PewDiePie, YouTube’s biggest star, is leaning into his new, far-right following

The far-right needs to find a way to appeal to the next generation. Have they found a new ambassador?

7 unconscious mistakes that make you waste money on food

Save money by becoming more self aware; stop sabotaging your food budget, and get back on track.

Yes, Donald Trump can fire Robert Mueller. Here’s how he can do it.

It's a complicated process, and it could get messy, but he can do it.

‘The Sims 4’ Xbox One release date leaks on the Xbox Live store

Something went wrong on the Xbox Live store, but it produced some good new for anyone hoping for a 'Sims 4' Xbox One release date.

Hundreds of disability rights activists vow indefinite sit-in if GOP proceeds to ACA repeal

This isn't the first time ADAPT has protested the GOP's mission to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act.

With the #DiaARMy, Dia&Co is trying to encourage plus-size women to celebrate their upper arms

The hashtag is already working, with women posting pictures of themselves looking fab in sleeveless shirts and dresses.

MTV VMA Nominations 2017: A complete list of nominees for the 34th annual Video Music Awards

The 2017 MTV VMAs are going for woke with a new best fight the system category.

Xbox Games with Gold August 2017: ‘Slime Rancher’ and ‘Trials Fusion’ headline free games list

'Bayonetta' is also part of the monthly free games offering from Xbox Live Gold.

‘NBA Playgrounds’ New Players: “Hot Update” 1.3.0 out now for PS4 — but what about Nintendo Switch

Update 1.3.0 is for 'NBA Playgrounds' is here, adding new players and more. Check out the full patch notes now.

Employees are getting microchips put in their hands at this US company

They cost $300 a piece, but this U.S. company is about to foot the bill for any employee who signs up.

Senate Republicans advance Obamacare repeal effort to debate

Senate Republicans may have cleared their first hurdle, but many more remain.

Jenny Slate’s raw, honest exploration of female sexuality is the most riveting part of ‘Landline’

Gillian Robespierre and Elisabeth Holm's new film lets its women characters express their sexual desires on their own terms.

House passes new sanctions against Russia by an enormous margin

The bill also places limits on Trump’s power to ease or end penalties against Russia.

‘Pyre’ Nintendo Switch Release Date: Will it be ported to the portable console?

Is a 'Pyre' release date coming to the Nintendo Switch? Here's what we know so far.

‘Overwatch’ Characters Fan Art: These minimalist animations of the game’s heroes are adorable

These fan-made 'Overwatch' character animations are like little Play-Doh balls come to life.

‘Destiny 2’ PC Beta Release Date: Everything non-console players need to know

When can you play 'Destiny 2' on PC? Here's an idea of when the beta will start.

Paul Manafort is meeting with Senate investigators. Here’s what we know about his Russia ties.

Paul Manafort has Russia links dating back more than 10 years.

The Women’s March launches ‘Resistance Revival’ in effort to keep anti-Trump momentum going

“Sometimes you have to preach to the choir if you want them to keep on singing.”

Buying a foreclosure? 5 things to know that will save you money on a new home

Real estate-owned properties — those in foreclosure — can sell for 20% below market value. But proceed with caution, as many require extensive repairs that add to their total cost.

This baker is freeing the world from the tyranny of choice, one pink cupcake at a time

Provincetown’s ScottCakes ignores all the rules when it comes to serving the typical American consumer.

ThinkGeek NES Classic Stock: Retro console returns from the dead ahead of SNES Mini release

Nintendo's NES Classic gets one last hurrah

‘Overwatch’ Update: Roadhog buff on the way to PTR soon, according to director Jeff Kaplan

Thanks to an incoming 'Overwatch' update, Roadhog's about to get a lot scarier — maybe a little too scary.

Motions to proceed and vote-a-ramas: Here’s how the health care process will play out

There are a lot of moving parts, and even if everything goes right for the GOP, a final vote won't happen until Wednesday.

‘Uncharted: The Lost Legacy’ feels like ‘Indiana Jones’ — but with badass heroines

We got an early hands-on look at 'Uncharted: The Lost Legacy.' Here's what we thought.

‘The Defenders’ doesn’t have patience for Iron Fist’s privilege either — and that’s great

The show acknowledges Iron Fist's shortcomings, and that stops him from ruining this series, too.

If millennial pink gets to be a thing, then surely we can have Rihanna red

The petition to make "Rihanna red" a thing starts now.

‘Overwatch’ Doomfist Cosplay: How the amazing official costume from Comic-Con came to life

We spoke with the studio that built the official Doomfist cosplay to learn how it came together.

Here are 4 reasons Tuesday’s health care vote will be different than the ones before it

We don't actually know what Republicans will be voting on.

Vatican shuts off historic fountains in the midst of devastating drought

Officials say it's the first time they can recall ever shutting off the Vatican's fountains.

Trump turns up his Twitter attack on his own attorney general, Jeff Sessions

President Donald Trump is thinking about firing Jeff Sessions. In the meantime, he's making Sessions' life miserable.

The last baby orca to be born at SeaWorld dies after serious health issues

Kyara was the last baby orca to be born into SeaWorld's controversial breeding program.

Save money in 2017: How to slash back-to-school costs

Planning to spend hundreds on back-to-school costs? Follow these simple tips and tricks to keep more money in your pocket.

Why it’s crucial for Californians to turn off their lights during the upcoming solar eclipse

Officials are hoping residents can offset major energy losses by keeping the lights off.

Charlie Gard’s parents say they want to take their son home to die

The parents are returning to court to fight for their right to take their son home.

‘Dream Daddy’ Craig Ending Guide: How to bro out with your bro

If you're into shirtless frat boys, Craig's the dad for you.

‘Pokémon Go’ Moltres Event: How to prepare for a sighting of the legendary fire bird’s raid debut

Want to show your Team Valor credentials by catching a Moltres? You're going to have your prep work cut out for you, then.

NASA’s working on quieter supersonic flight, which it wants to help commercialize

What if you could spend less time on a plane to get where you're going?

3 reasons why you shouldn’t have fallen for Elon Musk’s hyperloop plans

Musk claims the hyperloop will take us from New York to D.C. in under 30 minutes, but where's the proof?

‘Splatoon 2’ Salmon Run Closed: Grizzco runs on a schedule, so get your play time in when it’s open

Salmon Run in 'Splatoon 2' is great, but the way it works is a bit strange.

‘Dream Daddy’ Stream: Watch us livestream the brand-new daddy dating simulator on Facebook

Watch us romance hot dads on our 'Dream Daddy' stream. Please. It'll be weird if we just do it by ourselves.

Pokémon Go’ Event End Date Extended: Bonus and global rewards still available

There are some big experience gains in your future.

We talked to trans gamers about why ‘Dream Daddy’ is such a win for inclusion

'Dream Daddy' offers trans-inclusive body options and a trans main character — and fans are raving about it.

Plus-size bloggers Gabi Gregg and Nicolette Mason team up for their own fashion brand, Premme

The first collection goes up to a size 30 and pieces range from $30 to $89.

President Donald Trump turns Boy Scout Jamboree into campaign rally

The president discussed health care, Hillary Clinton, Obama, big yachts and more to 40,000 Boy Scouts and volunteers