Trailblazing plus-size male model Kelvin Davis lands himself a contract with Bridge Models

"I remember growing up as a chubby black boy shopping in the ‘husky’ section, looking at all the advertisements of blonde-haired, blue-eyed models with abs."

This is the best way to deal with failure, according to science

Career advice that might surprise you: When you make a big mistake at work, a seemingly rational approach may not actually be what's better for you in the long run.

Graham-Cassidy bill is dead as GOP admits “we don’t have the votes” to repeal Obamacare

The latest Republican-led effort to repeal and replace Obamacare won't get a vote, officially killing the legislation.

A veteran on why he supports #TakeAKnee: “We cannot let a bully intimidate us into keeping silent”

"I want to let Colin Kaepernick and every other athlete who decides to protest [know] that you are supported by this veteran."

Leon Ford Jr. was shot by police 5 times in 2012. Now he’s fighting for his civil rights.

The Pittsburgh native is unwavering in his quest to learn to walk again — and to fight for police brutality victims.

Bob Corker is the latest moderate Republican to announce plans to retire from Congress in 2018

Corker has been critical of Donald Trump and joins three House Republicans who have also announced plans to retire next year.

On the ground at Milo Yiannopoulos’ free speech rally in UC Berkeley

Mic’s Jack Smith IV was on the scene and spoke to UC Berkeley students about Yiannopoulos’ speech on campus, and their views on free speech.

Twitter’s 280-character tweets won’t fix the platform’s biggest problems

Rage, rage against the dying of the 140-character limit. If Twitter is aiming to spur user growth by testing longer tweets, it's got bigger issues to work out first.

How Outdoor Voices successfully created distinctly anti-“Look at me, I’m fast!” athletic wear

“For us, it’s more about encouraging the consistency of daily activity rather than trying to be the fastest or strongest."

Why this ‘Newsweek’ headline is exactly what’s wrong with how the media covers North and South Korea

South Korea has a 10-day holiday simply because of the way the calendar falls.

New ‘Sports Illustrated’ cover highlights protest in sports without acknowledging Colin Kaepernick

The cover seemingly erases Kaepernick from the movement he started.

“We have this spirit in us to stand up for ourselves:” The scene at the Graham-Cassidy protests

Amid screams from protesters, 'Mic' asked Sen. Bill Cassidy four times whether his bill cuts Medicaid. He would not answer.

Ally Lee Steinfeld is at least the 21st transgender person killed so far in 2017

Three people have been charged in the teen's death.

Plus-size model Emme first started modeling in 1989. 28 years later, she made her NYFW debut.

At 54 years old, Emme finally saw her dream become a reality.

Equifax stock price: EFX steadies after CEO Richard Smith steps down following data breach

Equifax CEO Smith, who has led the major credit bureau since 2005, retired from his position on Tuesday following a security breach affecting 143 million people.

Pregnant Kylie Jenner is just the latest offensive Halloween costume to fume over

The costume comes with a tight dress and a baby bump.

Instagram will now let you control your comments in a small but significant update

Instagram now lets you better limit who can comment on a photo.

Why is video game development so secretive? Online harassment, one developer says.

Three years later, Gamergate is still rearing its ugly head.

Georgetown students, faculty protest Jeff Sessions’ speaking engagement at university

Students on campus decried the apparent hypocrisy of ensuring a "sympathetic audience" for the United States attorney general.

Pence to Alaskans: If Obamacare repeal fails, you’ll get health care like they have in Canada

Vice President Mike Pence made the comments before the GOP-led effort to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act collapsed once again.

Here’s why you’re not hearing enough about Puerto Rico

As the true extent of Puerto Rico's devastation sets in, the challenges of reporting from the island are becoming more apparent.

The NFL protests were never about unity. That’s actually a good thing.

Americans don't need Donald Trump to prove they are divided over race. But in a protest for racial equality, picking sides is good.