Everything means nothing to Arcade Fire on their cynical new album

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The first Democratic candidate has entered the 2020 presidential election

The 2020 campaign is already beginning.

All signs point to a violent birth for the moon

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In the shadow of Brooklyn’s luxury apartments, “canners” form a tight-knit community

For many lower income people in New York City, canning can be a safe and legal way to earn a living.

The “skinny repeal” might be dead, but the fight for abortion rights rages on

Don't dance on the skinny repeal's grave yet. Congressional Republicans are sneaky.

Sarahah is the hot new app for teens

It offers teens anonymous commentary.

‘Madden 18’ Player Ratings: What is your team’s first-round pick rated?

Every NFL first-round pick has been rated for Madden 18.

Scaramucci said Priebus would be asked to resign. Here are a few rumored replacements for him.

Trump reportedly wants a "general" to lead his staff.

This transgender liberation rally reminds us that #TransLivesMatter

Their message? Black trans women deserve peace.

‘PUBG’ Stream Sniping: Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds developer bans player for allegedly cheating

One player was banned for supposed 'stream sniping' in 'Playerunknown's Battlegrounds.'

How brands battle for creativity and authenticity

In the age of call-out culture and brand boycotts, how can brands get it right the first time?

‘Overwatch’ 2.16 Patch Notes: Players need to change up their strategies for the July 27 update

The new patch is going to shake things up in 'Overwatch.'

‘Dream Daddy,’ the gayest game of the year, never uses the word “gay.” Let’s talk about that.

The biggest problem with 'Dream Daddy' is that it's not actually about being gay.

In MS-13 speech, Trump was cheered for endorsing brutal practices used by police arresting “thugs”

“When you see these thugs being thrown into the back of a paddy wagon, you just see them thrown in, rough, I said, ‘Please don’t be too nice.’"

While You Weren’t Looking: 5 stories free from “skinny repeals” and the Mooch’s “colorful language”

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3 takeaways from Anthony Scaramucci’s first week in Trump’s White House

He "loves" Trump. He thinks Priebus is a "paranoid" leaker and Bannon is "sucking his own cock." He's been communications director for a week.

What Melania Trump wore her 27th week as first lady — the one time she appeared in public

This was a pretty quiet week for Melania Trump.

What to know about the GOP’s latest announcement on tax reform — and how it could affect you

Congressional Republicans are working on a version of tax reform they hope will result in a smooth passage — but skeptics remain.

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7 genius ways to save $10,000 this year

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3 key takeaways from Republicans’ failure to repeal Obamacare

Republicans knew what they didn't like about the Affordable Care Act, but they never released a plan that would fix the problems they railed against.

Should any piece of sushi take five flights? A restaurant group takes on the future of fish

After a hard look at its fish sourcing — and the carbon emissions that came with it — this group made some massive changes.

Intimissimi has finally landed in the US. Here’s everything to know about the lingerie brand.

The retailer has more than 1,000 stores in Europe, and finally one is now arriving in New York City.

What happened to the women who built the video game industry?

Video game development wasn't always a man's world.

What is the Senate parliamentarian? Lately, she’s been Mitch McConnell’s nemesis.

And does the GOP have to follow her rulings?

Russia is retaliating against new US sanctions. Here’s what that actually means.

Here's what's happening with the new sanctions on Russia.

“Skinny repeal” bill fails, putting Republicans back at square one in effort to repeal Obamacare

Senate Republicans have exhausted their three potential Obamacare repeal bills, delivering a devastating blow to President Donald Trump's agenda.

A look inside the candidate boot camp training the next wave of progressive political hopefuls

"We need to elect badass leaders ... at every level of government.”

‘Splatoon 2’ Switch DLC: New weapon is coming for free and very soon

More ways to throw paint in your friends' faces

In defense of Euron Greyjoy, the ‘Game of Thrones’ character you should love to hate

Euron's a different breed of villain for 'Game of Thrones': the unrelenting douche. And everyone's in on the joke.

Election Assistance Commission official on meeting about voting threats: “There was a real urgency”

The race is on to shore up the election system before the next vote.

Your phone is stressing you out. Turn off your notifications.

You’re on your way to a calmer life.

A Steve Bannon propagandist is turning the alt-right’s antihero Based Stick Man into a comic book

"We’re never going to change the culture from Washington. We’re going to do it from comics, from movies.”

How Trump derailed MSNBC’s centrist makeover

Some insiders say MSNBC is having an identity crisis — but the channel is having its best ratings year ever.

Scientists just set out on an old-school voyage to understand a possible eighth continent

The landmass is 94% underwater and worthy of being called a continent, some scientists say.

R Kelly fans face conflicted feelings as his tour continues after “cult” allegations

The “Pied Piper of R&B” performs tonight in Virginia.

Finding plus-size models to model plus-size clothing isn’ hard — so why do some retailers struggle?

There are hundreds of women out there. A majority of the U.S. female population is waiting to see themselves represented.

‘Destiny 2’ PC Beta and Recommended Specs: Get your rig together for Aug. 28

You can play 'Destiny 2' on max settings soon.

100 Years of Black Protest: How the fight against hatred and violence has evolved since 1917

From lynchings to police shootings, black activists mark 100 years of protesting to preserve their freedom, dignity and lives.

Anthony Scaramucci acknowledges “colorful language” after ‘New Yorker’ published his wild rant

Scaramucci's "colorful language" revealed the high-stakes tension going on at the White House.