‘Hellblade’ Permadeath: Can you really lose your save in ‘Senua’s Sacrifice’ if you keep dying?

Can you really have your save data erased in 'Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice' if you die too many times?

Trump suggests Mitch McConnell should step aside if he doesn’t get agenda through

It's the latest chapter in the president's feud with the Senate majority leader.

President Donald Trump doubles down on tough rhetoric against North Korea

On Thursday, the president suggested his earlier threats against North Korea weren't "tough enough."

Ivanka Trump is opening a stand-alone store in NYC this fall

Well, the picture doesn't really lie.

Oregon just became the country’s first state to make fair work scheduling the law

As big companies become increasingly erratic in how they schedule their employees, activists are fighting back.

Trump wants to prosecute more drug offenders to solve the opioid crisis. Here’s why that won’t work.

Trump’s proposed approach to battling the opioid crisis has failed before.

Hot Water Challenge: Kids are burning each other with boiling water in a deadly YouTube trend

The latest horrifying "viral" trend is life-threatening.

Tips that pay off: Opportunities that seem too good to be true — but aren’t

There are ordinary opportunities — and then there are extraordinary opportunities. It's up to you to take advantage of them.

‘Pokémon Go’ Dragonite Raid: New bosses keep showing up at the Yokohama, Japan event

If you've wanted Dratini candy, you may soon be in luck

Here’s why North Korea has made Guam ground zero for its threats against the US

The small island is home to a big U.S. military presence.

‘Telltale Batman’ Season 2 Episode 2 Release Date: When will the next chapter arrive?

Have you finished the latest episode of 'The Enemy Within'? Here's when we think you can be the Dark Knight again in '‘Telltale Batman' season two episode two.

Only 13% of Republicans will hold August town halls, and grassroots groups aren’t standing for it

Progressives are planning hundreds of events this summer to keep pressure on Republicans.

‘Pokémon Go’ Stadium Event: Pikachu Outbreak will be streamed on Aug. 14 and fans are freaking out

A mysterious advertisement for 'Pokémon Go' Stadium has showed up at the Yokohama Pikachu Outbreak, and fans are busy speculating on what that could mean for the game.

Alabama AG wants minors who can’t get parental consent for abortion to face a prosecutor

Attorney General Steve Marshall would appoint the fetus legal representation and potentially allow for the teen's parents to attend the hearing.

President Donald Trump says he’s doing the US military “a great favor” by banning trans people

He also thanked Vladimir Putin for kicking US diplomats out of Russia.

CNN fires pro-Trump commentator Jeffrey Lord for tweeting a Nazi salute

CNN has cut ties with several on-air personalities this year for controversial comments.

‘Overwatch’ Deathmatch Mode: Two new Arcade modes released on PTR

A brand-new map focusing on Widowmaker's past is also on the way.

‘Hellblade’ Trophy List: Every achievement available in ‘Senua’s Sacrifice’

Need a refresher on the trophies in 'Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice'? Look no further.

Here’s how to give your buddy some bullets in ‘PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds’

Here's a quick ammo-management tip for you.

‘Uncharted 5’ Release Date PS4 Rumors: We take a guess at who could star in a sequel to ’Lost Legacy

Shaun Escayg has said Naughty Dog isn't opposed to doing another 'Uncharted," opening the floodgates for who we'd like to see in the next one.

Democratic PACs are taking a page out of Jeremy Corbyn’s playbook

A new ad campaign against Republicans sounds a lot like one of Corbyn's favorite political messages.

Donald Trump on opioids: “We’re going to make it a national emergency”

"It’s an emergency. We’re going to spend a lot of time, a lot of effort and a lot of money on the opioid crisis."

Madame Gandhi: The free-bleeding feminist musician with a Harvard MBA

The future is inclusive and it is female.

Stop tweeting at Trump and tweet at @drilmagic instead. It’s the best account you’re not following.

This popular new Twitter account combines two of my favorite things in the world: 'Magic the Gathering' and Weird Twitter.

From free drinks to $3,000 in travel credits, here’s how to get compensated for flight issues

We talked to industry insiders about what to do before, during, and after your flight — you can even claim money for a flight that happened three years ago.

Conservatives mad over the Google memo censorship should end their century-long war on unions

If there's a war on right-wing beliefs, why not turn to the one thing that can protect them?

SPLC releases alt-right guide for college students worried about hate speech

The guide will be circulated among 2,400 campuses in time for the start of the fall semester.

‘Overwatch’ Update: Roadhog and Junkrat buffs are hitting PTR “very soon,” Jeff Kaplan confirms

Roadhog and Junkrat, Australia's most infamous crime duo, are getting some nice buffs in an 'Overwatch' update very soon.

‘Monster Hunter XX’ Demo for Switch: You can play for free right now — there’s just one catch

We hope you speak Japanese if you want to try out this 'Monster Hunter XX' demo on the Nintendo Switch.

Trump pivots from “fire and fury” to bashing Mitch McConnell on Twitter over Obamacare

For the second day in a row, Trump is spending his time attacking Mitch McConnell on Twitter.

Donald Trump issued the strongest threat yet against North Korea. They called his bluff.

More than 160,000 people live on Guam, the U.S. territory and small island North Korea says it will target.

Condoms are still in the “family planning” aisle at the drugstore. Experts say that’s a problem.

"Family planning" excludes many sexually active groups, and separates sex from pleasure. It also suggests that certain forms of sex are dirty, and that's dangerous.

‘Hot Mic’ podcast: The North Korean threat, educational mobile games for Syrian children

The important stories to know for Thursday, August 10.

These black creators have gone viral — so why don’t people know their names?

Why do black folks keep going viral without any personal recognition?

Is ‘Destiny’ still worth playing or should I wait for ‘Destiny 2’?

With 'Destiny 2' coming soon, you can bet we'll see a price drop in the original game. Is 'Destiny' still worth playing though?

When chef April Bloomfield wants to escape, she cooks tomato sauce. Here’s where she goes.

In her upstate New York respite, she also experiments with ramen broth, grills, and drinks local beer.

A quarter of Americans believe Trump acted illegally with Russia, poll shows

Americans' opinions on Trump and Russia break down starkly along party lines.

Total Solar Eclipse 2017: For $401, you can get a front seat to the eclipse on a Delta flight

Avoid the eclipse crowds by flying above them.

Body-positive activists reveal how they deal with — and rise above — online trolls

"It’s not important what other people think of you — how do you feel about yourself?" Tess Holliday offered. "What makes you happy? Turn off your phone and do that.”

‘Battlefield 1’ DLC: DICE has a chance to fix the game’s meta before it’s too late, but will it?

'Battlefield 1' relies on teamwork and using your class specialties to help other players. The problem is, people just don't want to do that.

The solar eclipse might do some strange things to animals — here’s everything we know

Nocturnal animals will likely be really confused.

9 types of flyers that make air travel a nightmare

Are you guilty of these crimes?

‘Pokémon Go’: Notification of new Pokémon in parks confirms Nest Migration 27 is here

It's time for the 27th nest migration in 'Pokémon Go'. If it's your first, here's how to help with the changing spawns.

Despite the growing Trump resistance, the GOP is doing better than Dems with small-dollar donors

The RNC is getting more small-dollar donations than the DNC. That's a problem for reasons other than money.

‘The Glass Castle’ director Destin Daniel Cretton on Brie Larson and listening to critics

"I try to constantly define myself by the process of doing what I do and doing what I love."

Should you live in an RV? Here’s why some young people are ditching homes for the nomadic life.

If you love to travel — and hate paying high rent — owning a recreational vehicle may give you the freedom you crave.