Report: Jeff Sessions talked about matters related to the Trump campaign with Russian ambassador

Intercepted conversations suggest Sessions may have spoken about campaign-related issues, despite denying that was the case.

3 things to know about Anthony Scaramucci, the new White House communications director

Scaramucci is a former hedge fund manager who was named Yahoo Finance's 2016 "Wall Streeter of the Year."

The 5 best — well, least objectionable — women’s wrestling video games of all time

Thanks to 'Glow,' the women's wrestling renaissance has come to TV. But in gaming, the sport still get the short end of the barbed-wire-wrapped steel chair.

Solar Eclipse 2017: The six words that will make you sound smarter than all your friends on Aug. 21

What is an umbra? How does the Saros cycle work? The total solar eclipse, explained.

Six months after the Women’s March on Washington, the Resistance Revival has a message for Trump

"Well I/ Went down to the White House and I/ Took back what they stole from me," the Resistance Revival Chorus sang in a Times Square flash mob last weekend.

Kellyanne Conway’s Fox interview shows exactly how the White House plan to go after Robert Mueller

In her Friday Fox interview, Conway laid out the administration's defense against Mueller's investigation.

‘Injustice 2’ Black Manta DLC Release Date: Who will be the next fighter to come after Starfire?

It seems like an enemy of Aquaman is up next in the 'Injustice 2' DLC rotation.

Do you have little freckles in your eyes? This might be why.

Remember to protect your eyes.

Mentally ill prisoners in Louisiana were made to bark like dogs for food, new lawsuit claims

Investigators came. Everyone was told not to speak to them.

‘Super Smash Bros.’ Switch Roster: Cappy from ‘Super Mario Odyssey’ is going to change everything

If Cappy hits 'Super Smash Bros.' Switch, things are going to get weird.

Jeff Sessions just made it easier for police to take your money — and buy luxury cars with it

In another reversal of Obama Administration policy, the attorney general is bringing back civil asset forfeiture, which can be used against legal marijuana businesses (and everyone else).

How to save money on college: 3 clever ways Gen Z is managing high tuition and other costs

Monstrous student debt? No way. Teens are disrupting the old way of thinking about education.

‘Game of Thrones’ Season 7, Episode 2 Trailer: New alliances may form in “Stormborn”

Jon Snow and Daenerys Targaryen may have an unexpected intermediary.

How big is the ‘Destiny 2’ open beta? Here’ s what the free PS4 and Xbox One demo has to offer.

Just how big is this free chunk of 'Destiny 2'? Here's what the open beta has to offer.

Sarah Huckabee Sanders named White House press secretary after Sean Spicer’s resignation

The shakeup in the White House press shop comes just six months and a day since Donald Trump was sworn in.

According to Anthony Scaramucci’s Twitter, he believes in climate change and voted for Barack Obama

He also supports same-sex marriage. And abortion rights.

Obamacare repeal bill dealt yet another possibly fatal blow by Senate parliamentarian

Republicans will need to find 60 votes in support of their Obamacare repeal bill, or else strip it of abortion restrictions and a provision that defunds Planned Parenthood.

Sick of being on call nights and weekends? How to say no to your boss and stop working 24/7.

How to fight back if your boss makes you stay late, constantly check email, answer phone calls on weekends or perform other tasks that are destroying your work-life balance.

‘Kingdom Hearts 3’ Story Rumors: Sephiroth, the classic villain, might just make an appearance

Is Sephiroth coming back to 'Kingdom Hearts 3?' Here's what the game director had to say.

Don’t cry for Sean Spicer. He knew what he was doing when he took a job working for Donald Trump.

At the end of the day, the former press secretary took a job telling lies in support of a terrible president. Next, he'll probably take a more lucrative one and continue to defend him.

Why I hate amiibo: They’re a waste of time and money — and I don’t have room for them in my house

Here's why even the thought of collecting amiibo makes me so mad.

What will happen to US health care? The 3 likeliest scenarios — and how they’d affect you.

Your health insurance premiums, deductibles and out-of-pocket costs could change under new health care rules. What to know about potential shifts in the law and the prices you'll pay.

What does Sean Spicer’s resignation mean for the rest of Trump’s inner circle?

Many are already wondering if Spicer's departure could portend more shakeups to come.

‘Kingdom Hearts 3’ ‘Frozen’ World: Will Elsa make it into the new Square Enix game?

Could we really see a 'Frozen' world in 'Kingdom Hearts 3'? Here's what we know so far.

‘Game of Thrones’: We talked to historians and a military expert about who will win the Iron Throne

Does Dany have a chance? Historians, tacticians and scholars weigh in on the ultimate outcome of 'Game of Thrones.'

What Melania Trump wore her 26th week as first lady — when she only re-emerged twice to watch golf

It was pretty quiet on the Melania Trump front this week.

How the messy New York City subways are hurting vulnerable New Yorkers the most

The New York subway system is a mess — and here's who's suffering the most.

Is Sean Spicer the shortest-serving White House press secretary in history?

Spicer served just six months as press secretary — there are some cabinet members in White House history who have served mere days.

Any hotel can call itself “green” — we investigated exactly what that means

Here's what responsible travelers need to know about how hotels stay eco-friendly.

While You Weren’t Looking: 5 stories from the week not birthed out of Trump’s wild Oval Office chat

The White House will be forced to release logs from Mar-a-Lago, and Democrats finally have an agenda.

Reports: Sean Spicer resigns from post as White House press secretary

Spicer is out, the 'New York Times' reported.

Tyler, the Creator is still a “walking paradox” on the rumor-baiting ‘Flower Boy’

Is he queer? Maybe. Does he know how to use the speculation to further his art? Definitely.

‘Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite’ Roster: SDCC trailer shows off Spider-Man and 3 more new characters

Hoping for some more new characters in the upcoming 'Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite' roster? You're in luck.

Russian foreign minister hints Trump may have had more undisclosed meetings with Putin

Russia's top diplomat said there may have been more encounters and joked that perhaps the two presidents "went to the toilet together.”

The Russia investigation may have reached a “pivot point”

Trump removing Mueller would be a whole new ballgame.

Breakfast, lunch and dinner: The three best meals to eat in Portland, Maine

Start with a maple buttercream cupcake, move on to duck fat fries and end with a brown butter lobster roll.

Scooby-Doo’s real name isn’t Scoobert Doobert

It's time to call Scooby by his real name.

‘Wet Hot American Summer: Ten Years Later’ proves sometimes it’s OK to skip the reunion

If you're looking to trim down your Netflix consumption, start by avoiding this pointless sequel series.

Russian official says they are still working with Trump administration on cybersecurity group

Trump previously proposed, then backed away from, a plan to partner with the foreign adversary on cybersecurity.

German president signs legislation legalizing same-sex marriage

According to the German president's office, the bill will come into effect on Oct. 1 at the earliest.

‘Destiny 2’ Beta Armor Sets: How to get all of them in the demo

What kind of armor is there to get in the 'Destiny 2' beta? Here's what you can nab now.

Trump asked his advisers about his ability to pardon his family and himself

Trump is reportedly looking for ways to block Mueller's investigation and is concerned that Mueller will look at his tax returns.

Prominent alt-right troll responds to ADL’s hate designation with Auschwitz video

The provocateur used the famous Nazi death camp to warn the Jewish civil rights group about hate.

Bernie Sanders makes first move against a bill with bipartisan support that could increase fracking

"Our job is to move away from fossil fuels toward sustainable energy and energy efficiency. This bill does the opposite."

Betsy DeVos calls protests against her a “badge of honor”

Hundreds gathered to protest her speech before a notorious conservative group.

Trump’s legal team spokesman resigns after just two months on the job

Mark Corallo is out after just two months as spokesman.

‘Destiny 2’ Open Beta Start Time: Find out when the download releases for everyone

In mere hours, you'll be able to experience a slice of 'Destiny 2' for free.

Want better service at restaurants? Stop doing these 5 things

You'll never impress restaurant waitstaff with your blatant flirting and name-dropping.

The US desperately needs computer science majors, so keep coding

There are more than 500,000 computing jobs open in the US right now.

‘RBI Baseball 17’ Nintendo Switch Release Date: The console gets a mediocre baseball game soon

'RBI Baseball 17' is coming to the Nintendo Switch. How does that make you feel?

Philando Castile’s mother supports Justine Damond’s family at march in Minneapolis

"We're just here to support the family," she said. "That's all."

Lawyer says white woman killed in Minnesota is “most innocent” police shooting victim he’s ever seen

Observers were quick to point out that several black children have been killed by police.

The 2017 solar eclipse will help scientists figure out just how much energy we get from the sun

Reflections are tricky things — as we'll learn when August's total solar eclipse hits.

11 things you need to know before going on your first safari

From investing in light-colored clothes to planning an off-season trip, these insider tips will help you plan your best safari ever.

‘Splatoon 2’ Splatfest Start Date: Nintendo details first official teams — Ketchup vs. Mayonnaise

Nintendo is trying to tear the world apart with these ridiculous Splatfest combinations. First up: Team Ketchup vs. Team Mayo.

Note to Ryan Murphy: ‘American Horror Story’ reveals don’t need to be a scavenger hunt

The title and premiere date of the seventh season of 'American Horror Story' were revealed Thursday.

‘Pokémon Go’ First Legendary: Will Mewtwo make a surprise appearance at the Chicago fest?

A legendary Pokémon debuts tomorrow July 22 at the 'Pokémon Go' Fest in Chicago, but will it be Mewtwo?

This 21-year-old artist is celebrating the beauty of stretch marks by painting them

"All bodies have stains, hairs, freckles, stretch marks, curves, lines, wounds, wrinkles... and all are equally valid."

‘Splatoon 2’ Nintendo Eshop Down: Error Code 2811-7503 strikes as fans overload servers

Here's an inkling of how Nintendo can solve their eShop troubles.

Plus-size model Kelvin Davis on what it’s really like to shop as a plus-size man

"I don’t really know why companies are not making larger sizes.”