Mic Wakeup: London terror update, “racially motivated” killings and Kim Jong-un gets a new nickname

Here are three stories for Monday, Sept. 18, to help you reshape the world.

The GOP’s latest health care measure could pass before we know how many people it would affect

The CBO may give the bill the green light for passage next week, but won't assess the coverage losses until several weeks later.

Arizona governor endorses Graham-Cassidy — signaling potential support for it from Sen. John McCain

With Ducey's endorsement, a clear signal to Sen. John McCain, the Graham-Cassidy health care bill is one small — but-meaningful — step closer to passing the Senate.

8 stunning places to see the best fall foliage

You have until late October for prime leaf peeping.

Hurricane Maria: Caribbean prepares for another storm as hurricane gains strength

Less than two weeks after Hurricane Irma, the Caribbean is preparing for yet another major storm.

Snapchat blocks Al-Jazeera channel in Saudi Arabia at government’s request

Snap Inc.’s decision to pull Al-Jazeera from its platform comes amid an ongoing diplomatic dispute in the region that began in June.

Why American cheese will always reign supreme — in fine-dining kitchens and in our hearts

Even the country's best chefs are unapologetic about their love for cheese slices.

The first Emmys of the Trump era showed a diverse America. But did it go far enough?

Sunday night's ceremony was filled with historic firsts, a diverse crop of winners and no shortage of insults aimed at Donald Trump.

Here’s the story behind those viral Trump-themed flip-flops

We talked to Sam Morrison, the 26-year-old advertising industry creative who came up with them.

Cardi B is living a fashion fairy tale

She's now a fashion icon, and it's time to treat her as such.

How to feel better, happier, more awake and more confident at work — in 10 easy steps

How to feel happy at your job and fight burnout: These work-life hacks will help boost your motivation.

Inside Ilbe: How South Korea’s angry young men formed a powerful new alt-right movement

This increasingly influential group is known for a “deep-seated misogyny” and a hatred of immigrants, LGBT rights and the left. Sound familiar?

After an Emmys red carpet encased in Spanx, Lane Bryant’s new commercial talked cellulite

Lane Bryant's new #ImNoAngel ad sure felt like a side eye to Victoria's Secret.

Hate practicing? This brain hack could help you improve memory and learn faster.

Research suggests using images to improve memory can be very effective — and decrease the need for practice.

What do future cities look like?

How innovative urban development is reimagining the roles of oil and natural gas.

How Trumpcare 5.0 rose from the dead

The Graham-Cassidy health care bill is the last Republican effort this year to pass "repeal and replace" of the Affordable Care Act.

Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke recommends shrinking 10 national monuments, opening drilling in others

Trump could become the first president in history to significantly scale back national monuments.