Conservatives have discovered the word "antifa" and are attaching it to everything

What is “antifa-parenting,” exactly?

Stark report on opioid epidemic shows what's at stake in Trump's budget cuts

Trump's budget calls for a 95% cut to drug control agencies at the same time opioid ER visits have risen over 99%.

'Ink Master' Season 9, Episode 3: Frontrunner sent home in surprise elimination

The judges are not holding back from tough critiques.

Georgia Special Election Results: 3 key takeaways from the GOP's big night in Georgia's 6th

It was a disappointing night for supporters of Jon Ossoff, but doesn't necessarily spell doom for Democrats.

Democrats and progressives on Jon Ossoff's defeat: We "left it all on the field"

Democratic party groups committed millions of dollars and dozens of staff members to winning the race.

7 tricks to getting richer — not poorer — during summer vacation season

Feeling financial guilt about your summer vacation? Here are secrets to earning or saving hundreds of dollars seamlessly — while still enjoying your leisure time.

5 easy home upgrades that will make your house sell faster — and get you a higher sale price

Small improvements can make a big impact on potential buyers.

'Hot Mic' podcast: Georgia special election, Chelsea Manning caused no harm, EPA committee shakeup

The important stories to get you caught up for Wednesday.

Travis Kalanick steps down as CEO of Uber

The move comes after months of controversy for the company.

Prince Philip admitted to London hospital, Buckingham Palace says

Philip is reportedly "in good spirits."

Donald Trump takes victory lap after Republican Karen Handel wins Georgia special election

Donald Trump spiked the football after Republicans held on to Georgia's 6th District Tuesday night.

Tropical Storm Cindy heads for the Gulf Coast

17 million people are under tropical storm warning.

After the GA 6 special election here is one hard truth for Democrats and the faintest silver lining

Democrats have some lessons to learn before the 2018 midterm elections.

How much marijuana do you need to relax? Science may finally have figured it out.

When it comes to unwinding with weed, less is more — and more is too much.

'Surpassing Certainty': Janet Mock talks race, transgender rights and her new memoir

The writer's newest book speaks to her journey of learning to love herself.

Meet Pasha Zalutski, Russia's first — and only — out gay comedian

Courageous and quick-witted, 35-year-old Zalutski has Russian's in stitches.

Colton Haynes joins 'American Horror Story' season 7 cast in a mysterious role

Colton Haynes joins Billy Eichner, Sarah Paulson and more for season seven of 'American Horror Story.'

Family of Otto Warmbier declines autopsy

Otto Warmbier died Monday, shortly after being released from North Korea.

'Final Fantasy 14: Stormblood' Artifact Gear: What to know about level 70 gear

What does the Artifact Gear in 'Final Fantasy 14: Stormblood' entail? We've got the deets.

This high-end fashion brand is getting called out for co-opting the Black Lives Matter message

"Every Color Matters," one of their sweaters read.

'Final Fantasy 14' Stormblood Players Guide: Useful tips for beginners and pros alike

Everything you need to know about the 'Final Fantasy 14' Stormblood expansion, all in one place.

A Berniecrat union ironworker challenging Paul Ryan raised $100K in the first day of his campaign

The blue-collar candidate goes by the handle @IronStache on Twitter.

I'm a disabled person, and Siri changed my life. Then I lost the ability to speak.

It's impossible to say "Hey, Siri" if you can't say anything at all.

'Destiny 2,' 'Anthem' and the annoying trend of the never-ending video game

'Destiny 2' is finally throwing casual players a bone. Other games need to do this, too. Looking at you, 'Anthem.'

Georgia inmates to get reduced sentences after saving life of collapsed sheriff's deputy

The story is helping people change their views on prisoners.

'Pokémon Go' iOS Update: What time will new gyms and raids come to iPhone and iPad?

Where is the 'Pokémon Go' update on iOS?

These gorgeous Reddit photos look like they're straight out of a Wes Anderson film — but they're not

The "Accidental Wes Anderson" forum features pictures inspired by the filmmaker's unique style.

This drone tour from Elon Musk's SpaceX shows the future of rocket science

Take a look at these Falcon rockets, just months before the launch of SpaceX's most powerful one yet.

Police shooting videos don't mean justice for black people

Once again, dashcam video shows the cruel quickness of police violence.

Lara Trump: The road to the White House "hasn't been easy" on our family — or the president

It's been "crazy," she says — and she hopes it stays that way through a second Trump term.

Kim Kardashian, Kanye West reportedly paying a surrogate $45,000 to carry their third child

The couple is reportedly paying a surrogate $45,000.

Jon Ossoff's loss is a blow. But for Georgia liberals, being so close is a hard-won victory.

When I was a kid, I dodged anti-abortion protesters on my way to school. Seeing a pro-choice Democrat come so close to winning shows how much has changed in Georgia's 6th Congressional District.

Trevor Noah says he's been stopped by police "8 to 10" times in his 6 years in the US

Trevor Noah told the 'Daily Show' audience about his experience with police in the wake of the Philando Castile verdict.

Apple iPhone 8 Release: Everything we know about the new phone's design, specs, size, price and more

All the details about Apple's commemorative device.

Alexandria Shooting: Shooter acted alone, no terrorism involved, FBI says

The FBI shared the most recent updates in their investigation of the June 14 shooting.

'Stranger Things' season 2 will follow up on Barb's death

It may not be exactly what fans have been hoping for though.

'Last of Us 2,' 'Uncharted 5' Release Dates: Launch progress discussed in Naughty Dog interview

Here's what Naughty Dog's Shaun Escayg had to say about 'The Last of Us: Part 2' and 'Uncharted 5.'

How to complete the “Love Is in the Air” quest in 'Sims Freeplay': Guide, tips and tricks

Having trouble getting wedding bells to ring in 'Sims Freeplay'? We've got you covered with a breakdown of how to complete the game's "Love Is in the Air" quest.

A sharp memory doesn't make you smart. Our brains are actively trying to forget things.

Turns out, our brains are better off forgetting some things.

Police officer critically injured in incident at Michigan airport

Bishop International Airport in Flint was evacuated Wednesday morning.

16 of the best historical documentaries to watch on Netflix in 2017

From the first exodus of Africa to the Vietnam War, and everything in between.

Jon Ossoff’s loss has some Democrats asking: Is it time for Nancy Pelosi to go?

Nancy Pelosi has been effective boogeyman for the GOP for nearly a decade, and some Democrats are questioning whether she should step aside.

Which states will Tropical Storm Cindy hit? Projected path and what to expect

Tropical Storm Cindy is hurtling towards the Gulf Coast. Here's everything you need to know.

Birth control apps are helping women circumvent the conservative war on reproductive rights

Women can now download an app to help take autonomy over their own bodies.

Disney is being sued for the second time in three months over alleged idea theft

An on-air parenting expert claims the concept of 'Inside Out' was originally her idea.

'Super Mario Odyssey' Gameplay: Nintendo says worlds have 30-50 Moons in them

Sounds like there will be a lot of Moon hunting in 'Super Mario Odyssey.'

Is the Han Solo 'Star Wars' film in trouble after Phil Lord and Chris Miller's exit?

'Rogue One's history may provide fans some relief.

Grenfell Tower Fire: Theresa May apologizes for government response in Parliament speech

The prime minister apologized for the government's poor response to the deadly blaze.

Women in Canada have no legal recourse against pickup artists filming them

While women could bring a civil suit against someone who films them without permission, it's unlikely they'd win.

Nintendo x LeSportsac: New bag collaboration is doom for video game fans' wallets everywhere

LeSportsac has joined Vans and Uniqlo as the latest sartorial venture for Nintendo.

Brussels train station bomber had Islamic State ties, prosecutors say

The attacker also had "chemicals and materials" to make explosives, they said.

'Game of Thrones' season 7 spoilers: Not even Jon Snow is safe this year

'Game of Thrones' actor reveals that Jon Snow is in "mortal danger."

18 Easter eggs from every major Pixar movie

Keep an eye out for all of these Pixar Easter eggs.

Young Thug can't decide if he wants to be a pop star on 'Beautiful Thugger Girls'

For the first time in years, Young Thug seems somewhat unsure of who he is artistically.