Exclusive: Trump administration pulled top climate expert from Mark Zuckerberg’s national park visit

Sources say the decision has raised suspicion that the scientist's appearance was canceled to divert attention away from climate change.

‘Pokémon Go’ Raids Softban: Niantic might be shadow-banning cheaters from the new battles

Players have reported a new type of shadowban appearing in 'Pokémon Go' that only affects raid Pokémon. But do legitimate players have anything to fear?

Ethics watchdog group will release Mar-a-Lago visitors log

The watchdog group CREW will obtain the logs as part of their lawsuit against the administration.

How to make GIFs in Facebook’s new GIF maker

The feature is only available to select users.

The 3 best wedding ideas — to save money but still show your guests the time of their lives

Getting married? Here's how to save money on your wedding and resist the pressure to overspend — but still ensure your guests have tons of fun.

Where Los Angeles locals go for the best tacos — and what they order

These insider tips will help you order the best tacos every single time.

This tiny microscope implanted in the brain could restore sight to the blind

It will also be able to watch individual brain cells literally light up with new information.

‘Game of Thrones’ Theories: Lady Stoneheart gets her revenge — through Arya Stark

Between the Battle of the Bastards and Arya's deadly toast, the Starks have avenged the Red Wedding.

Dragon Ball FighterZ’ Trunks: Gameplay trailer reveals new roster addition

Everyone's favorite blade boy looks pretty sweet in 'Dragon Ball FighterZ.'

6 moments from the ‘Game of Thrones’ season 7 premiere that prove the women have the power

The 'Game of Thrones' women are not going to let men get in their way this season.

Brooklyn’s Curlfest celebrates natural hair during 4th annual beauty festival

“The great thing about the movement now is that barrier is being broken down; there’s no good hair and there’s no bad hair."

‘Pokémon Go’ Update: PvP battles may be close, as giant trainer avatars appear in other players’ gam

Giant trainers have appeared in 'Pokémon Go.' But is this due to a botched attempt to implement trainer battles? Find out what's (probably) really going on.

George Romero, godfather of zombie cinema, was also a pioneer for racial horror films like ‘Get Out’

Here's one overlooked aspect of the revered filmmaker's legacy.

Despite public’s pleas, FEC won’t move to block foreign meddling in elections, commissioner says

Americans ranging from veterans to political refugees begged the FEC to act.

Eric Garner’s daughter to police violence victims: “In 3 years they won’t give AF”

The DOJ still hasn't released information on its investigation about the Eric Garner case.

Planned Parenthood is challenging Iowa’s abortion waiting period law — here’s why that matters

Planned Parenthood of the Heartlands says a 72-hour waiting period constitutes an undue burden on women seeking abortion.

‘Overwatch’ Meta: The current meta isn’t relevant and you should stop caring about it so much

If you're trashing another player's hero pick in 'Overwatch' because it's "off meta," you need to stop it right now.

Chris Christie says getting opposition research from a foreign government is probably illegal

“I think, quite frankly, it’s probably against the law in addition to being inappropriate."

Research finds artificial sweeteners are linked to weight gain over time

Sweeteners that are intended to help manage weight may actually be associated with weight gain, the research found.

These women converted to Islam and are not here for anti-Muslim bigotry

Mic talked to several women who recently converted to Islam.

Texas police officer who killed 15-year-old Jordan Edwards indicted on murder charge

Roy Oliver fatally shot 15-year-old Jordan Edwards as he drove away from a party in April.

Democratic senator calls for removal of Education Dept. civil rights head for sexual assault comment

The acting assistant secretary for civil rights said 90% of sexual assault cases can be attributed to alcohol.

Canada has its own ‘alt right’ problem, and isn’t hesitating to act fast

America has to figure out what it's going to do with its new, fratty far right.

‘Glow’ star Betty Gilpin breaks down Hollywood’s over-sexualization of women

The "Liberty Belle" actress has some thoughts on sexist casting.

3 secrets to keeping your brain sharp after age 20, according to science

Certain types of intelligence and cognitive function actually peak well before you turn 30! Here are some research-approved method to keep your brain sharp as you age.

‘Bachelorette’ star Dean opens up about father’s Sikh religion ahead of hometown dates

Rachel Lindsay and 'Bachelorette' fans are about to meet Paramroop Singh Khalsa.

‘Game of Thrones’ video games: Here’s why there aren’t any good ones

Looking for a good 'Game of Thrones' video game to play after the Season 7 premiere? Here's why you shouldn't bother.

‘PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds’ Customization: The arena game is about to give you a ton of freedom

Big character customization changes are coming to 'PlayerUnknown Battlegrounds.' Here's what you need to know.

Tony Ray Cosplay: We talked Power Rangers and other nerd stuff over ‘Mario Kart 8 Deluxe’

Check out our video game stream with cosplayer Tony Ray, who was featured Monday in PBS's 'First Person' series.

The true meaning behind Ed Sheeran’s “new” song on ‘Game of Thrones’

The tune that the pop star sang during Sunday's premiere actually appears in George R.R. Martin's books, but in a much different context.

Sports Video Games: 5 older titles that still hold up today — from ‘MVP Baseball’ to ‘College Hoops’

After a year, sports video games don't often get a lot of replay. However, these five titles deserve another look.

‘Game of Thrones’: What will Euron Greyjoy’s “gift” to Cersei be?

Whatever it is, expect some resolution to Cersei's "gift" in episode three.

Trump’s “Made in America” week is getting roasted for exactly the reason you would think

The White House should have seen this coming from a mile away.

‘BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle’ Trailer: Release date for wild anime crossover fighter coming in 2018

There is just way too much anime on screen in 'BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle'.

‘Pokémon Go’ Fest Challenge: Will poor weather ruin the Chicago event?

All the Ultra Balls in the world won't save you from the rain. There's a chance of thunderstorms during the Chicago 'Pokémon Go' fest — here's what you should know to prepare for the challenge.

Your phone is disgusting. It’s covered in poop. Here’s the easiest way to keep it clean.

Bad news for people reading this on the toilet.

Meet Sara Geurts, the 26-year-old woman with a rare skin condition who’s killing the modeling game

Sara Geurts is just 26 years old, and is making a difference for many.

‘Dream Daddy’ Steam Delay: ‘Game Grumps’-produced dating simulator gets new release date

Maybe now you'll have time to call your actual dad.

Australian woman fatally shot by Minneapolis police officer

The woman had reportedly called 911 to report an assault late Saturday night.

Senate health care bill: The five forces killing Trumpcare

The bill faces stiff opposition on all fronts.

What to do if you lose your ID: How to get a new driver’s license, Social Security card and more

How to replace a missing birth certificate, driver's license, state ID, passport or Social Security card — and what to do if you lose them all!

‘Game of Thrones’ season 7, episode 2 preview: A breakdown of everything HBO teased for next week

The episode two teaser hints at some major plot points. Here’s everything to expect.

‘Kingdom Hearts 3’ Drive Forms: New abilities revealed in D23 expo trailer

Only chumps use the keyblade as a sword.

Women engineers get real about the worst sexism they’ve experienced at work

It ranges from the subtle to the extreme.

Belgium’s burqa ban is in the spirit of integration — here’s why it could backfire

”The reasoning behind the court’s decision has nothing to do with integration.”

‘Big Brother 19’ Blackface Controversy: Paul Abrahamian plans to dress to mock Dominique Cooper

The resulting firestorm has fans debating the intent of Paul’s costume and whether racist motive matters.

The Nude Project is trying to create a more diverse nude palette — and it needs your help

With just a selfie, you could be helping the fashion industry become more inclusive.

Nintendo Switch GameStop Stock: ‘Splatoon 2’ release will bring new supply — and not just in bundles

If you still don't have a Switch, GameStop is coming to your rescue.

Google company Verily built a robot that will unleash 20 million sterile mosquitoes on California

To fight the world's mosquito problem, we're gonna have to make even more bugs first.

Perseid Meteor Shower: What to know about the annual celestial event

The month-long celestial event kicks off Monday night and runs through Aug. 24.

How a Latina Cinderella could help shape ‘Once Upon a Time’ in season 7

A Latina Cinderella could give 'Once Upon a Time' the opportunity to introduce multicultural versions of fairy tales.

Apple’s new emojis were just announced

At last, a Tyrannosaurus Rex.

Geese Howard ‘Tekken 7’ DLC: Baddie from ‘Fatal Fury’ announced for Bandai Namco’s fighting game

'Tekken 7' is adding yet another popular fighting game villain to its roster.

The truth about artificial sweeteners might make you sick

Scientists looked through more than 11,700 studies on artificial sweeteners. Here's what they found.

Amazon might take over another aspect of your life — messaging

It will reportedly place emphasis on group chatting.

‘Dissidia Final Fantasy NT’ Closed Beta Release Date: Sign-ups open with new gameplay trailer reveal

The 'Dissidia Final Fantasy NT' release don't won't arrive until 2018, but there's a closed beta to keep you sated until then.

The Ed Sheeran scene on ‘Game of Thrones’ was great and we’re as shocked as you

The "Shape of You" singer's cameo wasn't nearly as cringe-worthy as we feared it'd be.