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Editor's Note: On Sunday, thousands of gay New Yorkers will head out to the streets of Manhattan to celebrate Gay Pride 2012. As is customary every year, revelers will head down Fifth Avenue, along the NYC parade route to revel in the glory of the day. And, there will be after parties galore in the West Village after the parade ends in downtown Manhattan. Jeffrey Hartinger has some advice for everyone celebrating gay pride: Have a same-sex fling. Here, he explains why. This article orginally appeared on Generation (WH)Y?. Check out the original here.

A few years ago, if a straight guy told me that he was interested in having sexual relations with another guy and still considered himself heterosexual, I would think he was deeper in the closet than Marcus Bachmann. However, as time progresses and Millennials become more open minded and progressive, it seems as sexuality for those of us in Generation Y is more blurred than ever.

This past weekend, I may or may not of had a four way kiss in the hot tub at The Standard. Yeah, I said four. Anyways, it was two straight girls, one gay guy, and one straight guy. Just because I kissed a girl, does that make me straight? Just because he kissed me, does that make him gay? Are the girls bisexual? I don't think so, but either way, here are three reasons why you - whether gay or straight - should have a same-sex fling:

1) Experimentation. Having sexual relations with someone of the same sex does not make you gay or lesbian. For the most part, those of us in Generation Y don't really have an issue with being associated with the LGBT community, but this is where it gets tricky. At 23-years-old, I'm looking to seriously date and eventually settle down a few years down the line. To be honest, it would throw off my game if people thought I was straight. I'd be pissed. I already have a hard enough time getting a date as it stands now. 

It's the same thing for straight guys and girls. I'd say get it out of the way now. Relationship wise, nothing is worse than having an inkling or curiosity for the same sex, and then getting in a heterosexual relationship. For the most part, my straight friends who have had same-sex flings consider them just that, flings. Out of there system, out of their mind. I give them respect for experimenting and figuring out what they want. Without experimentation, one may long for it when in a committed relationship, which could lead to turmoil. And often, a curiosity could lead to a unique self discovery that, alas, you are gay. Who cares. Get over it, sister.

2) Friends With Benefits. I've written about Friends With Benefits in the past and through extensive "research," I have concluded this is one of the most common forms of modern relationships for our generation. One perk of a same sex fling is that being Friends With Benefits is not that complicated. Straight girls, what is better than going to the beach, shopping, and then having a nice little quickie with your female friend before a night on the town. For all you straight guys, go grab some beers, catch the game, and then have a little quickie before the next game is on. Above all, be open and honest with what you want, as well as what you are comfortable with.

3) YOLO. You only live once. Unlike Jesus, who lived twice (supposedly), us regular humans only have one time to make it count. And sure, I'm just not talking about same sex flings, but anything. Do what you want to do, and like "YOLO," be a little cliche at times, if that's what floats your boat.

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