HBO programming president defends ‘Confederate,’ says network is “standing by” the writers

“We could’ve done a better job with the press rollout,” HBO programming president Casey Bloys admitted.

‘Pyre’ Review-in-Progress: Supergiant’s sports RPG is unlike anything else

Supergiant's latest game, 'Pyre,' gives a hell of a first impression.

‘GTA Online’: How to give money to friends on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC

Giving money to other players in 'GTA Online' the wrong way can get you marked as a cheater.

‘Dunkirk’ is a Christopher Nolan movie that doesn’t need to be solved

For his new World War II epic, the puzzle-focused filmmaker decided to adjust his approach to storytelling.

Republicans are offering full-throated denouncements of Trump’s military transgender ban

“Anybody who wants to serve in the military should serve in the military. I don’t agree with the president.”

Worried Trump might pardon himself? Blame Alexander Hamilton.

Hamilton might not have been "thinkin' past tomorrow" when he pushed for broad executive privileges.

The 7 best deals in America in 2017

If you want to stretch your dollar to its maximum possible extent, check out these seven great deals.

Yes, Lush cosmetics intended to shade ‘Drag Race’ star Valentina on its website

After a mask appeared on the site with the tagline, "I'd like to keep it on, please," 'RuPaul's Drag Race' fans erupted.

‘Splatoon 2’ Tower Control Guide: Here’s how the objective mode works

If you've played team-based shooters before, you'll definitely be ok with Tower Control.

5 military costs that out-tremendous the “tremendous” cost of transgender medical care

We have built facilities in Afghanistan that have never been used that cost more than these medical services.

Harry Truman desegregated the military 69 years ago. Today, Trump banned transgender troops.

Truman wanted to end discrimination in the military "as rapidly as possible."

The male makeup revolution is here — but to make a real difference, changes must be made

In order to reach as many men as possible, the movement has to evolve.

Here is a timeline of Donald Trump’s relationship with Jeff Sessions

Trump continued his Twitter attacks on Sessions Wednesday — reportedly while the embattled attorney general was in the White House.

‘Pokémon Go’ Lugia Weakness: Gyarados is your secret weapon to catch the Gen 2 legendary

Prepping to take on Lugia in 'Pokémon Go'? The evolved version of everyone's favorite useless fish Pokémon may be just what the PokéDoctor ordered.

Let’s overanalyze these ‘Game of Thrones’ photos from “The Queen’s Justice”

Jon Snow's going to meet his Aunt Daenerys.

Meet the woman behind the trans-inclusive all-women’s music festival in Southern California

The creators of MOTHERSHIP are hoping to create a safe space for women-identified artists and fans.

Hundreds rally in Times Square to protest Donald Trump’s transgender military ban

“I’m out here to support my trans brothers and sisters who have been serving our military for years and years and years."

‘GTA Online’ Pegassi Torero Update: This flashy new sports car is available now

Make sure you get your hands on this new sports car in 'GTA Online.'

‘Middle-earth: Shadow of War’ Baranor: Be honest — ‘Lord of the Rings’ still has no black characters

‘Lord of the Rings’ is finally getting a black character in 'Shadow of War,' but it's too little too late.

The boy, George: Speculation about whether the prince is a gay icon isn’t actually about him

When so much of queer history has been erased, it's important for LGBT people to see themselves represented. Even in a child.

SNES Classic Walmart pre-orders canceled because Super Nintendo Mini listing went live by mistake

Fans are furious over Walmart's apparent cancellation of SNES Classic Edition pre-orders.

‘Civ 6’ Nubia: Amanitore is the game’s first black female leader in 12 years (maybe forever)

Amanitore brings Nubian culture and ranged military prowess to 'Civ 6.'

Undocumented immigrant activists arrested fighting attempts to repeal DACA

Undocumented organizers have been arrested in one of the most anti-immigrant states in the country.

‘Game of Thrones’: These are the funniest people to follow on Twitter for live updates

A good tweet is the best antidote to scenes like Sam cutting open Mormont's greyscale sores.

‘Overwatch’ Update: Junkrat buff on the way to PTR soon

It looks like Junkrat will get buffed in an upcoming 'Overwatch' update.

The White House is leaving everyone in the dark as to how its transgender military ban will work

There's been lots of questions but no solid answers on the president's new military policy.

Straight Obamacare repeal bill fails in the Senate in yet another setback

It's the second health care failure in as many days.

Total Solar Eclipse 2017: How to watch it online

If you can't make travel plans to see the eclipse, this is the next best thing.

70% of Muslims still believe in the American dream, according to new Pew study

Despite high rates of discrimination, Muslims are optimistic about their lives in the United States.

Study finds men’s sperm count steady falling, not unlike Gilead’s dystopian future

Sperm count and quality is apparently sinking among men across continents, putting us on a course for human extinction.

How many transgender people serve in the U.S. military?

There's no exact number, but here's what research shows.

Scientists say you should play video games on your breaks at work

Somebody file an expense report for an Xbox, pronto.

AMC’s ‘Preacher’ is the most scathing satire of America you’re not watching

There's also a subplot featuring Hitler in hell — seriously.

For Harry Potter fans, the best way to relive the series is in Edinburgh — with a side of Scotch

How to plan a long weekend trip to the city, with a focus on Scotland's most famous exports.

President Donald Trump bans transgender individuals from serving in the military

Trump banned transgender people from serving in the military "in any capacity."

19 things Siri can do for you so you can streamline your life

It can help you if you use it the right way.

Senate Health Care Bill: Here is what will happen in the coming days

Republicans still have no path to pass to passing a bill to repeal — and replace — the Affordable Care Act.

UK bans all new diesel and gasoline cars starting in 2040

Britain is pushing for a move to cleaner, more efficient vehicles.

Thousands evacuated in French Riviera as wildfires break out along the coast

Fires are threatening the popular vacation destination.

Randy “Iron Stache” Bryce gets in on the New York City fundraiser game — of a different sort

Randy Bryce met with small dollar progressive donors at a New York dive bar to support his race against Paul Ryan.

Obamacare repeal and replace amendment fails in the Senate

Just six hours after advancing the health care bill to debate, Republicans saw a major setback.

Warrant suggests Justine Damond may have slapped police cruiser before she was fatally shot

The officers involved in the shooting remain on paid administrative leave.

‘Overwatch’ Reporting Update: Blizzard announces harsher punishments for toxic behavior

Still no word on when reporting will be available for 'Overwatch' on PS4 and Xbox One, though.

‘Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite’ Chun-Li: Capcom is going to make the popular fighter look less weird

Chun-Li looks super strange in 'Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite,' and producers are looking to change that.

Nintendo Switch ‘Pokémon’ Release Date: Earnings report confirms 2018 — or later — for new RPG

Pokémon for Switch, as we already know, isn't coming this year.

Tips that pay off: Figure out what to do with your life

Not sure what really makes you tick? Here's how to step back and customize the perfect career plan for yourself.

Why Uber is charging $15 if you forget your phone, purse or other items — and competitors that don’t

Uber alternatives are out there, which won't charge you a fee if you left behind or forgot something in the car — and need it back from the driver.

Chelsea Manning blasts Trump’s surprise transgender military ban with a little context

The transgender former soldier says the president's math doesn't add up.

‘Dream Daddy’ glitch causes Joseph’s demon twins to follow you around forever — and it’s horrifying

This 'Dream Daddy' glitch is turning the dad dating simulator into 'The Shining'.

Designer Phillip Lim slams ‘Interview’ editorial for reinforcing problematic Asian stereotypes

"Please have a moment to reflect," the designer commented on Instagram.

Human smuggling is a deadly problem — and hardline immigration policies will make it worse

The recent deaths in a tractor-trailer outside Walmart are startling — but historically, not uncommon.

‘Splatoon 2’ Weapons List: There are some big differences from the first game

There's some cool new weapons and specials in 'Splatoon 2.'

‘Dragon Ball FighterZ’ Beta: Sign-ups for the closed beta delayed until August

Ready to sign up for the 'Dragon Ball FighterZ' closed beta? Set your calendars for Aug. 22.

Moltres and Zapdos ‘Pokémon Go’ Release Dates: Here’s when the other legendary birds will arrive

We finally have confirmation for when Moltres and Zapdos are coming to 'Pokémon Go.'

First out trans soldier on military ban: Trump is a “war-dodger” who has “no connection to reality”

Retired Sgt. Shane Ortega served as a helicopter crew chief in the Army's 25th Division.

‘Destiny 2’ clan migration starts soon: Here’s what you need to know

Keep your eye on today if you want to migrate your 'Destiny' clan to 'Destiny 2.'

Ilana Glazer and Abbi Jacobson talk ‘Broad City’ season 4 and their prayers for Hillary Clinton

"Art has just become exponentially more political since the election," Glazer said.

Here are 3 times Donald Trump promised to fight for LGBTQ rights

“Thank you to the LGBT community! I will fight for you while Hillary brings in more people that will threaten your freedoms and beliefs.”

Apparently scientists didn’t know why rain drizzle happened — until now

Save this science for a rainy day.

Despite protest from Senate women, GOP advances devastating bill for women’s health

The Senate will now discuss possible amendments to the American Health Care Act.