‘Hot Mic’ podcast: Defense Secretary clarifies transgender ban, Tomi Lahren joins Fox News

The important stories to know for Thursday, August 31.

Trump administration agrees to settle first travel ban lawsuit

"I’m glad that the lawsuit is over. Me and my family are safe."

White House: Trump will give $1 million of his own money to the Harvey relief effort

He wants reporters to tell him where his money can do the most good.

Nobody’s using Facebook Stories — but holy moly, the filters are incredible

Seriously, no one knows about this. Do what I do — use the filters, save the photos and upload them to an app your friends actually use.

Paris Jackson and Kiersey Clemons would like you to know that body hair is natural, OK?

Clemons and other celebs are on a mission to normalize body hair.

It’s time to appreciate Issa Rae for the style icon she is

The style of her character on 'Insecure' is cool, but in real life, Rae is legendary.

Why do white people still not get that cultural appropriation isn’t ever cultural appreciation?

You can't marginalize people from other cultures and then expect them to applaud when you make their food or clothing a passing fad.

State Department forces closure of Russian diplomatic hubs in US in retaliatory move

The State Department is forcing Russia to close three diplomatic hubs in the U.S.

Here’s what’s going on with that dangerously flooded chemical plant near Houston

The plant lost power after flooding from Harvey, putting the flammable chemicals at risk of catching fire.

Celebrity hacks keep hitting Instagram. Here’s how the app could better protect verified users.

Here's what Instagram can do right now to make itself safer

Which credit score is most important? Why you have more than one — and how to raise them all.

FICO, VantageScore, Score 8... oh my! This is how to check your most important credit scores, actually understand if they are good or bad, and raise them.

Report: Kremlin-linked lobbyist at Trump Tower meeting appeared before Mueller’s grand jury

His appearance likely signals the importance of that meeting to Mueller's investigation, the 'Associated Press' noted.

Stranded by Hurricane Harvey, these Houstonians hope relief efforts are equal across race and class

Six days after the storm first made landfall, some Houston residents still wait for crucial information.

How Republicans’ tort reform laws leave sexual assault victims behind

When conservatives pass laws to cap "pain and suffering" awards in lawsuits, assault survivors have to fight to show they're hurt enough to qualify for damages.

Donald Trump wants a tax cut. But big companies already pay far less than the corporate tax rate.

America's corporate tax rate isn't as high as it seems.

Trump will drastically cut funding for Obamacare outreach, officials say

“The surest way to kill the exchanges is to keep them a secret."