Report: The USDA won’t let its staff use the phrase “climate change” in any of its work

This isn't the first time the actions of the Trump Administration have reflected an extreme skepticism of climate science.

‘Game of Thrones’ Theories: Did Jon Snow just paint those cave paintings himself?

Does he really know nothing? Or is he just the greatest scammer in the realm?

Joe Scarborough criticized young people for choosing video games over war. It didn’t go over well.

Joe Scarborough has some thoughts about what's wrong with today's youth and the Internet, it seems, has just as many thoughts for him about that.

Meet Nikki V., the “Right in Front of My Salad?” meme’s breakout star

She never got to finish her salad. And she isn't happy about it.

Chicago is suing the Trump administration over its policies on sanctuary cities

Chicago plans to sue the Justice Department over its pledge to withhold federal funding over failure to comply with federal immigration policies, and other cities might soon follow suit.

‘Destiny 2’ guided games aims to solve online harassment, but reporting trolls may not be an option

'Mic' talked to 'Destiny 2' community manager David “DeeJ” Dague about how Guided Games will work and why the company won't commit to a harassment reporting tool.

9 companies that offer part-time jobs with health insurance

These 9 employers offer health insurance to part-time workers and provide decent pay.

After Grenfell, fires in Dubai’s high-rises raise more concerns about building materials

"The more people you put in a building, particularly [a] residential building, the greater the fire risk is likely to be."

How a 19th-century butcher shop became a home

A Chicago couple uses historic tax credits to purchase and rehab a former butchery into a house, art gallery and rental.

‘Metroid: Samus Returns’: Special edition, amiibo support and everything we learned on the new site

There's a new teaser site up for the 3DS remake of 'Metroid II: The Return of Samus,' and it's got a lot of hints about what we can expect from the new game.

Press freedom groups concerned over Israel’s plan to ban Al-Jazeera

“Israel should abandon these undemocratic plans and allow Al-Jazeera and all journalists to report freely from the country and areas it occupies.”

Want to get the best photos of the solar eclipse? We asked pro photographers for their tips.

Whether you plan on using a smartphone, DSLR or Go Pro, here's what you need to know before Aug. 21.

“We can promise an army”: The Democratic Socialist plan to help progressives win America back

The Bernie Sanders movement can be a powerful force for Democrats willing to work with them.

The viral “curvy wife” guy regrets those racist, transphobic tweets: “We’re obviously embarrassed.”

Though Robbie Tripp said that he and his wife "were young" when they wrote the offensive tweets, one of the tweets is from two years ago.

4chan tried to lure immigrants into deportation traps. It didn’t work.

An ICE official called the plan "irresponsible and potentially dangerous."

CA Secretary of State Alex Padilla: 52 years after its passage, Voting Rights Act is “under assault”

As the nation marks a watershed moment for equality, some see a threat.

‘Overwatch’: Geguri joins ROX Orcas, will be the first woman to compete in ‘Overwatch’ Apex

'Overwatch' pro Geguri will have a chance to prove the haters wrong again — no hacks required.

No, the swastika will never be fashion

So why did one brand try — and fail — to make it happen?

Daenerys doesn’t need your advice, Jon Snow, but thanks for the input

In 'Game of Thrones' season seven's fourth episode, the Mother of Dragons solicits Jon Snow's advice, then ignores much of it in favor of her own plan.

Why did ‘The Dark Tower’ flop so hard at the box office?

Unfortunately, it seems Idris Elba isn't quite enough to sell a movie to mainstream audiences yet.

Taste test: The best cold brew you can buy

Our testers included former baristas — and the results were surprising.

‘Hot Mic’ podcast: Senate protects Mueller, Pence’s 2020 plans, Miss Universe Pageant

The important stories to know for Monday, August 7.

In August, watch Republican town halls for signs of trouble in the GOP agenda

Republicans will face pressure from all sides at their town halls.

Hilary Duff has a powerful message for body-shaming trolls: “Kiss my ass”

"You guys (you know who you are!) already know how to ruin a good time, and now you are body shamers as well.”

Lunar Eclipse 2017: Here’s how you can watch the solar eclipse’s warm-up act

You get an eclipse! And you get an eclipse! And you get an eclipse!

A 17-year-old coding superstar just launched the ultimate meme app

Welcome to Memeois, the first meme-only social platform.

Smoking doesn’t just kill humans. Cigarette butts are destroying the planet, too.

Cigarette-butt waste exceeds a billion pounds each year, but scientists are finally figuring out a way to reuse them.

‘Zelda: Breath of the Wild’ DLC 2: 5 items Nintendo should give us with the holiday expansion pack

Bring these items to the latest 'Zelda' game ASAP.

‘Game of Thrones’ Theories: Why Littlefinger’s days in Westeros might be numbered

"Chaos is a ladder" — right, Littlefinger?

Downtown Boys aren’t here for your “white tears”

The Rhode Island punk band discusses the making of their new album and what it's like to tour while being brown in Trump's America.

Is Chrome making your computer too slow? Save memory by suspending idle tabs.

The solution is a Google Chrome extension called The Great Suspender.

Zapdos ‘Pokémon Go’ Release Date and Time: When will the legendary bird show up in raids?

Want to know when Zapdos will fly into 'Pokémon Go' legendary raids? We've got the answers for you,.

Loneliness may be more deadly than obesity — here’s how to fight it

Loneliness is rampant in the United States.

Want to get richer playing video games? How you can get paid thousands of dollars through gaming.

Yes, you can actually earn good money just by playing your favorite video games. These four methods can make you a ton of cash.

Next year, these cameras will hitch a ride to space to hunt thousands of distant planets

Twinkle, twinkle, little star, how I wonder what's orbiting you.

Airbnb responds to “fear-mongering” ad suggesting short-term rentals aid terrorism

The Hotel Association of New York City released an anti-Airbnb ad claiming the platform helps terrorists gain footholds in major cities.