Blake Lively as the next James Bond-like spy is exactly what we need

Blake Lively will play Stephanie Patrick in a film adaptation of 'The Rhythm Section.'

Emmys 2017: ‘The Leftovers’ got snubbed again, and it’s blasphemy

'Game of Thrones' left a huge vacuum in the drama race, and somehow one of the best dramas of the past decade was snubbed — again.

Corinne Olympios’ return for ‘Bachelor in Paradise’ reunion is a total ratings grab

Is 'The Bachelor' franchise even about finding love anymore?

PSA: Your phone can do almost everything a fitness tracker does — so save your $100

The Fitbit app is more useful than the Fitbit itself.

‘Crash Bandicoot’ Nintendo Switch: Will ‘N. Sane Trilogy’ ever get a release date on the console?

Is 'Crash' coming to Nintendo Switch? It's not looking good so far.

‘Game of Thrones’ fans: Never forget Arya Stark played ‘Super Mario’ on NES with a bunch of teens

A girl plays NES — watch Arya Stark struggle to boot up the classic Nintendo console.

Senate health care bill already on the brink of collapse

Republicans are one vote away from seeing their revised health care bill go down in flames.

Senate health care bill: How your premium, deductible and out-of-pocket costs change under the BCRA

The Senate GOP BCRA health care bill — or Better Care Reconciliation Act — in its newest form could increase premiums and other health costs, experts warn.

Scientists just stored an entire film clip in DNA

They added a GIF to E. coli genome.

Amelia Earhart took the NYT to task for calling her by her husband’s name — and it worked

The flyer made sure she'd always be remember as Ms. Earhart.

4 key ways the revised GOP health plan is different than the original

It includes a version of the controversial "Cruz Amendment" allowing insurers to sell cheap, minimal-coverage plans.

Does Jimmy Fallon’s Emmys shutout signal a turning point in late-night TV?

The 'Tonight Show' host's nonpolitical stance has been the subject of criticism.

‘Destiny 2’ Beta Predownload: Here’s when you can expect to get your digital hands on the game

The 'Destiny 2' beta is almost here, and you can predownload it right now.

More than 20,000 Muslims gathered in Canada for three days to denounce terrorism

Yet again, Muslims are condemning terrorism.

If you use Verizon, change your pin. Right. Now.

Six million customers had their information vulnerable.

‘Metal Gear’ 30th Anniversary: Why we love Hideo Kojima’s military-themed games three decades later

Thirty years ago today, a rookie FOXHOUND agent infiltrated Outer Heaven.

Best doctors near me: 9 smart steps to find and keep a good doctor in your insurance network

Find a doctor nearby who is in-network and provides great, affordable healthcare.

‘Pokémon Go’ Fest Tickets: Chicago Sprint stores are raffling off passes for the Grant Park event

Missed out on buying a pass to the inaugural 'Pokémon Go' Fest in Grant Park? If you're local to the Chicagoland area, you might have another chance at getting one.

‘Injustice 2’ Nintendo Switch Release Date: Will we ever see the DC fighting game on the Switch?

Despite some suspect tweets, don't expect it anytime soon.

Trump greets French first lady, immediately offers comments on her figure

“You know, you’re in such great shape ... beautiful,” Trump told Brigitte Trogneux.

Revised GOP health plan slammed by Democrats, faces uncertainty from Republicans

The revised Better Care Reconciliation Act faces an uncertain path forward.

Roku IPO: What we know about the streaming device company’s rumored stock offering

Roku — which makes the popular Roku Stick for streaming internet video on your television — plans to go public at a $1-billion valuation, according to the 'Wall Street Journal.'

Senate Republicans exempt themselves from one of the most limiting parts of new health care bill

Republican's don't want to subject themselves to the bill they want to force on the rest of the country.

Trump says there is no need for a full border wall, but maintains it should be “transparent”

Donald Trump's “big, beautiful wall” just got a lot smaller.

Xbox Live Update: New system software brings custom gamerpics, co-streaming and other features

The latest Xbox One update brings more customization and new features to Xbox Live.

Why you need to leave work right now: Long hours are linked to irregular heartbeats

Here's yet another reason to get the hell out of the office.

Kentucky secretary of state on voter data request: “Might as well let Putin just get a zip drive”

Alison Lundergan Grimes has a few things to say about the White House's election integrity panel.

Republicans propose amendment to ban Department of Defense from funding transition surgery

The amendment would bar funds from being used for surgeries or therapy deemed medically necessary.

GOP operative who said he looked for Clinton emails on Flynn’s behalf reportedly died by suicide

Peter W. Smith, a political operative who reportedly sought out Russian hackers on Flynn's behalf, killed himself, according to the 'Chicago Tribune.'

‘Final Fantasy 12: The Zodiac Age’ Best Jobs: Which classes are most powerful in the remaster?

What job should you choose in 'Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age?' Here are some suggestions!

Working Families Party endorses Randy “Iron Stache” Bryce in House race against Paul Ryan

The union ironworker has been a longtime member of the Working Families Party.

What exactly do you get when you spend $12 on a pint of ice cream?

High-end ingredients, an intricate churning process and other factors may SOMETIMES justify the high cost of a fancy pint.

‘Overwatch’ Fan Art: D.Va, Tracer and 13 other characters reimagined in 1950s retro style

Tell me more, tell me more — like was Bastion a real car?

18-year-old man charged with intentionally hitting transgender woman with his car

The police say the suspect allegedly used his vehicle "as a weapon."

Man who fatally stabbed Richard Collins indicted on murder charge by grand jury

The FBI is still investigating whether or not Sean Urbanski should face hate crime charges.

Netflix’s ‘To the Bone’ isn’t the eating disorder film it wants to be. I would know.

Marti Noxon's feature-length directorial debut strives to tell a truthful story about anorexia. Accuracy's admirable, but being responsible is more important.

Which show will win the best drama Emmy for 2017 while ‘Game of Thrones’ sits out?

Will it be 'The Handmaid's Tale,' 'This Is Us' or something else entirely taking home gold?

‘PES 2018’ Cover Athlete: Luis Suarez will be the face of ‘Pro Evolution Soccer’ in Europe

Luis Suarez will be the face of 'Pro Evolution Soccer 2018' in Europe.

Donald Trump changes story, says his son’s Russia meeting was “mentioned at some point”

"Maybe it was mentioned at some point," Trump told reporters of his son's meeting with a Kremlin-connected lawyer.

‘Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age’ Review: A fantastic version of a fascinating game

This is the definitive version of 'Final Fantasy XII.'

“Pray there is no hell”: Critics are savaging Trump’s voter fraud panel via email

The 112 pages of emails to the panel sure won't be mistaken for valentines.

US refugee admissions surpass Trump’s 50,000-person cap

The total number of refugees admitted to the United States hit 50,086.

Kesha’s new single “Woman” is a feminist battle cry that defies her pop past

This is the music Kesha feels she was always born to make, and it suits her well.

Senate GOP releases revised health care plan that removes the tax cuts but still slashes Medicaid

The new bill makes small tweaks to the old bill, which didn't have enough Republican support to pass.

Watch a massive cold spot grow and travel across the sun’s surface

Having a bad skin day? So is the sun.

Emmy Nominations 2017: An updated list of nominees for the 69th awards show

We've had an excellent year of TV — but what shows and actors are getting Emmys love?

‘Zelda: Breath of the Wild’ Blupee Locations: How to find the glowing blue money rabbits

Find out where to shoot the glowing rabbits, either with your camera or your bow.

Zachary Quinto is on a mission to save the world’s 3,890 remaining tigers from extinction

The 'Star Trek' actor wants tigers to live long and prosper.

‘Overwatch’ Doomfist Sprays: Nods to ‘Overwatch’ lore, Muhammad Ali, ‘Street Fighter’ and more

Doomfist has a reference to the infamous "Punch Kid" spray, and it's hilarious.

After being turned down twice, Afghan girls robotics team finally granted entry to compete in US

The team of six girls was finally granted entry to the U.S.

‘Overwatch’ PTR Patch Notes July 12: Doomfist skins, balance changes and more in latest update

All of Doomfist's skins have been added, but that's not all. Zarya, McCree and Reaper got some nice buffs, too.

The simple trick for making ice cream taste even better

Adding this common pantry item to ice cream will elevate its flavor.

Donald Trump Jr.’s Russia scandal is sabotaging the White House’s agenda

"It's sucking the oxygen out of the room, everybody knows that," Sen. John McCain told CNN.

Top resume templates: These 3 beautiful resumes will give you the best shot at getting a job in 2017

Need resume help? Whether this is your first resume or you're a seasoned professional, here's how to present yourself in the best light.

Here’s what you need to know about the Women’s March #NRA2DOJ

In response to an alarmist NRA ad, the Women's March is launching two days of rallies, marching and vigils in Washington, D.C.

FBI taking fresh look at Russian officials’ 2015 conversations about Trump associates

With all the new information that's come to light concerning Donald Trump, Jr. and his emails, investigators are looking at their intel differently.

Kellyanne Conway held up signs on Sean Hannity’s show and Photoshop hilarity ensued

Never hold up a white sheet of paper on television.

The new Republican health care bill looks very similar to the old one

A key Republican senator: "The bill has not changed." So, how will it pass?

Why millennials are fleeing Mississippi — and flocking in droves to these US states

Mississippi's millennial population declined 3.9% between 2010 and 2016.

‘Game of Thrones’: Arya Stark should be the next queen to sit on the Iron Throne

It's time for Arya to dethrone Cersei.

NASA just released Juno’s brand new images of Jupiter’s red spot — and they’re jaw-dropping

The Great Red Spot space storm is just a small swirl on Jupiter, yet it's still 1.3 times the width of planet Earth.

‘Friends From College’ is a waste of the cast’s talent — and the audience’s time

What about this project possibly appealed to such charming, popular actors?