Trump said the Scouts called to say his speech was the “greatest.” They say the call never happened.

“We are unaware of any such call,” a Boy Scouts spokesperson said.

The Hyperloop One just completed an incredibly fast test run — watch it here

Hyperloop One is aiming to have these high-speed tubes fully running in three locations by 2021.

At #SafetyIs rally, dozens of people in New York City imagine a community free of police violence

In the Bronx, protesters imagine what safety and liberation looks like.

5 big myths about affirmative action in colleges

Trump's justice department is reportedly planning to crack down on affirmative action. Here's what you need to know about what affirmative action does and doesn't do.

‘Twin Peaks: The Return’ has reintroduced all its major characters. But did it do so successfully?

Like, Audrey Horne was one of the most memorable characters in the original 'Twin Peaks.' What the hell went wrong?

‘The Witcher’ Coloring Book Release Date: Yes, it includes the naked bathtub picture

Ninety-six pages of pure Polish "The Witcher' fantasy can be yours in November.

3 things to know as Republicans pivot to tax reform

After their latest health care loss, Republicans seeking ambitious tax reform with or without Democrats — and fast.

Sheryl Sandberg called out a problem with getting girls to lead. Here’s how we solve it.

Relatable role models, girls-only safe spaces and relentless, concerted efforts to bring girls into conversations that have typically excluded them

‘Sunless Skies’ Early Access Release Date: Kickstarted ‘Sunless Seas’ sequel heads to Steam and GOG

Missed your chance to back the 'Sunless Skies' Kickstarter? Never fear. You've got another chance to get into the game's early access phase later in August.

Obama, Clinton campaign veteran team pledges $1.5 million to progressive political tech companies

The GOP holds the White House and Congress. Tech progressives are trying to change that.

Studies are showing that climate change could kill thousands — or even millions — by 2100

About 250,000 more people are expected to die every year between 2030 and 2050, according to the World Health Organization.

Donald Trump’s approval hits new low as voters cite “profound embarrassment” that he’s president

More than half of the country is "embarrassed rather than proud to have Trump as president," poll finds.

Meet the chef who forages Dublin’s green parks, turning his finds into a donation-only supper club

Kevin Powell's flat is covered in jars of preserved food, dried herbs and funky kitchen tools — all of which he uses to create magnificent meals for those lucky enough to snag a reservation.

The sponge in your kitchen sink is filled with bacteria — and no, you can’t clean it

Researchers discovered a portion of a sponge about size of a sugar cube could have 54 billion bacterial cells.

‘Iron Fist’ star Finn Jones addresses the show’s bad reputation: The fans love it, apparently

Jones' response still doesn't address the underlying problem with his character, which is that he's white to begin with.

‘Splatoon 2’ Super Jump: How to use the ability to catch major air

Here's how you pull off a super jump in 'Splatoon 2.'

Moltres Weakness ‘Pokémon Go’: How to defeat and catch the legendary bird in a raid

How to take on Moltres and win in 'Pokémon Go' by exploiting its weaknesses.

‘Tacoma’ Review: Fullbright’s tries to paint a dystopian future, but falls short

Fullbright's latest game doesn't measure up in a multitude of ways.

Elections watchdog group seeks answers after Georgia drops 590,000 from voter rolls

Let America Vote also remains worried about the president's "voter fraud panel" too.

Everybody hates HBO’s ‘Confederate’ show idea — even “Southern heritage” advocates

Some "Southern heritage" advocates think HBO's 'Confederate' is a bad idea — but for reasons very different than those who think the show could be "slavery fan fiction.

‘Menashe,’ a Yiddish-language Sundance hit about a widowed father, will break your heart

Director Joshua Weinstein’s first narrative feature is a tender and unique take on parenthood and marriage.

Trump has appointed 4 military generals to his administration. How do his predecessors compare?

Trump isn't the first president to rely on former military officials — but there are a few differences.

What this ‘New York Times’ op-ed gets wrong about Assata Shakur

Here's what Bari Weiss' 'New York Times' op-ed about progressive feminists' embracing Assata Shakur is missing.

Affirmative action for white people has always existed — it’s called legacy preference

This expert says legacy preference — not affirmative action — contributes to a "system of gross inequality."

The White House said you must speak English to become a naturalized citizen. That’s false.

The U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services allows certain groups of people to take the civics test in their native language.

DA drops charges against Tatyana Hargrove, the black teen girl mistaken for a large, bald man

The police chief apologized to Hargrove and her family.

Here’s what YouTube is doing about videos endorsing terror groups

It's rolling out a four-step plan to stop extremist content from being seen.

How abortion on television has changed in the past 55 years

We've tracked the history of abortion on TV, from 'The Defenders' in 1962 to the modern-day women of 'Scandal,' 'Degrassi' and more.

‘Detroit’ is a horror movie

Kathryn Bigelow's new film is not an ensemble drama about black history. It's a horror film in the tradition of 'Hostel' and 'Saw.'

Here’s how newspapers around the country covered the 1918 solar eclipse

One Oklahoma newspaper told men not to hurry home, since "your wife will be too busy looking at the eclipse," while the New York Sun reported that "the spectacle was not worth the eye strain."

Tips that pay off: 5 August goals to make you richer by September

Feeling broke? Summer fun is expensive, but these secrets will leave you wealthier by autumn.

Vulnerable Republican’s town hall shows health care could be the GOP’s downfall in 2018

Both Republican and Democratic constituents were angry with Colorado Republican Rep. Mike Coffman at a Tuesday night town hall over the GOP's failed Obamacare repeal effort.

‘Pokémon Go’ Safari Zones: Niantic “postpones” all but three of the European live events

'Pokémon Go' has postponed all but two of its Safari Zone events. That might be good in the short term, but Niantic's going to have to re-examine its strategy in the wake of the Chicago live event.

How Donald Trump has focused his energy to target non-white Americans

If Trump has achieved one thing in his first six months in office, it is creating systems of governments that view minorities with increased suspicion.

‘Hot Mic’ podcast: FBI Director confirmed, Cory Booker’s weed bill, 13 Reasons Why study

The important stories to know for Wednesday, August 2.

US calls on North Korea to abandon nuclear program just before test-launching its own ICBM

The Air Force maintains the test launch wasn't a direct response to North Korea's own tests.

7 top companies with happy workers that will pay you to go back to school

Tuition reimbursement is one of the most financially valuable perks you can get. Here are some companies with both happy employees and this coveted benefit.

Report: Justice Department will investigate affirmative action policies at colleges and universities

The civil rights division is seeking lawyers to work on a new project targeting affirmative action.

Trump finally signs Russia sanctions bill — behind closed doors

Trump signed the bill six days after it reached his desk with veto-proof majorities in both the House and the Senate.

Moltres Moveset ‘Pokémon Go’: Best moves for the legendary fire bird

How to give your Moltres the best moveset in 'Pokémon Go' — and what that says about legendaries in the game so far.

‘PUBG’ Update: Patch Notes introduce first person mode, new gun and character options

New faces, a new gun and first person mode are coming to 'Playerunknown's Battlegrounds' in a new patch, but the real prize is the changes they've made to vehicles.

Trump administration’s plan to take on affirmative action is its latest attack on people of color

Civil rights groups are sounding the alarm over an apparent attempt by the Trump administration to stifle race-conscious diversity efforts at colleges and universities.

A Brooklyn brand sold a $119 “refugee dress.” Shoppers weren’t happy about it.

In an email to 'Mic,' the brand disclosed that it has decided to rename the dress the "Oxford dress."

In the age of Trump, 24 journalism groups team up to track press freedom violations

The Press Freedom Tracker aims to make it easier for the general public to keep track of press freedom incidents.

‘Destiny 2’ Split Screen: Why Bungie doesn’t care about local multiplayer anymore

Sorry, but split screen co-op in 'Destiny 2' just doesn't make a ton of sense for the kind of game Bungie is making.

Scientists caught rare “jet lightning” on camera

It's considered to be the tallest type of lightning in the world.

‘Persona’ Dancing: ‘Persona 3: Dancing Moon Night,’ ‘Persona 5: Dancing Star Night’ coming in 2018

Here's hoping the 'Persona 3: Dancing Moon Night' and 'Persona 5: Dancing Star Night' western release won't be as delayed as 'Persona 5' was.

Trump announces support for immigration system that favors high-skilled, English-speaking applicants

Trump called the changes the “most significant reform to our immigration system in half a century.”

Trump can’t solve the MS-13 issue through deportation alone, according to experts

Part of the problem is the treatment of communities where MS-13 and other gangs are born.

How to use your phone at night without ruining your sleep

Just be prepared to look like a dork.

‘Overwatch’ Summer Games 2017 Release Date, Skins: Developer Update for the new event revealed

The 'Overwatch' Summer Games 2017 are coming our way on Aug. 8