Sofia Coppola doesn't know what the Bechdel test is

Someone get Sofia Coppola a ticket to see 'Fun Home' on tour!

'Pokémon Go' Fire and Ice Event End Date and Time: Sneasel and other Pokémon to catch before it ends

Where to catch Sneasel, Cyndaquil and more before the 'Pokémon Go' fire and ice event melts away.

'Pokémon Go' Fest Chicago 2017: Tickets go live as new details about the 2017 festival are revealed

'Pokémon Go' Fest tickets for Chicago might already be sold out, but we've got the inside scoop on what's going down at Grant Park on July 22.

Everything we know about Jon Snow's parentage on 'Game of Thrones'

Fans are talking about this popular theory again.

Canada just took a major step by extending protections for transgender people

Canada took a big step forward for transgender rights.

Bernie Sanders is quietly building one of the most powerful progressive media outfits in America

The former presidential candidate looks to online media companies to inspire how he can best communicate his message.

'Final Fantasy 14 Stormblood' Dark Knight: What to expect for the job class in the new expansion

Fill your blood gauge up with the new Dark Knight abilities in 'Stormblood.'

David Daleiden and his defense attorneys could land in prison over latest anti-abortion footage

David Daleiden, the man behind the Planned Parenthood sting videos, is back at it — and so are his lawyers.

Meet the 16 'Big Brother' 2017 contestants that will be competing for $500,000

These are the 16 people competing for the grand prize of $500,000.

Carrie Fisher Autopsy Toxicology Results: Actress had cocaine, heroin and ecstasy in system

Her toxicology screening tested positive for several different drugs.

'WWE 2K18' Release Date, Cover Superstar: Seth Rollins was the safe choice

Seth Rollins is a solid cover guy for 'WWE 2K18,' but there are three Superstars who could have made a bigger statement.

'Pokémon Go' Update: New AR features come to life in amazing fan-made concept art

A fan of 'Pokémon Go' used Apple's new ARKit software to make some mockups for an Interact feature for the game, and it looks great. Check it out for yourself.

What is 4-D printing? The new frontier of 3-D printing could revolutionize space exploration

The fourth dimension is time — and that could change everything.

I fought Bowser in ‘Arms’ on Nintendo Switch at E3 2017 — and won

Trading punches with Nintendo's very own (Doug) Bowser

'The Secret World' ARG: Lovecraftian MMO gets an alternate-reality game crafted by 'Black Watchmen'

Can you find The Revenant hidden in the pages of the diary?

'Final Fantasy 14' Stormblood Housing Area and Cost: Price to buy a house in the new district

Real estate is expensive no matter where you go, and that's true in the 'Final Fantasy 14' Stormblood expansion.

Like Tupac Shakur himself, 'All Eyez on Me' is way better at confronting racism than misogyny

It's a pattern that is starting to define biopics about famous rappers.

Charleena Lyles was the second pregnant black woman killed by police this spring

Black mothers have always been the most outspoken voices against police violence. But in these cases, they were its casualties.

Otto Warmbier: A timeline of the American student's capture and release in North Korea

The 22-year-old student spent more than a year in a North Korean prison for allegedly attempting to steal a poster.

'Call of Duty: WW2': Black Nazis in multiplayer point to a larger issue in shooting games

Black female Nazis in 'Call of Duty: WW2'? Let's break down both sides of the debate.

This 'Game of Thrones' season 7 character promises to be even more terrifying than Ramsay Bolton

This man returned home seeking power and vengeance — a most frightening combination.

London Mosque Attack: Suspect identified as Darren Osborne

The suspect has been identified as 47-year-old Darren Osborne.

Georgia Special Election Polls: Race remains tight, but Dem. Jon Ossoff is looking good

Democrat Jon Ossoff's lead has narrowed, but Republican Karen Handel hasn't led a poll since May.

19 children are killed or injured by guns every day in the United States

The study shows 21% of gun injuries involving children are accidental.

Otto Warmbier, US citizen arrested by North Korea, dies after severe injuries

In a statement, Warmbier's family said his injuries were terminal and "no other outcome was possible" after his detention in North Korea.

Sean Spicer is interviewing for his own replacement, report says

Sean Spicer may no longer be seen behind the White House briefing room podium.

A conservative magazine called the Philando Castile case a "miscarriage of justice"

The NRA and other gun rights advocates remain silent.

When will automation take over the trucking industry? Scientists now have an estimate

They can still keep their jobs if they play their cards right.

Supreme Court rules Bush admin. officials can't be sued, dissent warns of threat to civil liberty

Justice Stephen Breyer says in dissent that liberty is at risk when citizens can't hold officials accountable.

The GOP left a giant database containing personal information of almost every voter unprotected

The DNC email hack is looking pretty mild in comparison.

Nabra Hassanen's death wraps up an especially violent Ramadan for Muslim teenage girls

Recently, teenage Muslim girls have been the target of several anti-Muslim attacks.

'Matal v. Tam': Supreme Court decision lifts ban on registering disparaging trademarks

Here's what that means for the Washington Redskins and a self-described "Chinatown Dance Rock" band called the Slants.

Kim Kardashian West speaks out on blackface allegations: "We saw the problem, and we adapted"

In a new interview with the 'New York Times,' Kim Kardashian West revealed what really happened.

6 members of Trump's HIV/AIDS advisory board resign

One former member says Trump "simply does not care" about the HIV epidemic.

The Bikesphere, a high-tech laser safety ring, could be the future of biking

It can make the road a safer place for cyclers, pedestrians and drivers.

London Mosque Attack: Suspect arrested on suspicion of terror offenses, officials say

The suspect is reportedly a 47-year-old man.

Everything we know about Beyoncé and Jay Z's twins — so far

Beyoncé and Jay Z have welcomed their twins to the world.

After London mosque attack, Donald Trump tweeted a plug for his lawyer's appearance on Fox News

Trump tweeted — then deleted — about his lawyer appearing on 'Fox & Friends.'

'Dragon Ball Fighter Z' Switch Release Date: Fan demand could bring Nintendo release, says producer

The Nintendo Switch is more than capable of running the 'DBZ' game.

Health care reform: A make-or-break week for the Republican health care bill

Even some Republicans are raising doubts about the secretive process.

Michelle Visage talks 'RuPaul's Drag Race,' the mainstreaming of drag, LGTBQ infighting and allyship

"'Drag Race' will always be a queer show. That's what it is. That's what it started as. That's what it always will be."

GOP chair says Scalise shooting will lead to Republican victory in Georgia's 6th District

"I’ll tell you what: I think the shooting is going to win this election for us," local GOP chair Brad Carver said, referring to Karen Handel.

'Hot Mic' podcast: Bill Cosby trial, Portugal wildfire and Trump’s approval rating

Here are the important stories to get you caught up for Monday.

Grenfell Tower fire update: 79 now feared dead or missing in London blaze, police say

Police said that the number is subject to climb even higher as the investigation progresses.

Finsbury Park Mosque: Latest update on London van incident police are treating as a terrorist attack

A 48-year-old man whose identity has not yet been released has been arrested on suspicion of attempted murder.

How much money should you spend on commuting? Here are average American transportation costs.

What's the normal cost of a commute in the U.S.? Here's what Americans spend — and how much you should be budgeting.

When cheap means dangerous: 5 things you should never do to save money

Saving money is good, but can go too far. Here's five things not to do just to save some extra cash.

'Daily Mail', other media outlets criticized for victim-blaming Muslims for Finsbury Park attack

The mosque won a prestigious national award for its efforts in combatting religious extremism.

Megyn Kelly gets tough on Alex Jones in interview

The upcoming interview had stirred controversy all week.

Dolce & Gabbana found a new enemy in Miley Cyrus after she slammed their politics on Instagram

Cyrus' brother just walked in their show. Now D&G is promising to never hire him again.

'Monster Hunter XX' Switch Release Date: Here's what we know so far

'Monster Hunter XX' for Nintendo Switch might be coming after all!

Career mistakes to avoid: Never use these 10 red flag phrases on a resume or cover letter

The best resume or cover letter you can write will never include these surprising career-killing words.

The architect behind the 9/11 memorial will create a memorial for victims of Charleston massacre

Michael Arad will design a memorial to the nine victims of the 2015 attack.

GOP Rep. Chris Collins responds to the Alexandria shooting with a vow to carry a gun everywhere

Rep. Chris Collins thinks the solution to Wednesday's shooting is more guns.

'Final Fantasy 14: Stormblood' Shisui of the Violet Tides Unlock: How to find the secret dungeon

Find out how to unlock an optional dungeon in 'Stormblood.'

'Pokémon Go Fest' Tickets: How to buy tickets for Niantic's upcoming live event in Chicago

Tickets go live for the 'Pokémon Go' Fest in Chicago, IL today. If you need more information about where to buy them, we've got it for you right here.

Israel's complicated relationship with other nations is what makes its food so good

Foods like hummus and sabich can't be pinned down to one place — they draw influences from the Middle East and North Africa.

Silicon Valley tech leaders head to the White House — again — for a Trump-friendly photo op

Why are the country's most powerful CEOs still cozying up to Trump? Here are some ideas.

'Detroit: Become Human' release date set for 2018, director reveals

'Detroit: Become Human' made a big splash at E3 2017, but the game didn't get a release date.

Right-wing activists repeatedly rush the stage at Public Theater's final 'Julius Caesar' performance

"Liberal hate kills," one of the protesters shouted.

Champs-Elysees attacker dead after driving into a police vehicle in Paris

Neither the identity of the driver or his possible motivation for driving into the police vehicle were immediately known.

Mahershala Ali covers 'GQ' and Twitter is, to put it lightly, extremely overwhelmed

Please, take a few minutes to gaze upon the beauty that is Mahershala Ali.

Charleena Lyles was shot dead by Seattle police — after calling 911 for help

Police said the officers who responded to Lyles' call for help were told that she was a "hazard" before they arrived.

Jay Z confirms what the internet already knew: '4:44' is his next album and it's coming very soon

The follow-up to 2013's 'Magna Carta Holy Grail' is out this month.

'Pokémon Go' Gyms Closing: Massive update with raid battles and other changes announced

Here's the scoop on everything from new gym features to raid battles to the new items you'll be able to get by participating in them.

Finsbury Park: 1 dead, at least 8 injured after van hits pedestrians near mosque, police say

The Counter Terrorism Command is investigating.