administration seeks to combat the swelling opioid crisis.

Remember the Russia investigation? Here's what's been happening.

The latest updates on the government's multiple investigations into Trump's Russian ties.

For actor-artist Raleigh Ritchie, music is his battlefield, 'Game of Thrones' is vacation

Jacob Anderson on trying to balance his dual life as a rising pop star and Grey Worm on 'Game of Thrones.'

Former Trump campaign official in Kentucky charged with child human trafficking

The 70-year-old retired judge chaired Trump's campaign in Campbell County, Kentucky, and was elected to the school board there.

'Prey': All safe codes and locations

We help you find all safe locations and their codes in 'Prey.'

War in Syria: Russia just told the U.S. not to fly planes over Syria safe zones

The move comes a month after the U.S. launched a missile strike on Syria April 6.

New Nintendo 2DS XL Vs 3DS XL Vs Switch: 15 comparison photos to make the choice easier

Nintendo's New 2DS XL, sized up against the Switch and the current 3DS XL

America's transportation problem is so huge even Elon Musk can't fix it

The problem isn't that we can't dig holes fast enough. It's that we can't agree on how to grow our transportation.

From Adam to Stan Lee, here are the 'Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2' post-credit scenes

There is more than just one post-credit scene in 'Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2.'

The State Department hastily deleted this possibly illegal tweet about Ivanka Trump's book

Oops, another ethically suspect move from the Trump State Department.

The anxious state of America is affecting babies in the womb — here’s the science

It's bleak, but there is some good news: None of this means doom.

Glenn Beck says Trumpcare will "make health care worse"

This is coming from a guy who said Obamacare would be the "end of America as we know it."

'StarCraft' Source Code: What an honest gamer got for returning a gold master disc

Good things happen to those who return source code discs, like with this lucky Blizzard fan.

Anonymous art collective trolls hundreds of Heckler & Koch's US gun vendors with bogus recall prank

All it took was two hundred pieces of snail mail for a massive international gun manufacturer to condemn an “insidious attack.”

The FDA is making all of its employees watch Fox News

Fox News personalities have advocated abolishing the FDA.

White House parts with its first female chief usher, Angella Reid

No official reason was given for the departure.

When does 'Bloodline' season 3 premiere? New trailer teases fallout from Marco's death

The Rayburn family is in more trouble than ever in season three of 'Bloodline.'

Kanye West just deleted his Twitter and Instagram accounts

Wherefore art thou, Kanye?

Officer who killed 15-year-old Jordan Edwards to be charged with murder

Oliver was fired earlier this week.

The FCC will investigate Stephen Colbert's controversial Trump rant

The likely punishment from the FCC would be a fine.

Trump Army secretary nominee who said "transgender is a disease" withdraws his name

He said his "Christian beliefs" were "mischaracterized and attacked" in a statement announcing his withdrawal.

'Pokémon Go' Grass Event Celebi: Everything you need to know about the Gen 2 legendary

The 'Pokémon Go' grass event is underway, will we see the famed Gen 2 legendary Celebi?

'Pokémon Go' Grass Event: Worldwide bloom tips and tricks for the weekend update

There's a new 'Pokémon Go' grass event starting today, but you've only got through the weekend to take advantage of it.

Why did Frank Ocean cancel his Sasquatch Music Festival set?

This isn't the first time Ocean has cancelled performances on the festival circuit.

'Sense8' season 2 theories: Is Whispers making a sensate army?

The season two premiere hints that Whispers may be going rogue in BPO.

'Mario Kart 8 Deluxe': 3 stars in Grand Prix is easier than you thought

Become a shooting star with our guide to getting three stars in Grand Prix mode in 'Mario Kart 8 Deluxe.'

On Washington State campus, video sparks outrage for its racist message to black women

In the video, a white Trump supporter tells black students to "go back to Africa."

'Mario Kart 8 Deluxe' can't be the best 'Mario Kart' game because 'Double Dash' already is

Don't even come at me with your 'Mario Kart 64' rebuttals.

Stanford just launched a new system that could make reporting campus assault easier

A new online platform called Callisto allows students to document their experience with assault before reporting it.

How does 'Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2' connect to 'Avengers: Infinity War' and the MCU?

Here is how 'Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2' sets up future Marvel movies

Macron's French presidential campaign hit with "massive" email hack

The leaked documents were reportedly obtained several weeks ago.

Roger Stone may testify before Congress in Russian election meddling investigation

Roger Stone, notorious strategist, wants his turn to testify.

'NBA Playgrounds' release date and DLC confirmed

'NBA Playgrounds' has a confirmed release date, and there are a ton more legends on the way.

Obamacare had 79 committee hearings before it passed. Trumpcare had none.

Republicans jammed their health care bill through the House on Thursday.

Navigating Trump's America: The AHCA is dead on arrival in the Senate. What happens next?

The president may have held a celebration, but the American Health Care Act is going nowhere fast.

Trump is heading to Jersey instead of New York this weekend because he cares about America

Trump will avoid causing a "big disruption" in New York by causing one at his property in New Jersey instead.

Melania Trump apparently doesn't know she liked and un-liked tweet mocking her marriage

The first lady's communications director said Trump wasn't aware she liked a tweet shading her and the president's marriage.

Freddie Prinze Jr. shares his favorite memory from working with Paul Walker on 'She's All That'

"I've already gone through it with a frickin' father, so I don't need to go through it with friends."

'Prey' Cosmonaut Shotgun Pack: How to claim the pre-order bonus and what it entails

If you pre-ordered 'Prey,' here's how to claim your helpful early-game reward.

New Nintendo 2DS XL Impressions: 'Miitopia' will induce longing stares from Switch owners

If you can't get a Switch, this is the sleekest DS yet

'Prey' Workstation Passwords: How and where to find all employee passwords

Trouble finding passwords to workstations in 'Prey'? We've got your back!

'Anne with an E' Review: The Netflix adaptation hits the nostalgia button and more

Anne Shirley may seem a little different in this adaptation, but her heart's in the same place.

Chris Stapleton 'From a Room': Download and streaming options for volume 1

Chris Stapleton returns with part one of his highly anticipated sophomore album.

Democrats' trust in the government just hit a historic low

Democrats are feeling super frustrated, too.

The Justice Department is investigating Uber for using software to evade local authorities

The investigation is the latest in a string of bad press for the company.

Hillary Clinton will launch a PAC to fund the resistance

"I am now back to being an activist citizen and part of the resistance."

Donald Trump just admitted Australia has better health care than the US

Australia has universal health care.

5 easy ways to snag free money

Don't miss out on free money. Make sure you're doing these five things to get easy access to cash and save a ton.

Fox News hit with yet another gender discrimination lawsuit

Jessica Golloher alleges she was "marginalized and subjected to discrimination based on her gender" at Fox News.

Republicans who voted for Trumpcare admit they didn't even read the bill

It's a stunning act of hypocrisy.

'League of Legends' Dark Star: Singularity: Everything you need to know about the new mode

Learn all about Dark Star Singularity — the new game mode for 'League of Legends'.

The Chainsmokers' go-to songwriter, Emily Warren, on keeping pop's gimmicks back in 2001

Warren talks the Chainsmokers' reputation, compares their legacy to Warhol's and defends Dr. Luke in a candid interview.

California high schoolers suspended for liking racist Instagram post say it's free speech

Is liking racist Instagram posts free speech?

Democrats are ensuring that Trumpcare will "haunt" House Republicans

In the wake of the AHCA's passage in the House, Democrats smell blood.

Edward Crawford, Ferguson protest hero, found dead of a self-inflicted gunshot wound

“I didn’t throw a burning can back at police,” Edward Crawford has said about his act. “I threw it out of the way of children.”

Police save teen's life after Facebook Live suicide attempt, thanks to concerned viewers

Another case of the disturbing trend of users broadcasting violence on Facebook Live.

'Overwatch' Lootbox Chances: Chinese law forces Blizzard to reveal probability

Curious what your chances are of getting the skin you want? We have the answers!

Republican Health Care Bill: Thursday's vote may shift 20 GOP districts toward Democrats

The non-partisan Cook Political Report has shifted its midterm projections in 20 districts — all toward Democrats.

Transgender woman shot in the back of a car in Detroit

Jason L. Hogan will face charges.

How Long is 'Prey'?: Here's how long it will take to beat the new Bethesda FPS

Wondering how long it'll take you to finish the 'Prey' reboot? Not terribly long, but you've got options to extend your stay on the Talos 1.

There are now 4 Clinton/ Trump TV series in the works that no one asked for

'Shattered: Inside Hillary Clinton's Doomed Campaign' is being turned into a miniseries by Sony.

'Will & Grace' revival premiere confirmed for fall release on NBC

The series will return to its former home for 12 episodes this fall.

Satanists are putting up the first public Satanic monument in the US

It's going up near a Christian monument that's also on public grounds.