Congress sent Trump a resolution that could finally force him to publicly denounce white supremacy

The resolution now heads to the president’s desk for his signature. The question is whether he’ll strongly rebuke white supremacists.

The Jemele Hill controversy is what happens when bigotry becomes partisan politics

Bigotry and conservative politics have become so entwined that it's hard to denounce one without implicating the other.

Bernie Sanders’ single-payer bill is one of the most ambitious programs in modern American history

It's even more ambitious than most other countries' single-payer systems.

Sarah Huckabee Sanders claims Obama never made bipartisan deals. She couldn’t be more wrong.

Obama struck a number of deals with Republicans during his two terms in office.

IOS 11 Features: The 11 big ways your iPhone is about to change

This month's free iOS update brings some big changes to your mobile life. Here's a cheat sheet.

After in-demand model Teddy Quinlivan comes out as trans, the fashion world erupts in support

Marc Jacobs, Pat McGrath and Louis Vuitton creative director Nicolas Ghesquière are just a few of the industry titans speaking up.

Report: Facebook and Twitter coming under increasing scrutiny in Mueller probe

The special counsel has reportedly begun to focus on the role of social media sites in spreading Russian disinformation.

Investing 101: What should you do when the stock market drops? How to plan for the inevitable now

Stock prices keep hitting record highs. Here's why that is worrying investors — and how you can prepare for the inevitable.

Juggalos have become the darlings of the left and the new face of anti-racist activism

The Juggalos are marching on Washington, and teaching the left about working class solidarity, too.

Martin Shkreli jailed after offering $5,000 for a lock of Hillary Clinton’s hair

Shkreli was deemed a "danger to society."

Flynn may have concealed more foreign contacts. Here’s how that could impact the Russia probe.

Investigators could leverage possible charges against Flynn for more information about the Trump campaign's alleged ties to Russia.

Adrian Grenier wants you to put down your plastic straws to defend our oceans

The actor explains why everyone needs to #StopSucking.

Mic Wakeup: A new iPhone is here, gay activist Edith Windsor dead at 88 and Florida’s big comeback

Here's three stories for Wednesday, Sept. 13 to help you reshape the world.

Poll shows strong support for keeping DACA, even among Trump supporters

There is broad support for Congress to shield DACA recipients from deportation.

After the controversial L’Oréal firing, Munroe Bergdorf lands another beauty campaign

The campaign is with Illamasqua, which has been outspoken about discrimination in the past.

As single-payer fever spreads, here’s a history of the big promises made by past minority parties

Ending oil and gas subsidies, negotiating lower drug prices, requiring a balanced federal budget — these are all unfulfilled promises made by past parties in the congressional minority.

Where to go apple-picking in the Northeast this fall

We won't judge if you're just going for the fresh apple cider donuts.

Tiffany Trump loves New York Fashion Week. Why doesn’t NYFW love Tiffany?

An investigation into Tiffany Trump's tragic, unrequited love affair with NYFW.

Thomas Jefferson statue in Charlottesville covered up by University of Virginia group

The protesters called on the university to recognize its founder as a "rapist, racist and slave owner."

Hurricane Harvey another “crushing burden” for Houston’s poorest and most vulnerable

Hundreds of residents of public housing in Houston have been displaced so far.

Can Bernie Sanders’ “Medicare-for-all” plan withstand the coming scrutiny?

Republicans will paint the idea as unaffordable. Will voters listen?

Widow of Indian man slain in alleged Kansas hate crime now facing deportation

Because of backlogs in the visa issuing process, the couple was still waiting for approval when Srinivas Kuchibhotla was killed in an act of domestic terrorism.