The founder of Muslims 4 Liberty is raising medical funds for an anti-Muslim activist

"Repel Frank Morganthaler's evil with good," William Coley wrote on the crowdfunding page.

Two men plead guilty in connection to shooting of protesters at Jamar Clark rally

Two accomplices to the 2015 shooting of five Black Lives Matter protesters have now face possible jail time.

Researchers think they've rediscovered a long-lost "world wonder" that's been missing for a century

In the mid-1800s, tourists loved coming to see this "eighth world wonder." But by the end of the 19th century, it went missing.

'God of War' PS4 E3 2017: Cover art revealed — Kratos goes full dad

The release of 'God of War''s cover art just makes us want to play it even more.

Is 'Famous in Love' renewed for season 2? Here's what we know so far.

The show hasn't been confirmed for a second season yet, but fans want it.

'Super Mario Odyssey' Song Lyrics: You can hear Pauline sing the jazzy new tune on YouTube right now

If you've been tapping your toes to that catchy 'Super Mario Odyssey' song, you're not alone.

Why the Federal Reserve raised interest rates — and how it will affect your money

U.S. central bank chief Janet Yellen just announced that the federal funds rate will rise above 1%. This is why you should care, if you have a credit card, savings account, or any debt.

Why the Grammys voting changes are kind of a big deal

Welcome to the future, Grammy Awards, don't let the people down next year.

It will be a busy two weeks before the current Supreme Court session ends. Here's what's coming.

The court will decide soon on cases concerning immigration, free speech and more.

Alexandria shooting suspect wrote anti-GOP letters to editor of his local Illinois newspaper

"Let's vote all Republicans out of Congress," alleged Virginia shooter James T. Hodgkinson wrote to the 'Belleville News-Democrat' in 2012.

The brilliant way 'Broad City' is handling the Trump era

It's a little change, but it should make a huge difference.

Reports: San Francisco shooting near UPS facility leaves several people injured

According to NBC, at least two people were being treated for injuries sustained during the incident by fire fighters and first responders.

Former Congresswoman Gabby Giffords shares powerful statement after Alexandria shooting

Gabby Giffords spoke out against Wednesday's violence.

Where chef Dominique Crenn goes to dine al fresco

Plus, she shares who she'd invite over for a dream dinner party in her vacation oasis in Basque County.

Alexandria Shooting: Paul Ryan and Nancy Pelosi strike bipartisan tone in House address

"An attack on one of us is an attack on all of us."

Tips that pay off: How to master the art of adulting

Adulting can be fun and fruitful — if you do it right

This black-owned beauty brand is selling nail polishes for women of color

"I think women of color have patiently waited on the sideline hoping the beauty industry would eventually address their specific needs."

Trump resistance group puts out call for support of Alexandria shooting victim Rep. Steve Scalise

Scalise and several congressional aides were shot by a gunman during baseball practice Wednesday morning.

Season 1 of 'The Handmaid's Tale' worked best when it expanded the book's world

As the hit Hulu series heads into season two, it will have even more opportunities to deviate from Margaret Atwood's novel.

Puerto Ricans didn't vote for statehood. They voted for inaction and disrespect.

Trump's America isn't going to admit one of its last colonies as its first Spanish-speaking state. Voters were hoodwinked.

Sony E3 2017: PS4 needs to add cross-platform support for 'Minecraft' and 'Rocket League'

Nintendo Switch and Xbox One 'Rocket League' and 'Minecraft' owners can play with each other, but PS4 players are out of luck.

Democratic members of Congress report receiving death threats after Alexandria shooting

Democratic members have received calls and emails saying they are "next" after the shooting at a Congressional Baseball Game practice.

Corinne Olympios hires lawyer after 'Bachelor in Paradise' scandal

"As a woman, this is my worst nightmare and it has now become my reality."

Watch 2011 footage of the Alexandria shooter talking at an Occupy Wall Street event

"The 99% are getting pushed around," alleged shooter James Hodgkinson told a St. Louis news station.

Democratic and Republican baseball teams to have dinner in sign of unity after shooting

Managers of the congressional baseball teams called for a more civil tone in an increasingly partisan Washington.

UN claims US-led coalition air strikes in Raqqa, Syria, killed 300 civilians in March

U.N. investigators arrived at their assessment through interviews with survivors and witnesses in the region.

Travel for Cheap: A beginner’s guide to maximizing travel points and miles for your next vacation

Follow these tips for a five-star trip on an Airbnb budget.

Administrators withhold student's diploma after he refuses to read school-written speech

The senior class president said he simply had "more to say."

Report: Special counsel Robert Mueller investigating whether Donald Trump obstructed justice

Numerous high-level officials have agreed to be interviewed, according to the 'Washington Post'.

London Grenfell Tower fire: Muslims preparing for Ramadan fast reportedly saved lives from fire

"Thank God for Ramadan," one witness told reporters.

ESPN 'Celtics-Lakers' 30 for 30 doc equates extraordinary black men with less impressive white men

We've been led to believe that the 1980s were the decade of Magic Johnson and Larry Bird in the NBA. But only one of them deserves that honor.

Layoffs hit HuffPost newsroom, 39 staffers lose jobs

39 employees were affected, including a Pulitzer Prize winning military correspondent.

James T. Hodgkinson: Alleged Virginia shooter accused of domestic violence in 2006

Hodgkinson was accused of pulling his daughter to the ground, punching her friend in the face and firing a shot behind the friend's boyfriend in 2006.

Woman sues Delta for $10 million after drunk man allegedly gropes and masturbates at her in flight

Rhonda Costigan says a drunken passenger repeatedly groped her and masturbated openly on a Delta flight, while the crew did nothing about it.

This alleged iPhone 8 design leak will get you amped before the release

This iPhone could be the best one yet.

Danica Roem is the first out trans woman to win Virginia's General Assembly primaries

Roem has no doubt she can beat Republican opponent Bob Marshall, who has a troubling record on LGBTQ rights.

Jeff Sessions kept saying he "couldn't recall" things. Here's the possible legal reason why.

Sessions' "safe answers" in his Senate testimony could guard him against potential perjury accusations in the future.

'Spider-Man' PS4 Gameplay: Peter Parker can't actually kill his enemies in Insomniac's new game

You can fight, but you can't kill in the 'Spider-Man' PS4 game.

U.S. Marshals arrest two in connection with May brawl outside Turkish ambassador's residence

Two have been arrested in connection with a May brawl outside the Turkish ambassador's office in Washington, D.C.

The 3 best 'Game of Thrones' Reddit theories that could become reality in season 7

These Reddit theories definitely could come true.

The story behind MNDR and Scissor Sisters' "SWERLK," the unofficial LGTBQ song of summer

"If we say 'you betta SWERLK' then we really mean it."

You can thank Anita Sarkeesian for being able to play Emily in ‘Dishonored 2’

If you liked playing as Emily in 'Dishonored 2,' send a thank-you letter to Anita Sarkeesian.

These Muslim kids are only in elementary school — and in the classroom, they're called terrorists

"I sometimes ignore [the bullying]. If I cry about it, they'll do [it] more."

Shooting at congressional baseball practice lays bare national divide on gun control

The early morning attack pitted calls for unity against a visceral battle over gun rights and control.

Sen. Kamala Harris cut off for the second time by male colleagues during intelligence hearing

It's the second time in two weeks that John McCain and Richard Burr have interrupted California's junior senator.

Xbox One X specs and features: 5 ways the new technology can improve sports video games

Sports gamers have a lot to look forward to with the Xbox One X.

Head of Michigan health department charged with involuntary manslaughter over Flint water crisis

The charges are related to an outbreak of Legionnaires' disease linked to the city's lead-contaminated water crisis.

'Hot Mic' podcast: Sessions' testimony, Uber's harassment policies, Megyn Kelly's divisive interview

Here are the important stories to get you caught up for Wednesday.

'America's Got Talent' 2017: Watch 16- year-old Christian Guardino's Golden Buzzer moment

Watch Christian Guardino wow the judges and earn the Golden Buzzer.

'Call of Duty WW2' Livestream: Start time, countdown and what to expect from the E3 panel

Learn more about the single and multiplayer modes in 'Call of Duty WWII' in this afternoon's livestream.

UVA frat named in retracted 'Rolling Stone' alleged sexual assault story reaches $1.65M settlement

Phi Kappa Psi had sued the magazine for $25 million, claiming its retracted story damaged members' reputations.

'The Handmaid's Tale' Season 2: Everything we know so far about the new episodes

The second season of 'The Handmaid's Tale' is set to premiere in 2018.

Steve Scalise: GOP whip shot in Alexandria, Virginia, received aid from fellow Rep. Mo Brooks

Brooks recounted assisting Scalise and another victim during and after in the shooting at the Alexandria, Virginia, baseball practice.

Shooting reported at Congressional Baseball Game practice

House Majority Whip Steve Scalise is among those shot, according to reports.

Meet Tracy K. Smith, the new US poet laureate

The 45-year-old Pulitzer Prize-winning poet was just appointed to the role.

Nearly 200 congressional Democrats sue Donald Trump over the emoluments clause

The lawmakers want Trump to get congressional approval before accepting any foreign payments.

Virginia Primaries: Ralph Northam fends off progressive Tom Perriello with double-digit lead

Perriello conceded the race on Tuesday night, tweeting "Let's go win this thing — united."

Uber board member who made sexist joke at board meeting resigns

"I understand the destructive effect it had, and I take responsibility for that," David Bonderman said in a statement.

'Ink Master' Season 9, Episode 2: A former cast member returns and another team is sent home

A face from 'Ink Master' season four resurfaced in the battle for Master Shop.

White House says Trump won't fire special counsel, but his own staff are nervous he will

Staff tried to stop Trump from turning a "bad situation into a catastrophe" by firing Mueller, the 'New York Times' reported.

Need to robot-proof your job skills? 5 moves to make sure automation doesn't hurt your career.

How to protect your job — and career — against the threat of robots and artificial intelligence.

Quit your job the right way: 5 secrets to leaving on a good note and boosting your career

How do you leave a job on a good note? Follow these five tips to avoid burning bridges and ensure you quit in a smart and classy way.