‘PUBG’ First-Person Only Servers: How to play the new Solo and Duo FPP mode

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‘Titanfall 2’: Where the series stands today, according to Respawn CEO Vince Zampella

Will 'Titanfall' continue or be shelved?

‘Shadow of War’ Microtransactions: Loot chests will be available in-game via premium currency

'Middle-earth: Shadow of War' gets microtransactions and loot crates. Will they make the game pay-to-win, or are they benign?

Trump has motivated immigrants to apply for US citizenship in record numbers

“Folks are motivated to protect their families. They know that citizenship is the only permanent form of protection from deportation.”

This week in the Trump-Russia investigation: Mueller follows the money as FBI probe hits 1-year mark

Mueller convenes another grand jury as Trump mocks the "fake" Russia story.

BioWare Montreal Closes: Will EA kill this brand like it has these? Part 1: Origin and Westwood

BioWare Montreal is closing, and looking back at the history of Origin Systems and Westwood, the whole BioWare brand may be in trouble.

What is a pro forma session? Here’s how the Senate is resisting Trump during their recess.

Sen. Lisa Murkowski announced the 9 senate sessions this week.

New Border Patrol report shows “no action taken” in more than 95% of misconduct cases

Experts say the findings reveal a Border Patrol agency willing to condone violence and let officers off easy.

Report: Fox News host Eric Bolling allegedly sent lewd texts to female colleagues

Fox recently renewed Bolling’s contract for a multiyear extension.

Trump is not alone. For presidents, golf has always been political.

There is one thing that John F. Kennedy, Barack Obama and Donald Trump all have in common.