How colleges in 5 key states are pledging their support to DACA recipients

"We will remain committed to each other and to our shared values of diversity, equity, and inclusion."

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DACA by the numbers: Hundreds of thousands rely on immigration program that’s now under threat

Ending the Obama-era program will affect hundreds of thousands of lives and lose billions of dollars for the economy.

15 states and the District of Columbia sue Trump over DACA decision

The states allege that Trump's decision to end DACA infringes on DACA recipients' rights to due process and equal protection.

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What grassroots groups learned from fighting Trumpcare — and how they’ll apply it to the DACA fight

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#Cville2DC marchers pledge to fight white supremacy in all its forms after 118-mile journey

Organizers say today marks the start of new targeted campaigns against hatred and discrimination in government.

Airlines dispute claims they’re hiking ticket costs as Floridians flee Hurricane Irma

The cost of one-way tickets out of some Florida airports has reached over $1,000. “It’s just the way ticket pricing works,” says American Airlines.

Pro-Clinton site Verrit aims to “correct the record” on 2016, co-founder says

“To me there’s nothing more important than getting it right about 2016, because that’s the foundation on which all future elections will happen," Peter Daou said.

Florida sheriff doubles down on threat to jail people with warrants seeking shelter from Irma

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We asked constitutional scholars if DACA is legal. They’re split.

But they did agree on one factor undermining Donald Trump's "nation of laws" argument.

Trump voters aren’t comfortable with an increasingly diverse and accepting America, poll finds

Trump voters say they are "uneasy" with the U.S. becoming more accepting of diversity and different lifestyles.

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DACA activists erect, then tear down, confederate statue of Jeff Sessions

Activists called Sessions a "living monument" to white supremacy.

A DACA recipient on what should come next: “This is the beginning of a new fight”

For young activists like Justino Mora, the fight to save DACA is still going.

Women’s health clinic will offer free abortions for Hurricane Harvey survivors

"Continued political attacks on abortion access make an unwanted pregnancy particularly stressful in Texas."