Trump Tax Plan: Will GOP reform really help the middle class? 3 ways the “miracle” is a misnomer

Does the GOP tax plan actually help the middle class? Here are three ways the proposed reforms might not be the "miracle" Trump claims.

Why the idea that perfume is for women and cologne is for men is an archaic mindset

The difference between cologne and perfume has nothing to do with gender at all.

No, the State Dept. isn’t making people pay to be evacuated from Puerto Rico

Misleading reports that the State Department would be charging Puerto Ricans evacuating the island and holding their passports have been widely shared.

Chinese couturière Guo Pei, the woman behind Rihanna’s Met Gala dress, makes U.S. exhibition debut

The new exhibition “Guo Pei: Couture Beyond,” features 46 gowns, accordant footwear and accessories.

‘American Horror Story’ has never been scarier

The latest season of Ryan Murphy's horror anthology has traded in the supernatural for something way more unsettling: the political landscape of America, circa 2017.

Congress is finally working on bipartisan health care solutions — but the damage may already be done

The debate over Graham-Cassidy has derailed bipartisan attempts to stabilize the individual market and fund children's health insurance.

White House “cannot guarantee” middle class won’t pay more under Trump tax plan

Donald Trump's chief economic adviser also refused to admit that Trump himself will benefit greatly from his proposed tax plan.

Equifax credit freeze checked off your list yet? How many Americans protected themselves post-breach

What should you do about the Equifax hack? Very few consumers seem to be taking the recommended steps.

The House will vote on a 20-week abortion ban this Tuesday

The bill, which could send violators to prison for up to five years, is expected to pass the House.

The ‘Onion’ editor-in-chief resigns, reportedly over differences with Univision ownership

Cole Bolton, the site’s editor in chief, and Ben Berkley, the executive editor of the 'Onion,' both told staff Thursday that they were stepping down from their posts.

‘TRL’ is coming back, so we talked with La La Anthony, Jesse Camp and more about the MTV classic

With MTV re-launching its former flagship show, we waxed nostalgic with the folks who made the original tick.

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During the fall, travel deals abound! Here are top insider tips for saving on airfare, rental cars and even camping in 2017.

Push for more African-American monuments grows amid Confederate statue controversies

"African-Americans are part of American history and they haven’t been recognized as such."

Mic Wakeup: Antarctica, Puerto Rico and patriotism are all in trouble

Here are three stories to get your Thursday started.

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Trumpism is now bigger than Trump. What does that mean for the president — and America?

Steve Bannon bet — and won — on Roy Moore.

Trump temporarily waives shipping restriction to help get aid to storm-ravaged Puerto Rico

The move comes days after a devastating hurricane slammed Puerto Rico, leaving millions without access to clean water, food and power.

Could the future of the Republican party be decided in Tennessee?

Whether you know a lot or a little about the home of country music, Tennessee's Republican Senate primary will say a lot about the direction of the party.

Getty Images bans photos featuring models who have been digitally altered to look larger or smaller

If you've augmented the size of the model, then Getty Images isn't interested.

‘Overwatch’ just debuted its first gender-nonconforming character, but you probably missed it

Unless you follow the lead writer for 'Overwatch' on Twitter, you missed out on something big.

Why I travel in the age of fear

Certain destinations, particularly in the Middle East, gain "no-go" reputations when, really, they're places that are both worth a visit and could especially benefit from tourism.

A police officer in Puerto Rico describes the state of the island: “It’s devastation.”

Fermin Gonzalez says he's never seen anything like this before.

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