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'GTA Online' Gunrunning Update: Confirmed release date and new trailer for 'GTA 5' DLC

The Gunrunning update for 'GTA Online' finally has a release date — and a brand-new trailer to go along with it.

'Stranger Things' season 2 cast tease the post-Upside Down Will — and it doesn't sound good

Will may be finished with the Upside Down, but it appears the Upside Down is not finished with him.

Meet Jelanii Kabita, a transgender man who dances to be free

"I always had this conviction to do what I wanted to do, and be who I wanted to be."

Kamala Harris’ questioning in the Comey hearing was an opportunity to break out and she slayed

Senator Kamala Harris is becoming a Democratic phenom.

Racist reaction to black D.Va cosplayer shows the struggles of being a nerd of color

It can be tough to be a black cosplayer.

How to make a Snapchat group chat and snap all your buddies at once

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Crowds pack Brooklyn drink spot to watch spectacle of James Comey's hearing

"It’s better than any soap opera you could ever imagine."

Comey testified about breaking a date with his wife to dine with Trump

It was a rare moment of levity in Comey's testimony.

California middle school recalls yearbook after the word "n*gger" is discovered on cover

The school has been scrambling to recall about 1,000 yearbooks that have already been distributed.

'Call of Duty WW2' Multiplayer: Divisions shake up character customization

You won't create your own class in the same way anymore in 'Call of Duty WWII.'

Security guard charged for making threats to Miami-Dade mosque. He said he wanted to kill Muslims.

There have been 43 reported anti-mosque attacks in the U.S. since the start of 2017.

Judge jailed assault victim in cell near alleged assailant to ensure her testimony in court

A Canadian justice has ordered an investigation into the court's treatment of the alleged victim, an indigenous woman who was homeless at the time of her attack.

Comey Testimony: Right hooks fly as conservatives watch Senate Intel proceedings

Responses from the right ranged from mockery of Comey to claims of vindication for Trump.

Columbia professor Daniel Richman confirms he was the source of leaked Comey memos

Comey’s longtime friend confirmed the information in an email to 'Mic.'

We know 'Westworld' season 2 is going to start filming thanks to this Instagram photo

'Westworld' is getting ready to start filming.

'Cyberpunk 2077' Leaks: Hackers steal internal files from CD Projekt Red, ask for ransom

CD Projekt Red is preempting any leaks by telling you about them beforehand.

These are the 7 horror movies hitting theaters this summer

Clowns, sharks and creepy dolls — this summer has everything.

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'Tekken 7' Cheat Engine documentation is sparse right now, but we've got an alternative that will help you get what you need.

How one cosmetics brand is paving the way for Latinx representation in the beauty industry

Introducing Vive Cosmetics, by Latinas for Latinas.

Here's where James Comey's "lordy" ranks on a list of viral Trump-related vocabulary words unleashes its search data.

Science confirms: Plus-size representation helps improve women's psychological health

When viewing images of plus-size models, women tended to not compare themselves as much.

'ESO: Morrowind' Battlegrounds PvP: What changes does this new mode bring to 'Elder Scrolls Online?'

'ESO: Morrowind' brings new modes and changes to PvP in 'The Elder Scrolls Online.'

'Mass Effect: Andromeda' Romance Options Update: Jaal's bi as of Patch 1.08 and fans love it

Jaal is bi now, and fans are dancing in the homophobic tears.

What the Fuzz? Unpacking the folksy rhetoric of the Comey testimony

Heavens to Betsy! That was one down-home gabfest.

British Election Results: Exit polls show hung parliament in UK

In a possible upset, early exit polls showed Tories performing far worse than expected.

St. Louis workers remove portion of 103-year-old Confederate statue

The final resting place of the Forest Park monument is still undetermined, as no museum or park has agreed to accept it as of yet.

It's surprisingly easy to change your gender on a U.S. passport

This is good news for anyone who needs new or updated identification.

Trump may have already obstructed justice enough to be impeached

Though traditional criminal charges against the president might be difficult to prove, Congress operates under different standards.

Pokémon Go Fest Chicago Event Dates: Unown spotted in invitation may point to rare gen 2 appearances

There's another reason to hit up the big 'Pokémon Go' event in Chicago this July.

iPhone 8 release date may be pushed back as delay rumors resurface

The jury is out for when Apple will unveil the iPhone 8.

Black people on Twitter are struggling to remember when the FBI was "honest"

The FBI has been a dogged enemy of black civil rights organizations and others.

Trump attorney says James Comey lied under oath during Senate testimony

Marc Kasowitz cast doubt on aspects of the former FBI director's sworn testimony.

Bodies recovered off Myanmar's coast after military plane goes missing with more than 120 aboard

The aircraft disappeared with 122 people on board.

Philadelphia's new pride flag honors LGBTQ people of color

Two new stripes — black and brown — are now part of the pride flag in Philadelphia.

Bill Cosby allegedly told police he gave Andrea Constand pills before "consensual sexual encounter"

Cosby had admitted to giving Andrea Constand one-and-a-half Benadryl pills to help with stress and insomnia in 2005.

'Injustice 2' Red Hood DLC release date: How to get the classic DC villain

The first 'Injustice 2' DLC character is coming to the game very soon.

Here’s what Congress was doing while you were watching Comey testify

The House began debate on killing Wall Street reform, and the Senate made moves to fast-track the AHCA.

'Elder Scrolls: Starfield' E3 2017 leak: This newest 'Skyrim' rumor about Bethesda is sketch

If you've heard that the next 'Elder Scrolls' is called 'Starfield' and is set in space, we've got bad news for you.

Is Trump tweeting during the Comey hearing? No, but everyone else is.

Everyone is tweeting about Comey — with one notable exception.

'Pokémon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon' Switch release date: 3 reasons we won't see HD 'Pokémon' in 2017

Here's why you won't get Pokémon on Switch anytime soon

Kalief Browder's death reminds us of the link between depression and incarceration

The 22-year-old died by suicide two years ago Tuesday.

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Niantic is kicking off its 'Pokémon Go' one-year anniversary celebrations with the Solstice Event. Here's what you need to know.

'Mass Effect: Andromeda' Patch 1.08 Release Date and Time: Here's when you can grab the new update

The countdown to 'Mass Effect: Andromeda' patch 1.08 (and Jaal smooches) begins now.

The future of a more inclusive fashion industry is being cultivated not in NYC — but in Georgia

The Savannah College of Art and Design's senior class shows that fashion has a bright future.

Can an app cure a lifelong fear of flying? One anxious traveler put it to the test.

One travel writer takes her first unmedicated flight in years.

James Comey Testimony: What to know before the former FBI director testifies

All eyes are on the Senate hearing.

The Babadook is 2017's biggest LGBTQ icon. Here's why.

Babadook, condragulations. Shantay, you stay.

101 Canonical Tweets: The best, most influential tweets in Twitter history

Each tweet reveals the crucial truth of how we think and speak in the age of 140 characters. Study them. Recite them. Accept them as your gospel.

A GIF guide to 28 of the most bizarre, brutal and badass ways to die in 'Game of Thrones'

Here's how they died, who killed them and what we learned from their deaths.

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How can you play a better Xiaoyu in 'Tekken 7'? Follow these tips to master her combos!

Trump says he "feels completely and totally vindicated" by Comey testimony — through his lawyer

The FBI director's full testimony will air on Thursday morning.

'Tekken 7' Yoshimitsu Combos: Learn the best Rage Arts and moves of the cyborg ninja

Learn the combos, rage arts and special moves of Yoshimitsu, the original cyborg ninja, in 'Tekken 7.'

Paul Ryan says Trump's attempt to flip James Comey was "obviously" inappropriate

But Ryan stopped far short of suggesting Trump shouldn't be allowed to pick a new FBI director.

This one simple brain hack could make you richer, research shows

Want to save more money? Willpower is overrated — use your imagination to make better money choices.

How to write the perfect cover letter, according to experts

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Make money on YouTube: How to get richer by creating and sharing videos on the internet

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Ignacio Echeverría, 'skateboard hero' of London attack, mourned by family, skateboarding community

Echeverría's family and skateboarding community around the world mourn his heroic sacrifice during the London attack.

Comey Testimony Live Blog: Comey asserts he "was fired because of the Russia investigation"

Former FBI Director James Comey is set to testify on his interactions with President Donald Trump prior to his firing.

Ariana Grande Paris Show: Singer's tour resumes with heightened security and Manchester tribute

The singer made her official return after weeks of comforting fans.

E3 2017 Sports Games: 'NBA 2K18' and 3 other things we won't see at the conference

What not to expect from E3 2017 in the way of sports video games.

'Call of Duty WW2' E3 2017: Multiplayer gameplay and everything else we expect to see announced

Expect to see a whole lot of 'Call of Duty WW2' multiplayer at E3 2017.

How to get to Morrowind in ‘ESO’: Where to find the island of Vvardenfell

It's easiest to get to Vvardenfell by starting a new character in the latest 'Elder Scrolls Online' expansion, but it's not too hard to get there with your existing character, either.