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By this time in the Apple iPhone release cycle, we know every news item about the new device: its release date, the iPhone 7 Plus (or Pro), its biggest features and even its new colors. We're pretty sure it lacks a headphone jack, but the phone could possibly boast a second speaker grill, a dual-lens camera (despite earlier reports) and a mystery port in the back, maybe for wireless charging

Basically, we've seen a lot of rumors. What we haven't seen yet is a video of the iPhone 7 in action.

That could be about to change. A new clip from China, released by a Weibo user called GeekBar, shows what appears to be the iPhone 7 running some kind of operating system, according to BGR. As the site's Zach Epstein pointed out, "It is unclear whether he is in possession of the working prototype or if he managed to secure photos and a video from someone else."

Source: YouTube

So take this with a grain of salt; it'll have to tide us over as we wait for the early September iPhone 7 announcement and the Sept. 16 release.

A mock-up of the iPhone 7 in action; the text says "camera (back)."Source: TechTastic/YouTube
A mock-up of the iPhone 7 in action; the text says "camera (back)."  TechTastic/YouTube
A mock-up of the iPhone 7 in actionSource: TechTastic/YouTube
A mock-up of the iPhone 7 in action  TechTastic/YouTube

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