'Prey' Keycard Locations: Where to find the items needed to unlock doors

You don't have to pray that the doors in 'Prey' will magically unlock. We'll show you the locations to all their keycards.

Trump administration is reportedly forcing FDA employees to watch Fox News

An FDA spokesperson seemingly denied the reports.

Chicago block tagged with graffiti reading "KKK" and "No N*ggers" on consecutive days

The hateful messages were scrawled about a block apart.

Trump has been sued more than Obama, Bush and Clinton combined since taking office

One woman sued Trump because his presidency caused her a "loss of enjoyment of life."

Ivanka Trump's 'Women Who Work' proves you can't empower women without recognizing sexism

Trump reduces her book to a collection of meaningless advice because she refuses to acknowledge institutional inequality.

Los Angeles City Council calls for Trump impeachment investigation

The city of Angeles calls on congress to investigate Trump "for the good of the country."

Donald Trump and Steve Bannon "personally intervened" to save Sebastian Gorka's job

Trump and Bannon wanted to keep Gorka in the White House — even after he was linked to a violent, anti-Semitic militia.

Puerto Rico closes 184 schools after filing for bankruptcy

The debt crisis is about to take a huge toll on the small island.

Chicago adds EPA climate change page deleted by Trump administration to city website

Mayor Rahm Emanuel says Trump is "burying [his] head in the sand" on climate change.

Venezuela protests: Death toll rises to 37 after five weeks of anti-Maduro demonstrations

"Just let us vote, and this will all end," protester Anlerisky Rosales told 'Reuters.' "There is too much suffering in Venezuela."

Texas Republicans propose letting state-funded adoption agencies discriminate

Under the proposed law, taxpayer-funded adoption agencies could refuse to let Jews, LGBTQ people and Muslims adopt children.

Mother's Day 2017 Gift Guide: Best gifts for moms who love to cook and eat

Because Mom doesn't want an apron with her name on it ever again.

South Korea Presidential Election: Key players to watch ahead of Tuesday's vote

Whoever wins will have their hands full with North Korea.

'Smite' Bob Ross: How to get the docile painter in this MOBA

Smoke your enemies with trees and paintbrushes in 'Smite' with Bob Ross.

'RuPaul's Drag Race' Episode 7 Recap: "9021-HO" proves to be a "9021-no" for 2 queens

At this point, the competition is Shea Couleé's to lose.

'MLB The Show 17' Roster: Top 25-rated players, 25 years old or younger

The best players in 'MLB The Show 17' 25 and under.

Big Sean's powerful music video for "Light" tackles senseless violence

The rapper released a statement lamenting how timely the video feels, even this week.

American University called police to protect its first black female student body president

This happened just days after bananas hanging on nooses were found across campus.

Twitter roasts rapper Logic for tragic mulatto trope on new album 'Everybody'

Logic released his new album 'Everybody' on May 5.

People are praising Angela Merkel for doing what Saudi women go to jail for all the time

What Saudi women need is visibility, and for their voices to be amplified and heard.

Trump suggests funding historically black colleges may be unconstitutional

Trump wants to make sure the program is in line with equal protection laws.

Freddie Prinze Jr. has the perfect response for when people find out he never watched 'Buffy'

He has seen two episodes — not that that's enough.

82 Chibok girls have been freed by Boko Haram after negotiations with Nigerian government

However, an unknown number of girls remain in the notorious ISIS affiliate's custody.