‘Hot Mic’ podcast: Most US House internships don’t pay, Trump TV presents the “real news”

Two important stories to know for Wednesday, August 9.

Experts say apocalyptic Twitter memes may help your anxiety. But only to a point.

“I’m anxious, now I’ve heard that other people are anxious, we’re all anxious together."

New Raid Bosses ‘Pokémon Go’: Update debuts during park event at Yokohama, Japan’s Pikachu Outbreak

The Yokohama Pikachu Outbreak is offering new raid bosses, from Houndoom to ... Wobbuffet? If you're confused, we've got the skinny on why Wobbuffet's there too.

‘Rick and Morty’ is one of the funniest shows on TV. Its divorce plot makes it one of the best, too.

In the Adult Swim series' third season, Beth and Jerry are going through a devastating separation — and the show isn't shying from the drama, even as it turns its lead character into a pickle.

I’m not scared of nuclear war with North Korea. I just don’t trust anyone in power to prevent one.

Who do I understand even more than North Korea and trust much less? Every single other player in what MSNBC’s Chris Hayes dubbed “The Stupid Missile Crisis.”

Elected progressives and reproductive rights advocates silent when asked if Dems must be pro-choice

Progressive, abortion and women's rights leaders did not take the opportunity to criticize Democratic leadership — despite a months-long critique from grassroots progressive groups.

These eco-friendly hotels don’t look especially green — and that’s the point

These innovative hotels are as stunning as they are sustainable.

Want to save more money? These 3 weird psychological tricks could help, according to science.

Your financial choices might be affected by unconscious factors, from how much you need to use the bathroom to the brightness of the space you are in.

US-North Korea tensions are nothing new. Trump’s “dangerous” rhetoric is.

American leaders have carefully avoided escalating tensions in North Korea for decades. Could Trump's rhetoric be a “destabilizing” factor in relations between the two countries?

Debunked: Here’s the truth about Rihanna’s mysterious second thumbnail

If RiRi had three thumbs, we’d know by now.

‘Overwatch’ Summer Games Skins: Nobody can figure out why McCree’s belt says “SAMF”

What does SAMF mean in 'Overwatch'? Nobody knows, and it's driving fans mad.

‘Destiny 2’ PvP Trailer: Latest gameplay footage details the Crucible competitive multiplayer mode

Get a glimpse at 'Destiny 2' and its multiplayer features dropping later in 2017.

5 active-duty transgender service members have filed a federal lawsuit against Trump

The lawsuit asks the court to permanently prevent any ban that specifically prohibits transgender people from entering the armed forces.

A member of Trump’s “voter fraud panel” is all for Ohio’s push to purge its voter rolls

J. Christian Adams sides with the Trump Justice Department on this one.

‘Game of Thrones’: Let’s overanalyze these photos from Sunday’s episode, “Eastwatch”

What's not being shared says just as much as what's being shown.

New ‘League of Legends’ Star Guardian Skins: Ahri, Syndra and other female champions join the team

The newest skins being added to 'League of Legends' are some of the most magical yet.

Housing hacks to save money and make smart choices — whether you rent or might want to buy a home

Is it better to rent or buy a home? How do you get a great deal on a rental apartment — or otherwise save money on housing? Here's how to make the best choices possible.

The moon may have spent 2 billion years creating a giant magnetic field

Forget animal magnetism, try lunar magnetism.

Black activists’ words echo from the past as Trump threatens nuclear war with North Korea

Black civil rights activism and the anti-nuclear movement are more entwined than most Americans realize.

Rex Tillerson defends Trump’s North Korea rhetoric, says no imminent threat to Guam

Tillerson says "Americans should sleep well at night."

These 2 teens cold-called Sam Altman and became the youngest founders ever accepted to Y Combinator

Life as a teen startup founder in San Francisco is anything but glamorous.

Former NSC official says Trump’s behavior more concerning than North Korean aggression

“Of all that happened today, President Trump’s irrationally bellicose response was the most concerning,” former National Security Council senior director Ned Price said.

Patrick Starrr apologizes after attempting to pay tribute to Solange, afro wig and all

His fans accused him of cultural appropriation because he wore an afro.

This nude, all-male production of ‘Hamlet’ is giving Shakespeare an unexpected body-positive twist

From the folks who brought us last summer's nude, all-female production of 'The Tempest'

‘Pokémon’ Switch Release Date: “Open-ish world” RPG to come after holiday 2017

The Pokémon Company drops a few hints about what we can expect.

A 16-year-old invented an app to help diagnose her grandfather’s eye condition

The app, coupled with a 3-D-printed lens attachment, can help diagnose diabetic retinopathy.

Inside the mission to bring educational mobile games to children in conflict zones around the world

What started as an educational experiment for Syrian refugees could soon be translated into over 100 different languages.

If I die, bury me in Zendaya’s pink rhinestone pantsuit

Not to be hyperbolic or anything, but this is the best outfit I have ever seen in my 25 years of living.

Scientists say there could be tens of millions of black holes in our own galaxy

Our galaxy is way weirder than you thought.

Photo-editing app FaceApp updates with Asian, Black, Caucasian and Indian filters

Unlike Snapchat, FaceApp doesn't pretend its newest filters are anything but racial.

‘Super Mario Odyssey’ gameplay: Gamescom Nintendo streams also include ‘Metroid: Samus Returns’

Nintendo fans will get another look at 'Super Mario Odyssey' later this month.

How the White House is politicizing the Minnesota mosque bombing

The White House suggested that the attack might be a false flag operation.

Shiny Pikachu ‘Pokémon Go’: A rare variant of the electric mouse appears at Yokohama event in Japan

The Yokohama Pikachu Outbreak has officially started. Surprising no one, there's a new variant Pikachu for players to catch. But are we reaching Peak Pikachu? "Peakachu"?

North Korea says “only absolute force” can work against Trump

A North Korean official called Trump's comments "absolute nonsense."