Donald Trump’s political clout will be put to the test in upcoming Alabama special election

Trump has gone all in for Sen. Luther Strange. But it may not be enough to push Strange over the finish line against conservative firebrand Roy Moore.

Steph Curry doesn’t want to go to the White House. So Trump says his invitation is “withdrawn.”

It's not even clear that any members of the NBA championship team have been formally invited yet.

Trump attacks McCain over health care in early morning tweetstorm

Trump says McCain "let Arizona down."

Trump slams NFL players who protest anthem, says they should be “fired”

The president also waxed nostalgic about the days when players could make a "beautiful tackle" and not be penalized.

Lebron James defends rival Steph Curry, calls Donald Trump a “bum”

The Cleveland Cavaliers superstar dunks on Trump for rescinding Steph Curry's White House invitation — which he never extended in the first place.

North Korea at UN: Trump threats make attack on US mainland “inevitable”

"We will make sure that [Trump] bears consequences far beyond his words," the North Korean foreign minister said Saturday.

This week in Trump-Russia news: Trump once again cries “hoax” as Mueller closes in on Manafort

Trump's former campaign chairman reportedly offered to brief a Putin-connected billionaire on the 2016 race.