‘Pokémon Go’ Anniversary 2017: Trainers share their favorite PoGo memories on Twitter and Reddit

'Pokémon Go' has reached its first birthday, and several online communities have been reflecting about what has and hasn't changed in the game's first year.

‘Pokémon Go’ Anniversary: Niantic created a safe space for black female gamers — and I miss it

'Pokémon Go' created an unlikely safe space in gaming that didn’t exist for me anywhere else.

Here’s what Ted Cruz’s health care amendment could do to your insurance

Most experts agree that premiums would skyrocket.

The U.S. denied visas for student robotics teams from Afghanistan and the Gambia

The teams were not given an explanation as to why their applications were rejected.

‘Rocket League’ 1.35 Patch Notes: 2-year anniversary update brings new items, a map and more

A new map, new explosions and 'Rick and Morty' all in one 'Rocket League' update.

‘Destiny 2’ The Farm Gameplay: Original Tower social hub map is being replaced with a new area

Bungie is replacing the Tower social hub from 'Destiny' with "The Farm" in 'Destiny 2.'

Gov. Mark Dayton asks for police training fund to be named after Philando Castile

Dayton hopes the fund will help remedy police-community relations.

Maine Gov. Paul LePage claims to feed fake stories to the media

LePage was upset over news reports he planned to vacation while Maine's state government is shut down.

19 attorneys general sue Education Secretary Betsy DeVos to protect cheated student borrowers

At issue is whether students misled by for-profit private colleges will get loan relief and other protections.

How to change your voice on Snapchat

Why sound like you when you can sound like an alien?

Yes, self-driving cars will kill people. Here’s how they’ll decide who to save.

If a self-driving car has to choose between saving one life or another, what will it choose?

Neo-Nazis have threatened CNN employees’ families. Many writers already know what that’s like.

For years, writers and journalists from marginalized communities were threatened by the same sorts of trolls who now feel empowered to go after mainstream targets.

Rick Perry has no idea how economics works

Which came first — the supply or the demand?

‘Pokémon Go’ UK Anniversary Event: Chester Castle will get the next Niantic event in late July 2017

Good news for UK trainers — a historically minded 'Pokémon Go' event is coming to Chester on July 22. Here's the all the info you need.

A future without phone chargers may be coming soon

No cords, no batteries, no outlets.

‘WWE 2K18’ DLC Release Date: When to expect information on additional content

An announcement for the 'WWE 2K18' DLC will likely come in closer to the game's release date.

Visiting Big Sur after the landslide? Here’s what to know before your trip

The road closures have made Big Sur blissfully calm — it's now reminiscent of the area Jack Kerouac fell in love with in the '60s.

The 6 biggest questions going into Donald Trump’s meeting with Vladimir Putin

Here are questions we have before Trump and Putin come face-to-face.

Angry constituents descend upon senators’ offices across the US to #SitInSaveLives for health care

Protesters are being arrested just for trying to talk to their representatives.

After CNN, the far right is declaring open season on journalists

On 4Chan, the online alt-right is answering the call to make journalists' lives hell.

How to save money on generic drugs — and why they are getting so expensive

Generic drug prices are climbing because there is not enough competition, a new University of Florida study has found.

The ‘Once Upon a Time’ cast additions just gave us a major reason to tune in for season 7

Dania Ramirez of 'Devious Maids' is just one of the new faces heading to the ABC fairy-tale drama.

Rift Rivals 2017 NA/EU Tournament Schedule: When to catch every League of Legends esports match

Here's the complete listing of Rift Rivals playoffs, complete with teams and scheduled times!

The election commission’s woes are Mike Pence’s problem now

The national drama over Trump's "election integrity commission" is now the vice president's personal fight.

Oregon’s legislators just passed a bill protecting women’s reproductive rights

Oregon's Reproductive Health Equity Act would provide abortions at no cost to patients who don't qualify for health care coverage.

Bill Cosby’s new sexual assault trial has been scheduled for November

Prosecutors pushed for a retrial after a 12-person jury was unable to reach a verdict during Cosby's June trial.

‘WWE 2K18’ Roster: 5 legends who should be in the game, but probably won’t make the cut

The 'WWE 2K18' roster will be huge, but there's a good chance these five legends still won't make the cut.

Jay-Z’s ‘4:44’ isn’t a transformation — he’s always blended family and business

Shawn Carter's 13th solo album is vulnerable, but that's nothing new for the iconic rapper.

‘Super Mario Odyssey’ Release Date: No lives or game overs in the series’ Nintendo Switch debut

'Super Mario Odyssey' is getting rid of a longtime series staple.

Pokémon Go’ Anniversary Update: Legendaries missing from the birthday event. What gives Niantic?

When the heck are legendaries coming to 'Pokémon Go'?

Women aren’t allowed to wear sleeveless tops in the House chambers

The House's vague dress code has historically been up to the House speaker's interpretation.

‘Splatoon 2’ Direct: Marina, Pearl and the squid kids’ clothing options are off the hook

'Splatoon 2' looks to deliver seriously bad puns and amazing clothing options. What more could you want?

Ava DuVernay to direct Netflix mini-series about the Central Park Five

The five episode series will be released in 2019.

Man arrested outside Sen. Jeff Flake’s office for allegedly threatening to shoot staffer

"We will get better aim" to solve the "Republican problem," Mark Prichard allegedly told a staffer for Sen. Jeff Flake.

‘Diablo 3’ 1.22 Update July 2017: What the console patch adds to PS4 and Xbox One

Wondering what that mystery 'Diablo' update was all about? We've got all the answers here.

An ice shelf the size of Delaware is about to break from Antarctica

Larsen C, a portion of one of the largest ice shelves in Antartica, may be breaking away.

Walter Shaub, director of the Office of Government Ethics, steps down

Shaub told the 'Washington Post' he felt there was no more he could achieve in the current climate.

My 5-year-old has learned more from playing video games than from watching ‘Sesame Street’

Raising the next generation of gamers is almost always a joy.

NASA is going to smash into an asteroid

The spacecraft will go nine times the speed of a bullet.

Someone spray painted anti-Semitic graffiti on this Phoenix Jewish family’s mailbox

Within the first three months of 2017, there has been a reported 86% increase in anti-Semitic incidents.

North Korea may have the technology to strike Alaska. Here’s how Alaska feels about that.

Alaska's government would feel even more assured if there were a larger military presence on their turf.

Philando Castile’s classmates give out the first scholarship in his honor, one year after his death

The Philando Castile Memorial Scholarship will be given to a young man of color annually, an award committee said.

‘Overwatch’ Tokidoki Toys: Release date, characters and what we know so far about the collection

Get pumped for the cute new collection coming for 'Overwatch'.

‘Overwatch’ Netflix: This fan-made trailer has us clamoring for the real thing

Please, Blizzard? Make this 'Overwatch' Netflix series happen.

Paris Couture Week: From Alaia to Chanel to Rodarte, here are the looks you need to see

There's sparkle, there's fur, there's lace and there's even some doll heads.

These are the 6 most important 'Game of Thrones' storylines to remember from season 6

Jon Snow's parentage is one of many explosive reveals in season six.

The escapist history of tiki bars — and why this cocktail trend will never go away

When times are dark, Americans turn to tiki bars.

Hobby Lobby forced to return 5,500 looted Iraqi artifacts

The antiquities could have been put on the black market by anyone, including the Islamic State.

Worst scams of 2017: 10 tricks fraudsters are using to dupe you out of your money

Scammers are getting smarter by using new tricks to get you to part with your money and personal information.

Philando Castile: Timeline of events since the Minnesota man was fatally shot by Jeronimo Yanez

Thursday marks one year since Philando Castile was fatally shot by the St. Anthony, Minnesota, police officer.

Rep. Steve Scalise readmitted to ICU over “new concerns for infection”

Scalise was rushed to MedStar Washington Hospital Center after the June 14 shooting at practice for the Congressional Baseball Game.

Trump still won’t condemn Russia for meddling in the election, one day before his meeting with Putin

Donald Trump compared the intelligence community's unanimous conclusion on Russia's involvement to weapons of mass destruction in Iraq.

Oklahoma Sen. Bryce Marlatt suspected of “forcefully” grabbing female Uber driver, kissing her neck

Sen. Bryce Marlatt reportedly began pawing his Uber driver while she drove him to an Oklahoma City hotel.

‘Hot Mic’ podcast: Travel ban support, Iraqi ISIS offensive, CNN accused of blackmail

Important stories to get you caught up for Thursday.

What you need to know about Thursday’s #StopTrumpcare sit-ins happening in your state

Nine progressive activist groups are holding sit-ins across 21 states.

‘Pokémon Go’ Anniversary Update: 2017 event brings special Pikachu hat and new item box

Looks like there's going to be an anniversary event for 'Pokémon Go' after all, and it's going to involve a special Pikachu and a Pokémon care package.

How to add a background on Snapchat using the app’s new tools

The new feature will change your snap game.

How to add links to your Snapchats with the new update

URLs are allowed on Snapchat — finally!

‘Zelda: Breath of the Wild’ Timeline: ‘Master Trials’ DLC doesn’t pin down when the game takes place

If you wanted a definitive answer about the whereabouts of 'Breath of the Wild' on the 'Zelda' timeline, the new DLC doesn't help.

‘Zelda: Breath of the Wild’ Trial of the Sword Master Mode: Beat the beginner trial with no hits

It takes a lot of skill, but you can beat the Trial of the Sword in 'Zelda: Breath of the Wild' in Master Mode without getting hit once.

Kesha is back and looking to heal on her new song “Praying”

The embattled pop star just dropped her first new single in years — from her upcoming long-awaited third album, 'Rainbow.'

‘Overwatch’ Doomfist Origin Story: Blizzard unveils Talon leader in new animated short

Get ready for Doomfist. He's coming to 'Overwatch' soon.