Kirsten Gillibrand on Donald Trump: "Has he kept his promises? F*ck no."

New York's junior senator dropped the f-bomb twice in a speech at this year's Personal Democracy Forum.

What Melania Trump wore her 20th week as first lady — the one and only time she appeared

It was a quiet week for Melania Trump, yet again.

Pro-Trump group barred from marching in NC pride parade claims discrimination

Deplorable Pride claims they're the victims now.

‘Axiom Verge’ Switch: Physical “Multiverse Edition” available for Nintendo pre-order soon

Here's what you'll get when you buy the physical version of 'Axiom Verge' for the Nintendo Switch, but as per usual it's going to cost you a little more.

iPhone 8 Leak: New case concept shows a promising potential design for Apple's next handset

What will the iPhone 8 look like? Rumors, specs, designs and concepts are circulating.

New Democratic political director: "Definitely a need to rebrand and restore faith" in the DNC

"There's nothing greater that I could and would do at this moment," Amanda Brown Lierman, a former Sanders supporter, said of joining the DNC.

'Overwatch' Dafran Banned: Highest-ranked player in North America was banned for trolling on Twitch

The highest ranking player in 'Overwatch' was banned

Oceanhorn Switch Release Date: Nintendo port based on PC version hits eShop next month

PC-by-way-of-mobile game 'Oceanhorn: Monster of the Uncharted Seas' is coming to the Nintendo Switch eShop this month. Here's everything you need to know.

'Dragon Ball Fighters' Announced: New 'DBZ' fighting game from Arc System Works of 'Guilty Gear'

Arc System Works announces it'll put its 'Guilty Gear' expertise into 'Dragon Ball Fighters,' a new 2.5D fighter.

'Pokémon Go' Multiplayer: Gym changes could be coming soon, according to this Italian translation

It appears that 'Pokémon Go' gyms will go offline later this month, potentially paving the way for new multiplayer features.

Riley Keough and Christopher Abbott share secrets from the set of 'It Comes at Night'

We sat down for a playful conversation with two of the stars from A24's new psychological-horror flick.

'Pokémon Go' Festivals 2017: Fans speculate about where future events might take place

With the July 'Pokémon Go' anniversary event officially announced, players are getting excited at the prospect of other future events.

Uber CEO Travis Kalanick allegedly gave employees rules for having sex with each other on retreat

The memo offers employees rules for how to have sex with each other at a company retreat.

Woman allegedly raped while pregnant in Sheriff David Clarke's jail awarded $6.7 million by jury

The alleged victim was pregnant when three of the five assaults occurred.

Scientists invented a synthetic tongue that can taste whiskey better than any human

The robots may soon take one of the best jobs of them all: whiskey tasting.

This swimwear brand is refusing to erase the stretch marks on its models

"I thought, I wonder if people are going to notice and compare it to other sites where models look completely flawless?" the founder said.

Why John Palladino's 'Orange is the New Black' character Josh is the one to watch in season 5

Josh might be the closest thing the women of Litchfield have to an ally in season five.

'Overwatch' Anniversary: Watch the voice cast attempt their character's dance emotes

Zenyatta's requires some creative teammwork.

Next 'Skyrim' VR: 4chan leak suggests virtual reality version is coming at E3 2017

'Skyrim VR' will be more immersive than ever when horses randomly spawn on rooftops.

Madrid is taking a cue from NYC transit and asking commuters to mind their manspreading

Madrid's transit authority is launching an initiative asking men to stop the spread.

PR conference hosts panel on how women can break through “macho culture” — without a single woman

A group of men discuss how women can best be acknowledged.

CNN drops show host Reza Aslan after "piece of shit" Trump tweet

Aslan apologized last week for using a profanity to refer to Trump.

'This Is Us' Season 2 Premiere Date: Here's why the show moved back to Tuesdays this fall

Blame football for 'This Is Us' returning to Tuesdays for season two.

An estimated 20 million people watched James Comey's testimony

Millions more tuned in online to hear Comey call President Trump a "liar."

How did Jack die on 'This Is Us'? Milo Ventimiglia has a favorite, though wrong, theory

Hint: It involves Rebecca's new husband.

Wholesome 'Overwatch' Memes: This subreddit will make you happy — we promise

Just look at how cute the Wholesome 'Overwatch' is

Trump expected to announce changes to Cuba policy during Miami trip

Trump will reportedly announce new limits on travel and commerce with Cuba over human rights abuses by the Castro regime.

'Vampire Diaries' star Candice King may be moving to 'The Originals'

A Klaus and Caroline reunion may finally be happening!

Bill Cosby sexual assault trial: 3 key takeaways from day 5

Prosecution just wrapped up the first week of the Cosby trial. Here's what you should know going into next week.

Nintendo Switch Bubsy: Will the new game come to the console?

Could the new 'Bubsy' game land on the Nintendo Switch eventually? Here's what to consider.

6 of the biggest reveals from the 'Pretty Little Liars' ATX TV Festival panel

No, the identity of A.D. was not revealed.

'Arms' Nintendo Switch game review roundup: A lot of personality, but lacking in content

What do the critics have to say about 'Arms'? Find out in our review roundup!

Need cheap-but-amazing vacation inspiration? These are the 10 top free attractions in the US.

The best vacation activities in the country — that won't cost you a dime.

'Snowfall' Premiere: John Singleton’s drama is 'The Wire' meets Los Angeles — with some '80s flair

'Snowfall' looks like another home run for FX, despite some familiar territory.

Does 'ESO Morrowind' include all DLC?: How to get previous 'Elder Scrolls Online' content

Which version of 'Morrowind' should you buy?

Donald Trump says he's "100%" willing to testify under oath about James Comey meetings

Trump accused Comey of lying under oath, and said he'd soon reveal whether he has tapes of his conversations with Comey.

Los Angeles Pride 2017: Your complete guide to events, festivals, the parade and more

Find out the one major change to this year's celebration.

Yemen is in the middle of a massive cholera outbreak

The number of cholera cases in Yemen has passed 100,000.

Decoding Katy Perry's lyrics: Fans speculate 'Witness' tracks are about John Mayer

A breakdown of the lyrics fans believe are about Perry's famous ex.

House Intelligence Committee sets deadline for Trump to produce taped Comey conversations

House leaders told Trump to put up or shut up.

Bald men warned to stay safe following ritualistic attacks in Mozambique

The killings likely occurred due to the superstition that bald men are rich.

Overclock record breaker: 7.5 GHz reached on new Intel Core i7-7740X Kaby Lake-X processor

Intel's upcoming i7-7740X is already breaking records using a Gigabyte motherboard.

Snapchat Keeps Crashing: How to fix and troubleshoot the app when it's not working

Here are four steps to stop your app from crashing.

Comey wasn't being victim-blamed, but there's a reason so many people thought he was

A feminist rhetoric scholar said sexualized language is baked into American politics.

These are the books your favorite celebrities are reading this summer

What are your favorite celebs reading? We've got the scoop.

Kylie Jenner clothing line accused of copying from indie designer — and it's not the first time

This comes just days after her sister Khloé Kardashian was accused of the same thing.

'Mass Effect: Andromeda' Update: Every new Jaal and Scott Ryder romance scene

It's OK, don't be embarrassed. We've got all the new romance scenes between Ryder and Jaal right here.

'House of Cards' Season 5: Is LeAnn Harvey's fate really sealed?

Will we see more of LeAnn Harvey in season six of 'House of Cards'?

How Vanita Gupta became the DOJ's unsung hero at the height of the Black Lives Matter movement

Vanita Gupta spent years overseeing the federal probes into police shooting cases. Now, as head of the Leadership Conference of Civil and Human Rights, she's a leader in the Trump resistance.

Solange celebrates New Orleans Confederate statue takedown: "Where ya ass is at Robert?"

"All white supremacy monuments must go. Issa fire sale."

Marvel will premiere the first 'Black Panther' teaser trailer during the NBA Finals

A 'Black Panther' trailer is right around the corner.

'Tekken 7' Update 1.02: Patch notes for the newest version of the fighting game

The online 'Tekken 7' experience should be a bit smoother now.

'NBA 2K17' Roster: How to replace every player in the league with a created character

How to create a custom league with fictional players in 'NBA 2K17.'

The fallout from James Comey's testimony entangles Donald Trump

Trump and his team are not backing down.

UK Election Results: Conservatives lose majority in huge blow to Prime Minister Theresa May

May loses her majority and will face a hung Parliament, casting coming Brexit talks in a shadow of uncertainty.

The 'New York Daily News' cover for Friday is nothing if not subtle

During Comey's hours of public testimony before the Senate Intelligence Committee on Thursday, Trump's contradicting statements took center stage.

3 key takeaways from day 4 of the Bill Cosby sexual assault trial

Day 4 presents perhaps the most damning evidence to date.

In pro-Trump media, villain Comey vindicated Trump

Many of those stories followed official RNC talking points that had been distributed to lawmakers before the hearing even began.

Katy Perry's 'Witness' is here: Download and streaming options for the new album

Here's where to download Katy Perry's highly anticipated 'Witness' album.

Phoenix's 'Ti Amo' is here: Download and streaming options for the new album

The French rock band's latest album has arrived.

Allergy relief for cheap: 10 ways to save money on medicine and treatment if you have allergies

How can you save money on allergy medications? Follow these 10 tips to spend less on drugs, doctors, tests and treatments.

Donald Trump accuses James Comey of making "false statements and lies"

Trump also declared "total and complete vindication."

The 11 best airport bars in America

Here's some motivation to get to the airport early.

When will 'Orange is the New Black' season 6 premiere on Netflix? Here's what we know.

The show is popular as ever, but is it coming back?

How to get free or low-cost health care, regardless of your insurance coverage

You don't have to go broke because you need medicine or to go to the doctor for medical care.

In bizarre moment, Trump throws binders full of paper on the floor during infrastructure speech

Trump was seeking to demonstrate overburdensome regulations.

UK election sees record number of female MPs in House of Commons

Voters elected at least 207 female MPs in Thursday's election — the first time the number has broken 200.

French Parliamentary Elections: Here's what the upcoming vote means for Macron and France

The June 11 and 18 elections will determine how effectively Macron will be able to lead.

'Super Meat Boy Forever' Nintendo Switch Release Date: Developer hints at a possible launch

'Super Meat Boy Forever' might be coming to Switch. Probably.

'Super Mario Odyssey' Gameplay Demo: Canada gets early access to the Nintendo Switch title

Here's how you could potentially play 'Super Mario Odyssey' early if you live in Canada!

Prosecutors: Alleged leaker Reality Winner wanted to "burn the White House down"

Winner pleaded not guilty to charges of leaking classified information to a news outlet.

Amanda Bynes resurfaces with first interview in 4 years, teases upcoming fashion line

"I've learned how to sew; I make patterns. And I want to start a clothing line in the future."

Damon Lindelof, Mimi Leder and Tom Perrotta reflect on 'The Leftovers' and its ambiguous finale

"What mattered to us, as storytellers, was that Kevin believed [Nora] and he does."

Chelsea Manning says she had a "responsibility to the public" to leak documents

Manning felt compelled to share the documents based on what she saw in Iraq.

Katy Perry is livestreaming her 'Witness' release weekend ... why, though?

The pop star will be livestreaming her entire weekend in a 'Big Brother' house, for some reason.

Cut to Black: The best (and worst) post-'Sopranos' TV series finales

Taking a look at three of the most satisfying and three of the most disappointing series finales of the past 10 years.