Lorde isn’t here for the media pitting her against other women

The singer nailed the media on talking about Taylor Swift's friend group as if it were "some exclusive club or secret society."

Health Secretary Tom Price sued over alleged misuse of campaign funds

The health secretary allegedly used campaign contributions to fund his confirmation to Trump's cabinet.

‘Overwatch’ Doomfist Gameplay: Get to know the new hero and his abilities with these videos

Here's a breakdown of all of Doomfist's abilities.

9 expert tips for taking the most beautiful sunset photos

Instagram’s best photographers share their strategies for snapping the sunset.

4 indie games from developers of color that you should check out now

Take a break from longer, AAA games with these short and sweet indie titles.

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Leak: The smartphone may have a new look

The shape may be a surprise.

Why the #SitInSaveLives protest is an important step forward for opposition to Donald Trump

"We want to encourage the movement to adopt the power of nonviolent action, the power of escalation to shift the political weather."

CJR media reporter David Uberti to join Fusion, which is rebranding as Splinter

Uberti will join the site a week before it rebrands from Fusion to Splinter.

Amid controversy about Trump’s “voter fraud panel,” new study sticks up for motor voter law

The study shows that the motor voter law, seen as a possible target of the voter fraud panel, works.

‘Degrassi: Next Class’ handles Yael’s gender fluidity intelligently and gracefully

Yael's comfort in their own body is celebrated throughout the show's fourth season, and rightfully so.

The US and Russia are already contradicting each other about what happened in Trump-Putin meeting

Trump brought up Russia's election meddling more than once during his meeting with Putin, Secretary of State Rex Tillerson said. But there's no consensus of how to move forward.

Silicon Valley is leaning on black women to fix its diversity problem

Bozoma Saint John, Denise Young Smith and Candi Castleberry-Singleton are leading the way.

Kevin Bacon talks ‘I Love Dick’ and playing an object of feminine desire

The Hollywood vet opens up about his titular role on the Amazon series, and how, if he's just playing "a douchebag," it undercuts the show's vision.

Zendaya’s ‘Spider-Man: Homecoming’ role is not what it seems

It does have potential, though.

‘Pokémon Go’ Pikachu Hat: Everything you need to know about Ash Ketchum’s anniversary special hat

Obsessed with the Ash hat-wearing Pikachu? We've got all the info you need to make the most out of your Pokéballs and incubators during this 18 day event.

What Melania Trump wore her 24th week as first lady — Fourth of July and beyond

It was a rather patriotic and colorful week indeed.

While You Weren’t Looking: 5 stories from the week that don’t feature the letters “ICBM”

States are suing Betsy DeVos, and the Trump administration may be trying to purge voters from the rolls.

Emma Stone said her male costars have taken pay cuts in the name of equal pay

In her new movie 'Battle of the Sexes,' Stone plays a female tennis player who threatened to boycott the U.S. Open because of its gender pay gap.

Xbox One Gifting: Soon you can send a game to a friend via the Xbox Store

You'll soon be able to share your favorite games with friends with the Xbox One's gifting feature.

G20 protest: 11 images of Hamburg, Germany in the midst of unrest

More than 70 protestors have been arrested so far, according to local authorities.

In ‘Baby Driver,’ Jamie Foxx’s “mental” character perpetuates negative black stereotypes

Baby can drive, but all Bats can do is pull a trigger.

Here’s how Elon Musk could have appropriately responded to gender discrimination allegations

You shouldn't respond to harassment allegations by calling someone a “jerk.”

This bitcoin millionaire teen says he turned $1K into $1M — so he’s skipping college

Eighteen-year-old Erik Finman is skipping college after winning a bet against his parents: He turned his grandmother's $1,000 college fund into $1 million in bitcoin.

Trump voter panel head Kris Kobach “conspicuously absent” from annual secretaries of state meeting

Kobach appears in no hurry to hang out with his fellow secretaries of state.

Out of Office: Travel and eat good food — for your health

The major health benefits of certain indulgences

3 takeaways from Donald Trump’s G20 meeting with Vladimir Putin

The meeting is unlikely to lift the cloud of the Russia investigation over Donald Trump's presidency.

This Black Lives Matter chapter just clapped back at the NRA with a biting ad of its own

Black activists are speaking out against the NRA's controversial ad.

Illinois passes first budget since 2015. Here’s how the historic impasse took its toll on the state.

Here's what happens when a state doesn't pass a budget in two years.

‘NBA Live 18’ gameplay must have accurate athlete facial renders to be taken seriously

Let's hope 'NBA Live 18' doesn't get off to a slow start with player renders.

‘Castlevania’ Netflix producer Adi Shankar talks video games and the epic movie-mashup he never made

Check out our interview with the Bootleg Universe creator.

Scientists fear oral sex could be spreading new antibiotic resistant gonorrhea

Antibiotic resistant gonorrhea is on the rise.

‘World of Warcraft’ Kul Tiras New Expansion: Did Blizzard show the next location ‘WoW’ is going?

The next 'World of Warcraft' expansion could be a doozy.

Opioid prescriptions are down, but addiction experts say there’s still progress to be made

The number of opioid prescriptions written in 2015 was still triple what it was in 1999 — meaning that doctors and health care providers will need to crack down even harder.

Mars’ toxic soil might spell bad news for future settlements

The paper calls the Martian scenario a “toxic cocktail.”

Trailblazing hijabi model Halima Aden stars in American Eagle’s latest campaign

We spoke with Halima Aden about what this campaign really means to her.

McConnell says Republicans may have to fix the Obamacare markets they insisted were beyond repair

The suggestion that Republicans may look to fix the ACA, rather than repeal it, kills the GOP's argument that the policy was so bad it could not be saved.

Mike Pence got handsy at NASA and people made some incredible memes

The vice president ignored a "DO NOT TOUCH" sign, and the internet couldn't get enough.

These high-speed stars seem to defy laws of physics. Now scientists have an explanation.

Taking speed to a whole new level with a boost from our neighboring galaxy.

The summer destination Mario Batali has been begging people to visit for 15 years

The Iron Chef has been going to this Midwestern hideaway for decades.

4 key areas where Donald Trump could break with G20 Summit leaders

Plus, Donald Trump is meeting Vladimir Putin.

Virginia executes inmate who attorneys say was delusional at time of 2006 killings

William Morva was convicted in the 2006 killings of security guard Derrick McFarland and sheriff's deputy Eric Sutphin.

‘Hot Mic’ podcast: Trump scolds Russia, Government Ethics director resigns, DeVos sued

.Important stories to get you caught up for Friday.

10 genius things to do with $100

Got an extra $100 lying around? Here are 10 clever ways to put your spare cash to use — and invest in your future.

A federal judge has denied Hawaii’s latest challenge to Trump’s travel ban

Hawaii requested grandparents and other close family members be exempt from the ban's latest iteration.

Hackers have been targeting US nuclear power facilities since May, according to new report

The Department of Homeland Security and FBI have released a report detailing the severity of the attacks.

Russia reportedly increased its US surveillance after Trump took office

Current and former intelligence officials say Russians may be redoubling their spy efforts because Trump is unpredictable to them.

Fox Business Network has suspended host Charles Payne over sexual harassment allegations

A former CNN commentator has leveled sexual misconduct allegations against Payne.

Delta flight reportedly forced to turn around after a man assaulted a flight attendant

The first-class passenger attacked a crew member 45 minutes into the flight.

Donald Glover’s ‘Spider-Man: Homecoming’ character is the film’s best Easter egg

What does his role have to do with the animated 'Ultimate Spider-Man' series?

An artist made a “third thumb” for your hand that makes everything easier

If you've always wanted to deck out your hand with a 3-D printed thumb, you're in luck.

The next step toward truly inclusive fashion? Plus-size jewelry

The brand Universal Standard is launching a new plus-size jewelry collection.

Russia, US prepared to announce joint ceasefire in Syria on Sunday

The news broke just as U.S. President Donald Trump was sequestered in a closed-door meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin at the G20 Summit in Hamburg, Germany.

8 months later, nation’s top cyberbullying experts still haven’t heard from Melania Trump

The nation's leading cyberbullying experts told 'Mic' they haven't yet heard from Trump, who said in 2016 that she would take on cyberbullying if her husband were elected president.

‘Tekken 7’ Bowling: DLC release date will bring back ‘Tekken’ Bowl

Bowling, a classic 'Tekken' bonus mode is coming back as 'Tekken 7' DLC.

‘Pokémon Go’ Anniversary Box Contents: What’s in the box and how to get it

There's a 1200 PokéCoin mega-bundle for sale in the 'Pokémon Go' store for the anniversary event right now. But is it worth it? Here's the cost breakdown so you can increase your purchasing power.

Trial of the Sword Guide: Skip the ‘Zelda: BotW’ DLC walkthroughs with this one genius tip

Use this one simple tip to breeze your way through the Trial of the Sword in 'Zelda: Breath of the Wild.'

Scientists are going to Mercury to see why it looks like it’s shrinking

If this aircraft actually gets to Mercury, it could help us figure out how the solar system was born.

John Podesta responds to Donald Trump’s Twitter attacks: “Get a grip man”

Podesta also called Trump a "whack job" and told him to focus on his meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Here’s how climate change could affect the coffee you drink

Much of the coffee growing land in Ethiopia could become unsuitable for coffee before the end of the century.

Decoding the jobs report: What new hiring and wage data mean for you

The United States economy added more jobs in June 2017 than expected. But wages still aren't rising as fast as policy-makers need them to be.

‘Call of Duty WW2’ Zombies: Gameplay for co-op mode to be revealed at Comic-Con

The dead will walk in 'Call of Duty' on July 20.

‘Zelda: Breath of the Wild’ DLC 2 Spoilers: “Champions’ Ballad” gameplay sneak peek

Say what you will about Link, but the man is fashionable.

Trump’s feud with CNN looms over pending merger between Time Warner and AT&T

Trump's antagonistic relationship with CNN will make it harder to separate the merger ruling from his personal animosity.